Bluedio TMS User Manual

Bluedio TMS User Manual & troubleshooting

User Manual
Model:Bluedio TMS

Headphone Overview

Bluedio TMS User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

Opearatlon lnatruetlon;
Power on/off:
Toggle the Bluetooth boot key to control the on/ off.

Bluetooth pairing:

  1. Headphones will automatically enter pairing mode after starting up.
  2. Start the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, search / add Bluetooth devices, end select • T Monitor S’ from the searched Bluetooth devices ( some devices need to enter the password “0000” ).
  3. Headphones that have been successfully paired will automatically enter the re-connection mode after they are turned on, and will automatically connect with the devices that have been successfully paired last time.

Music control:
The user can control music pause/play, volume up/down and next song/last song music switching through the mobile phone.

Tum on ANC Active Noise Reduction:
Toggle the ANC active noise reduction switch, the green indicator lights up end the noise reduction function takes effect.

Smart Play;
When playing music, remove the Headphones end automatically pause the music, then put on the headphones and resume playing the music.

Calling control:
When calling, the finger taps the right shell of the earphone twice to answer the call.
Tap the right side of the headset twice again to hang up the call.Or use your phone to reject calls/ answer calls/ hang up calls.

Bluedio TMS User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Charging the headphone:
Switch off the headset before charging, and use standard charging cable to connect the headphone or wall charger, when it is charging, LED light remains red.
Allow 2 hours for full charging, once fully charged, LED blue light stays on.

Line-In music playback:
Connect the headset with your mobiles phone and computers via 3.5mm Type-C audio cable to play music.
Note: Please turn off the headphone before using this function. (audio cable is not provided, if you need it, please order one from Bluedio official purchase channel.)

Line-out music playback:
Connect headphone 1 with phone via Bluetooth, then connect headphone 1 with the headphone 2 with 3.5 mm Type-C audio cable to play music.
Note: headphone 2 should support 3.5 mm audio connection. (audio cable Is not provided, If you need It, please order one from Bluedio official purchase channel.)

Purchase verification
You can find the verification code by scraping the coating off the security label that is affixed to the original packaging. Enter the code on our official website: for purchase verification.

Learn more and get support
Welcome to visit our official website:;
Or to email us at [email protected];
Or to call us at 400-889-0123.

Cloud function:
The heed phones support Cloud service. Users can download the APP by scanning the QR code on the last page.

Cloud Wake Up ( Cloud App Installed on Mobile Phone)
Both the mobile phone and app are connected to the headset in Bluetooth state. tapping the right shell of the headset twice with your finger can trigger the cloud, enabling the cloud function and enjoying intelligent service.

Technical Specifications:
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz • 2.48 GHz
Bluetooth working range:
up to 1 Om ( barrier – free space )
Support agreements: A2DP. AVRCP. HSP. HFP
Frequency response range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Drive unit ca,57 mm x 2
Impedance: 160:
Distortion: 0.3 % – 3 % ( TH□ )
Sensitivity: 118 dB
Standby bme: about 1000 hours
Bluetooth Music Time I Talk Time: About 40 Hours
ANC working time: about 65 hours
Bluetooth 1- ANC working time: about 25 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Working environment -10 “C to 50 “C
Input voltage/ currenl: 5V/ > 400mA
Output power. 30MW + SOMW

Common issue and solution:

Bluedio TMS User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

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