BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM & troubleshooting

BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM  & troubleshooting 1


BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM  & troubleshooting 2


This is what you need:

  • USB Cable (included)
  • USB Car adapter (included)
  • USB Adapter (optional)

Product description

With this dashcam you can capture in detail what happens on the road. A pleasant partner who can help when needed. The images are saved in 1080P HD quality on a Micro SD card (not included). The video format with which the dashcam records is AVI, for photos that is JPG.

This is how you set it up

Connect the dashcam in the car to the supplied car adapter. The dashcam turns on by itself. The dashcam cannot record images if there is no SD card in the dashcam. Once you have done this you can start recording. Mount the dashcam in the desired location in the car. Make sure the road is clearly visible. You can start filming with the OK button.
With the Mode button you can change the mode in which the dashcam is located. The dashcam has a movie mode, a photo mode and a mode in which you can view the captured images and photos. The recording mode can be recognized by the 1080p image quality at the top of the screen of the dashcam. If you are in photo mode, there is a blue A in the top right of the screen.

You can adjust various settings via the menu button. Adjust this to your preference:

  • Resolution. This is the image quality on which the dashcam films. Higher resolution means the SD card will fill up sooner.
  • Screen Saver. You can activate this mode to save energy. You can set how many minutes after which the dashcam goes into screen saver mode. The dashcam will continue to record if you have turned it on.
  • Loop recording. Here you can set how long the dashcam will record before making a new recording.
  • Voice recording. Here you can set whether the dashcam also records sound during filming.
  • Language. You can set the language of the dashcam here.
  • Light Frequency. Here you can set the height of the frequency of the recordings. Many lamps and lighting in the Netherlands, LED or other lighting is what it looks like, so the best setting is 50Hz here.
  • Date. You can also set the date on the dashcam using the OK button and the arrow keys.

You can connect the dashcam to your PC to view the recordings and photos. Connect the dashcam and open the dashcam in your computer. This is usually stated where the USBs and CDs are also displayed. If you have opened the dashcam, there is a folder “DCIM”. This folder contains all recordings and photo material that the dashcam has made.

This manual is applicable for item number 38507.
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Setting up BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM is easy with these step-by-step instructions. Follow the steps are you are set-up in no time.

Using BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM is simple by using this manual. Follow the instructions one by one and everything will be fine

Is BRAINZ CAR DASHCAM stuck or not working properly? By resetting it you can set it back to the standard settings and everything should be back to normal. This works in many cases when problems arise.

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