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Braun Instruction Manual & troubleshooting


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Braun ThermoScan® 3
Compact infrared ear thermometer for the whole family

  • Reliable & easy to use entry ear thermometer
  • From no. 1 brand among doctors*
  • With new design and new Audio fever indicator

Fast & accurate

  • Precise measurement in just 1 second
  • Measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and the surrounding tissues, with clinically proven accuracy
  • Improved clean ability of the sensor tip if accidentally used without a probe cover (new)

New Audio fever indicator

Easy to interpret the temperature value: number of beeps indicates normal (1 beep), elevated (2 beeps) and high temperature (4 beeps)

Features for easy & pleasant usability

  • Compact design is easy to hold
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Probe suitable for use with newborns
  • Memory recalls the last temperature reading
  • Auto shut-off after 60 seconds for longer battery life.
  • Readings in Celsius (34 – 42.2°C) or Fahrenheit (93.2 – 108°F)

Disposable lens filters for hygienic use

  • With BPA & latex free disposable probe covers i.e. no need to clean or disinfect the probe
  • Using a clean disposable cover with each measurement:

1) ensures hygienic use
2) protects from cross-contamination 3) ensures earwax residues do not impact accuracy of the reading.


  • Probe cover protection cap
  • 21x lens filter
  • 1 x cell battery. Battery door with a safety lock to prevent choking hazard (new)

Impactful in-store presentation

  • Attractive packaging with premium look and feel, with visible product. Hanging hole for in store merchandising
  • Based on survey of paediatricians and general practitioners in UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
Braun Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 2
Braun Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 3

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