BOSCH AQUATAK 1200 Plus Pressure Washer Instruction Manual

BOSCH AQUATAK 1200 Plus Pressure Washer Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

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BOSCH AQUATAK 1200 Plus Pressure Washer

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Safety Notes

Before start-up please read these instructions! Before using the machine please read the oper- ating instructions for your unit and comply in particular with these safety instructions.Please keep the instructions safe for later use.The warning and information signs attached to the unit provide important information for safe operation.Apart from the information in the operating instructions comply with the general safety regulations and regulations for the prevention of accidents.Never direct the water jet at people, animals, the unit or electric components.

Warning: High pressure jets can be danger- ous if subject to misuse.

Power Supply

  • The voltage indicated on the rating plate must corre- spond to the voltage of the power source.
  • Class 1 units may only be connected to properly earthed power sources.
  • We recommend that this equipment is only connected into a socket which is protected by a circuit-breaker that would be actuated by a 30 mA residual current.
  • We recommend that this equipment is only connected into a socket which is protected by a circuit-breaker that would be actuated by a 30 mA residual current.
  • Never touch the mains plug with wet hands.
  • Never touch the mains plug with wet hands.
  • Do not run over, crush or pull the power supply cable or extension lead, otherwise it may be damaged. Protect the cable from heat, oil and sharp edges.
  • The extension lead must have a cross section in accordance with the operating instructions and be protected against splashed water. The connection must not be in water.

Water connection

  • Comply with the regulations of your water supply com- pany.
  • All connecting hoses must have properly sealed joints.
  • The high-pressure hose must not be damaged (danger of bursting). A damaged high-pressure hose must be replaced immediately. Only use hoses and connections recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Before use, check that the unit and operating equipment are in perfect condition and are safe to operate. Do not use the unit if it is not in perfect condition.
  • Never draw in solvent-containing liquids, undiluted acids or solvents! This includes petrol, paint thinners heating oil. The sprayed vapour is highly flammable, explosive and toxic; also acetone, undiluted acids and solvents as these corrode the materials used on the unit.
  • The appropriate safety regulations must be observed when using the unit in dangerous area (e.g. petrol sta- tions). It is forbidden to operate the unit in potentially ex- plosive locations.
  • The unit must be placed on solid base.
  • Only use detergents recommended by the manufacturer and comply with the application, disposal and warning in- structions of the detergent manufacturers.
  • All current-conducting components in the working area must be protected against splashed water.
  • The gun trigger must not be jammed in the “ON” position during operation.
  • Suitable protective clothing must be worn if necessary to protect against splashing from some parts.
  • If necessary wear personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. safety goggles, breathing protection etc to protect against water, particles and/or aerosols sprayed back from parts.
  • High pressure may cause objects to rebound. If neces- sary wear suitable personnel protective equipment such as safety goggles.
  • Vehicle tyres/tyre valves may only be cleaned from a minimum distance of 30 cm, otherwise the vehicle tyre/tyre valve could be damaged by the high-pressure jet. The first indication of this is a discoloration of the tyre. Damaged vehicle tyres/tyre valves can be deadly dan- gerous.
  • Materials containing asbestos and other materials which contain substances which are hazardous to your health must not be sprayed.
  • Only use detergents which have been approved by the manufacturer of the unit.
  • Detergents must not be used undiluted. The productsare safe to use as they contain no acids, alkalis or sub- stances which are detrimental to the environment. We recommend that the detergents are kept out of the reach of children. If detergent comes into contact with the eyes wash immediately with plenty of water and if swallowed contact a doctor immediately.


  • The operator must use the unit in accordance with the regulations. He/she must take local conditions into ac- count and be aware of other people, especially children, when operating the unit.
  • Do not use the appliance within the range of persons, un- less they wear protective clothing.
  • Do not direct the jet against yourself or others in order to clean clothes or footwear.
  • The unit may only be used by authorised persons who have received training or have demonstrated their ability to operate the unit. The unit must not be operated by chil- dren or juveniles (danger of accidents due to incorrect use of the unit).
  • The unit must never be left unsupervised while the motor is running.
  • The water jet from the high-pressure nozzle produces a recoil on the gun. You should therefore hold the gun and spray lance firmly.


  • Switch off the motor and secure the unit before transporting.


  • Remove the plug from the socket:– whenever you leave the unit unattended for any period – before checking, cleaning or working on the unit
  • Repairs may only be carried out by authorised BOSCH Service Centres.

Accessories and spare parts

  • Only use accessories and spare parts which have been approved by BOSCH. Original accessories and spare parts guarantee that the unit can be operated safely and without any breakdowns.

Product Specification

BOSCH AQUATAK 1200 Plus Pressure Washer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Intended Use

The product is intended for cleaning areas and ob- jects outside the house, tools, vehicles and boats. Drainage pipes can be unclogged and rust or paint coatings can be removed, if the appropriate acces- sories such as cleaning agents approved by Bosch are used. This product should not be used for profes- sional use.Intended Use is related to operation within 0 °C and 40 °C ambient temperature.


Carefully remove the machine from its packaging and check that you have all the following items:

  • Power washer
  • Power gun/high pressure hose
  • Detergent nozzle and bottle (AQUATAK 1200 PLUS only)
  • Vario-jet-fan power lance(yellow colour coded–AQUATAK 1200 PLUS/ green colour coded–AQUATAK 1250)
  • Roto power lance(red colour coded–AQUATAK 1200 PLUS/ yellow colour coded–AQUATAK 1250)
  • Inlet connector
  • Wash Brush (AQUATAK 1200 PLUS only)
  • Operating instructions

When parts are missing or damaged, please contact your dealer.

Operating Controls

  • Trigger safety lock
  • Trigger
  • Power gun
  • Vario-jet-fan power lance
  • Main switch
  • High pressure hose
  • Inlet connector
  • Detergent nozzle and bottle(AQUATAK 1200 PLUS only)
  • Roto power lance
  • Detergent Tank (AQUATAK 1250 only)
  • Serial Number

Not all of the accessories illustrated or described are included as standard delivery.

For Your Safety

Warning! Switch off, remove plug from mains before adjusting, cleaning or if cable is cut, damaged or entangled.

Electrical Safety

Your machine requires an earth connection. The op- erating voltage is 230 V AC, 50 Hz (for non-EU countries 220 V, 240 V as applicable). Only use ap- proved extension cables. Contact your Bosch Serv- ice Centre for details.If you want to use an extension cable when operat- ing your high pressure washer, only the following ca- ble dimensions should be used:

  • 1.5 mm2– max length 20 m
  • 2.5 mm2–max length 50 m

Note: If an extension cable is used it must be earthed and connected through the plug to the earth cable of your supply network in accordance with prescribed safety regulations.If in doubt contact a qualified electrician or the near- est Bosch Service Centre.

WARNING! Inadequate extension cables can be dangerous. Extension cable, plug and socket must be of watertight construction and intended for outdoor use.

Cable connections should be kept dry and off ground.It is recommended for increased electrical safety to use a Residual Current Device (RCD) with a tripping current of not more than 30 mA. Always check your RCD every time you use it.For products not sold in GB : WARNING: For safety, it is essential that the mains plug attached to the product is fitted to the power supply cable. The couplings of connection leads must be protected against splashes and the coupling sockets on the leads must be made of rubber or coated with rubber. Fixing means for the connection leads must be used.

If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a Bosch Service Centre.Products sold in GB only: Your product is fitted with an approved 13 A (BS 1363/A) electric plug and is protected by a 13 A fuse (ASTA Approved toBS 1362).If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket out- lets, it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fit- ted in its place.The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard and should never be inserted into a 13 A socket elsewhere.


Water supply

According to the applicable regulations, the appliance must never be used on the drinking water network without a system separator.Use a separator as per EN 12729 Type BA.

Water connection

  • Screw inlet connector 7 onto machine water inlet connection 12.
  • Attach water supply hose (not supplied) to the mains water supply and machine.Connecting high pressure water supply hose/nozzle
  • Securely screw high pressure hose 6 onto ma- chine at connection 13.
  • Inserting the vario-jet/fan power lance 4 into the power gun 3. Depress and turn the vario-jet /fan power lance 90° clockwise to lock in place.

Adjustments and using different nozzles

Vario-jet-fan power lance(yellow colour coded–AQUATAK 1200 PLUS green colour coded–AQUATAK 1250)

  • Twist the front ring to adjust from a pencil to a fan jet and vice versa. Roto power lance(red colour coded–AQUATAK 1200 PLUS/ yellow colour coded–AQUATAK 1250)
  • Turn the vario-jet /fan power lance 4 90 ° anti- clockwise. Extract the vario-jet/fan power lance.
  • Insert the roto-power lance 9 into the power gun 3. Depress and turn the roto-power lance 90 ° clockwise to lock in place. Detergent nozzle and bottle AQUATAK 1200 PLUS
  • Turn the power lance 90° anti-clockwise. Extract the power lance.
  • Insert the detergent-nozzle 8 into the power gun 3. Depress and turn the detergent-nozzle 90 ° clockwise to lock in place. AQUATAK 1250
  • To apply the detergent twist the rear ring as shown from high pressure mode to low pressure mode.

To adjust the spray pattern twist the front ring.

Starting and Stopping


Connect the product to the mains supply ensuring that the mains switch is in the (   ) position. Open water tap.

  • Press the safety lock 1 to release the trigger 2. Fully press the trigger 2 until there is a constant flow of water to clear the air from the machine and water supply hose. Release trigger 2. Press the trigger safety lock. Press button (   ) on main switch 5.Point the power gun 3 downwards. Press the trigger safety lock to release the trigger 2. Fully press the trigger 2.


Release trigger 2. Press the trigger safety lock. The power gun is now locked and can not be operated accidentally.Press button (    ) on the main switch 5.Close water tap. Unplug the machine from the elec- tric supply.Press the trigger safety lock 1 to release the trig- ger 2. Fully press the trigger 2 until there is no more water pressure in the machine. Release trigger 2. Press the trigger safety lock 1.Disconnect water supply hose from machine and water supply.

Advice using pressure washer

General Ensure that the machine is on level ground.BOSCH AQUATAK 1200 Plus Pressure Washer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 6

Do not overreach with the high pressure hose or move the pressure washer by pulling the hose, this could cause the machine to become unstable and fall over.Do not kink or drive a motor vehicle over the high pressure hose. Do not expose the high pressure hose to sharp edges or corners.Never use the roto nozzle to clean motor vehicles.

Note: The polystyrene fitting that you may notice around the switch of your Aquatak 1200 PLUS is an integral part of this machine. Please do not attempt to remove it.

Operating with Detergents

Only use Bosch approved detergents. Unsuitable detergents may damage the unit and the object being cleaned.AQUATAK 1200 PLUSAttach the detergent-nozzle to the spray gun.Fill the detergent bottle with suitable detergent and screw the bottle back on the detergent nozzle. AQUATAK 1250

  • Fill the detergent tank 10 with detergent, dilute as recommended.
  • To spray detergent move vario-jet-fan power lance to low pressure mode.We recommend that you use detergent sparingly for the sake of the environment. Observe the re- commended dilution on the detergent label.By offering you an individualised range of cleaning and preserving agents, Bosch guarantees trouble- free operation of the unit.

Recommended cleaning method

Step 1: Loosening dirtSpray on detergent sparingly and allow to react for a short time.

Step 2: Removing dirtSpray off the loosened dirt with the high-pressure spray.

Note: When cleaning a vertical surface spray off dirt/detergent from the bottom and work in an up- wards direction. Rinse from the top and work down- wards.


Stop, remove plug from the power sup- ply and disconnect from water supply.

Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry out the following maintenance regularly.

Regularly check for obvious defects such as loose fixings, and worn or damaged components.Check that covers and guards are undamaged and correctly fitted. Carry out necessary maintenance or repairs before using. If the pressure washer should happen to fail despite the care taken in manufacture and testing, repair  should be carried out by an authorised service agent for Bosch garden products. For all correspondence and spare parts orders, always include the 10-digit part number (TYP) from the nameplate of the machine!

Cleaning/inspecting the strainer

Expose the strainer 14 in the machine water inlet connection by removing the inlet connector 7. Rinse and replace. If damaged replace.
Never use the pressure washer without the straineror a damaged strainer.


To move the machine use the top handle and roll the machine on the wheels.To transport the unit up or down steps or over obstacles,
it must be lifted by the top handle. AQUATAK 1250 If the unit is to be stored or transported horizontally the detergent tank should be drained first.
After use storage
Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly using a soft brush or cloth. Do not use water, solvents or polishes. Remove all debris, especially from the ventilation slots. Frost will damage a pressure washer that has not been completely emptied of water. The machine
should be stored in a frost free room. Do not place other objects on top of the machine.

Fault Finding

The following table gives checks and actions that you can perform if your machine does not operate correctly. If these do not identify / remedy the problem, contact your service agent. Warning: Switch off and remove plug from mains before investigating fault.

Symptom Possible Cause Remedy
Motor refuses to start Plug not connected Mains socket faulty Fuse faulty/blown

Extension cable damaged

Motor protector has activated


Connect plug

Use another socket

Replace fuse

Try without extension cable

Allow to cool for 5 minutes

Wait for pump/water supply hose/ac- cessory to thaw

Motor stops Fuse faulty/blown

Wrong mains voltage


Motor protector has activated

Replace fuse

Check that mains voltage corresponds to specifications on the model tag

Allow to cool for 5 minutes

Fuses blow Fuses faulty/blown Change to a mains supply higher than the pressure washer amp consumption
Excessive working pres- sure Nozzle partly blocked Clean nozzle
Pressure pulsating Air in the inlet water supply hosepurnp

Inadequate water supply

Water strainer blocked

Water supply hoses squeezed

High pressure hose too long

Allow pressure washer to run with

open spray handle and nozzle at low pressure until regular working pres- sure is obtained.

Check that the water supply corre- sponds to specifications. The minimum specification for the water supply hose is 1 /2″ or 13 mm diameter.

Clean water strainer

Straighten out kinked water supply hoses

Dismount high pressure extension hose. Retry (extension hose max. 7 m)

Pressure too low,  but steady

Note: Several types of ac- cessory will normally de- liver a lower pressure

Nozzle worn Start/stop valve worn Change the nozzle

Activate trigger five times in quick sue- cession

Motor starts up but no working pressure No water supply Water strainer clogged up

Nozzle clogged up

Connect water supply Clean the water strainer Clean nozzle
The pressure washer starts irregularly by itself Pump/power gun leaky Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Water leaks from ma- chine Leaking pump 6 drops per minute are permissible. In case of more serious leakage, you should contact your Bosch Service Centre.

Environmental Protection

Chemicals dangerous to the environment must not be allowed to enter the ground, groundwater or ponds, streams, etc.For the use of cleaning agents, observe the instructions on the package and the prescribed concentration exactly. For the cleaning of motor vehicles the local regulations should be observed: Do not allow oil sprayed off to enter into the groundwater. Recycle raw materials instead of waste disposal.


Power tools,  accessories and packaging should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling. Only for EC countries: Do not dispose of power tools into household waste! According to the European Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment and its incorporation into national law, power tools that are no longer suitable for use must be separately collected and sent for recovery in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Exploded views and information on spare parts can be found under: Great Britain Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.) P.O. Box 98 Broadwater Park


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