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Bluedio AS User Manual & troubleshooting


Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

Bluedio Speaker
Model: AS

Welcome to your new Bluedio speaker
We appreciate your choice of Bluedio speaker. Before use, please read this USer manual carefully and keep for future reference.

Important Safety Information

  1. DON’T use the speaker at a high volume for any extended period to prevent hearing Carnage.
  2. DON’T use the speaker while driving or in any environment requiring your full attention.
  3. Keep the speaker, accessories and packaging parts out of reach of children to prevent accidents and choking hazards.
  4. DON’T expose the speaker to either extremely high or low temperatures (ideal: 1 O”C to 35°C).
  5. Removal of the chargeable battery in the speaker shall be conducted only l)y a qualified professional, DON’T try to replace the battery on your own.
  6. If the speaker has incompatible issues with your laptop or desktop, please use the lncluded audio cable lo connect; or buy a CSR4.0 and above Bluetooth adapter.

In the Box

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Speaker Overview

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

MF Button

  • Pairing: When the speaker is off (If not, tum off the speaker first), press and hold the MF Button until you hear “Pairing” or you see the red and blue light flash alternately.
  • ON/OFF: Press and hold the MF Button until you hear Power On/Power Off
  • Play/Pause (in Bluetooth mode): Press the MF button once
  • Receiving a call: Press the MF button once to answer trend; press and hold for 2s to refuse
  • Redial the last number: Press the MF button twice
  • Receiving call 2 when on call 1: Press the MF button once to end call 1 and to answer call 2; Press and hold the MF button to keep call 1 on hold and to answer call 2
Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

Volume-/Next Track
Volume down: Press Volume- once Next track: Press and hold Volume-

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Volume+/Previous track
Volume up: Press Volume+ once Previous track: Press and hold Volume+

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 6

3D sound effect (In Bluetooth mode)
ON: Press 3D button once
OFF: Press and hold 3D button for 2s

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 7

Mode conversion
WiFi mode: Press and hold the M Button until the green light stays on, then wait a moment until the blue light stays on and the green light blinks
Switching between Bluetooth made and WiFi mode: Press the M Button once

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 8

Pairing via Bluetooth
• If pairing for the first time, make sure the speaker has entered pairing mode. (See instructions “Pairing” in MF button) Tum on the Bluetooth feature on your phone; select “AS”; once successfully paired, you will hear “Connected”. For the second time, simply tum on the speaker to reestabllsh the Bluetooth connection. No need to
enter pairing mode.

Note: If the pairing is not successful within 3 minutes, please repeat above steps and try pairing again.

Connecting to 2 mobile phones (via Bluetooth)

  1. Connect AS with phone 1
  2. Tum off AS and the Bluetooth feature of phone 1
  3. Connect AS with phone 2
  4. Tum on the Bluetooth feature of phone 1, and AS will reconnect to phone 1 automatically
Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 9

Line-in music playback
Connect the speaker to your phone or computer with the standard 3.5mm audio cable.
Note: Make sure the speaker is turned on before using this feature.

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 10

Conn acting the speaker via WiFi
Open Bluedio App {please turn to page 49 to download) on your phone; click WiFi selection and select “AS-WiFi”.
Note: This method is only suitable for Android system. As for iOS, please go to the system settings of your phone and select “AS-WiFi to finish the connection.

Playback settings of AirPlay Ii OS) and DLNA {Android)
In WiFi mode, when your phone has connected to the speaker, you need to set AirPlay/DLNA before playing music. (Tum to page 49 referring to the system of your mobile phone.)

Bridging WiFi via the speaker
When using WiFi feature, you can bridge nearby stable and available WiFi to allow your device to surf the Internet while connecting to the speaker. See following steps:

  1. Your device will disconnect the speaker WiFi after the first successful bridge. Reoonnection is needed.
  2. Once the speaker has successfully bridged, next time connecting to your device, the speaker will automatically bridge the corresponding WiFi. No need to repeat the bridging steps. Under this circumstance, when the speaker is on, whether your phone connects ta the speaker WiFi or the bridged WiFi, it can control the speaker to play music.
  3. If it’s unable to bridge or surf the internet after bridging, please check: whether the WiFi password is wrong; whether the WiFi is stable or the signal is too weak; then try bridging again.

Changing the name and password of Speaker WiFi
You can change the name and password (no password at the beginning) in the APP.
1. Open Bluedio APP and click ” WiFi Speaker”.
2. Input the name and password you want.
3. Click “Save”.
Note: Your device will disconnect the speaker WiFi after changing the WiFi name end password. Use the new WiFi name and password to reconnect. If you only change the password, please ‘Forget” the speaker WiFi on your device, then reconnect with the new password.

Resetting WiFi speaker
In WiFi mode, press and hold the Volume+ and Volume Button together for about 3 to 5 seconds.
Note: This operation will reset ell settings, Including WiFi bridging records. Please use with caution.

Bluedio AS User Manual  & troubleshooting 11

iTunes Is needed when playing music on a laptop. Take Windows system as an example, after installing iTunes, choose “AS” as the playback device when playing music.


  • Bluetooth version: 4. 1
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Bluetooth transmission frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.411GHz
  • Bluetooth operating range: up to 33 feet (free space)
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-22,000Hz
  • Audio output power: 2~sw
  • Audio Input: VRMS<.:1V
  • Audio resolution: [email protected]
  • SNR: 96dB
  • Dynamic range: 96dB
  • Audio communication protocol: AirPlay, DLNA
  • Wireless protocol standard: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wireless Encryption Protocol: WPA2/PSK
  • Wireless effective range: 20m
  • Wireless transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • Wireless network frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Supporting systems: iOS7.0 or above, Android4.2 or above.. Mac OS, Windows
  • Music/talk time: 5 hours
  • Standby lime: 1000 hours
  • Charging lime: 3-5 hours for full charge
  • Operating temperature range: -1 D “Cto 50″C only
  • Charging voltage: 5V • Current: ::s:1000mA
  • Power consumption: 2520mw

Specifications are subject to change with out notice .

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