Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide & troubleshooting

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 1

Buyers Electric Winches

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 2

When unpacking, check to make sure all parts are included. Refer to Assembly Drawings and Parts Lists.
If any part is missing or broken, please call your local distributor where you bought the winch from as soon as possible.


When using this winch, safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to the winch.

After winch has been installed, take some time and practice using it so you will be familiar with ALL OPERATIONS. Periodically check the winch installation to ensure that all bolts are tight. To ensure proper operation, carefully inspect for any damaged parts before operating the winch. Any damage part should be properly repaired or replaced by identical parts by a qualified technician.

Do not allow people to remain in the area during winching operations. Do not step over a taut wire rope or allow anyone else to do so. Due to the possibility of a cable breaking, direct all persons to stand clear of any possible pathways. A snapped cable could cause winch failure, injury or death. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Do not reach over or across the winch and/or wire rope while the winch is in operation.

The wire rope should be inspected for damages that can reduce its breaking strength. A frayed rope with broken strands should be replaced immediately. Always replace the rope with part number 3025776.

Keep the working area well lit. Do not use this winch in the presence of flammable gases or liquids.

Keep children away from working area, Never let children operate the winch.

When handling or rewinding wire rope, always use hand protection to eliminate the possibility of cuts caused by burrs or broken strands.

Always make sure that there are at least 5 complete turns of rope left on the drum before winching.

Never put your finger through the hook when reeling in the last few feet. If your finger gets trapped in the hook or rope, you could lose it. Never guide a wire rope under tension onto the drum with your hand.

Hooking the rope back onto itself creates an unacceptable strain, breaking individual strands, which in turn weakens the entire wire rope.

The winch is designed for intermittent use and cannot be used in constant duty applications. Do not pull more than one minute at or near rated load. If the motor becomes too hot to touch, stop and let it cool off for a few minutes.
If the motor stalls, cut off the power immediately.

Always use this winch at its rated capacity for your safety and for better performance. Do not use inappropriate attachments in an attempt to exceed its rated capacity.

This will cause the rope to pile up at one end of the drum.
When feasible, get the rope as straight as possible to the direction of the object.

Operator injury or winch damage can result if a fairlead is not installed.

Watch what you are doing. Use common sense. Do not use this winch when you are tired, stressed or WHEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS, ALCOHOL OR MEDICATION.

Unplug switch when not in use.

When servicing, use only Buyers Products replacement parts. Use of any other parts will void the warranty.


  1. Keep hands and body away from Fairlead (cable intake slot) when operating.
  2. Secure vehicle in position before using winch.
  3. Do not exceed winch load weight capacity.
  4. Make sure the winch is properly bolted to a structure (or vehicle) that can hold the winch load.
  5. Always use proper couplings when connecting winch cable hook to load.
  6. Do not lift items vertically. The winch is designed for horizontal use only.
  7. Do not use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the winch cable.
  8. Never lift people or hoist loads over people.
  9. Never come in between the winch and the load when operating.
  10. Do not apply load to winch when cable is fully extended. Keep at least 5 full turns of cable on the reel.
  11. After moving an item with the winch, secure the item.
    Do not rely on the winch to hold it for an extended period.
  12. Examine winch before using. Components may be affected by exposure to everyday weathering, chemicals, salts, and rust. Replace any worn or damaged parts before using winch.
  13. Never fully extend cable while under load. Keep 5 complete turns of cable around the winch drum.
  14. When loading a boat onto a trailer without reel or side hull rollers, make sure the trailer is submerged in the water when the boat is loaded by the winch. Attempting to drag the boat onto the trailer while on land can cause winch failure and possible injury.
  15. Never operate winch if cable shows any signs of weakening, is knotted or kinked.
  16. Winch does not have a locking mechanism. Secure load after moving.
  17. Do not cross over or under the cable while in use.
  18. Do not move vehicle with cable extended and attached to load to pull it. The cable could snap.
  19. Use wheel chocks when parking the vehicle on an incline.
  20. Do not hit the motor housing when the winch stalls or stops during operation.
  21. Re-spool cable properly.


NOTE: Depending on your level of knowledge regarding electrical wiring, you may wish to have this procedure performed by a qualified technician.

  1. Select a mounting site: on front of vehicle, the bed of a truck, trailer, or other suitable location
    CAUTION: It may be required to use steel reinforcement plates (not included), and/or to weld on additional bracing (not  included), depending on the desired mounting location.
    Remember that the winch is designed for horizontal pull, not vertical.
  2. Mount the Roller Fairlead to the Mounting Frame (not included) using hardware.
  3. Mount Electric Winch to the Mounting Fame using supplied hardware. (See Fig. 1)Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 3
  4. Mount Solenoid Assembly to the winch.
    A. Solenoid assembly can be mounted on top of tie bars or over the motor. Hardware for both options is included (See Fig. 2)
    B. When mounting solenoid assembly over the motor, wrap plastic strap over bracket #32 and around the motor. Clip extra material. This will help to better secure solenoid assembly in this position.Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 4
  5. Electrical Connections (refer to Fig. 3)
    A. Before wiring, pay attention to the color of the motor terminals and power cable. Both are color coded.Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 5B. Connect 3 short cables(coded red, black and yellow) to the color coded terminals on the motor accordingly.
    C. Connect the red long cable from the Solenoid Assembly to the positive battery terminal and the black long cable to the negative battery terminal at one end and to the motor ground terminal at the other end.
    D. Connect the black thin wire(ground wire) from the Solenoid Assembly to the motor ground terminal.
    E. Lift the Socket Cover and insert the plug of the Switch Assembly(Remote Control). NOTE: Connecting of the cables determines the winch operation direction controlled by the push-buttons on the Switch Assembly (Remote Control). After the winch is mounted and powered, check the direction of the Power In and Power Out on the buttons. If you wish to change the direction on the Buttons, disconnect the cable from the battery, switch the yellow coded cable with the green cable. Then reconnect the battery cables.
    F. Disconnect the Switch (Remote Control) when not in use.
    G. Disengage the clutch by turning the Clutch Handle to the Disengaged position.(See Fig.4).Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 6H. Pull the Cable through the Fairlead and connect the Hook and Safety Pin. NOTE: The use of at least a 650 CCA battery is recommended.

The winch gear housing can be clocked in 8 different positions. This enables the user to locate the clutch handle at one of 8 equally spaced points (0, 45, 90, etc.).
The winch is preset at 0.

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 7

  1. Remove (2) M8x25 Tie Bar screws that attach the Gear Housing Assembly to the Rope Drum.
  2. Separate the Gear Housing Assembly w/clutch handle from the Tie Bars.
  3. Remove (8) M4x12 End Bearing screws.
  4. Separate the End Bearing from the Gear Ring
  5. Reposition End Bearing on the Gear Ring at desired angle (clocked position).
  6. Replace (8) M4x12 End Bearing screws. Torque to 2 ft-lb.
  7. Align Drive Shaft, Drum Gear, and Tie Bars with Gear Housing Assembly and reconnect.
  8. Replace (2) M8x25 Tie Bar screws. Torque to 18 ft-lb.


  1. Disengage the clutch by moving the Clutch Handle to the DISENGAGED position.
  2. Grab the Cable Assembly hook with Hand Strap and pull the cable to the desired length, then attach to item being pulled.
    Always leave at least 5 turns of cable on the drum. Review winch safety warnings and precautions on pages 1 and 2 before continuing.
  3. Re-engage the clutch by moving the Clutch Handle to the ENGAGED position.
  4. Lift the Connector Cover on Solenoid Assy. exposing the electrical switch connector.

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 8

  1. While standing aside of the tow path, push the button on Remote Control forward and backward (Fig. 7 and Fig. 8) to check winch running directions. Wait until the motor stops before reversing directions.Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 9Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 10CAUTION:
    Do not POWER winch OUT for more than 10 seconds at a time as this may cause damage to the brake system
  2. When the pulling is complete, rewind the cable onto the drum. The cable must be rewound on to the drum under a load of at least 500lbs. lf this precaution is not taken, inner wraps will damage winch cable.
  3. Remove the Switch Assy. from the Female Connector and replace the Connector Cover.

It is important to make sure the winch is mounted on a flat surface so the 3 major sections of the winch (the motor end, the cable drum and the gear housing end) are properly aligned. Run the vehicle engine during pulling operations to
keep the battery charging. When pulling a heavy load, place a blanket or the similar over the cable 5 to 6 feet (1.5m to 1.8m) from the hook.


(Accessory Part No. 5571000)

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 11

  1. Install and connect the Solenoid Assembly to the winch and battery properly. See Fig. 2.
  2. Connect the Receiver to Solenoid Assembly (Fig. 9).
  3. Activate the Remote by pressing and holding both IN and OUT buttons on the Remote simultaneously for 4 seconds till the red LED on the Remote lights up and stays on.
  4. Press IN or OUT button to power in or power out as operation required.
  5. Deactivate the system by pressing and holding both IN and OUT button for 4 seconds simultaneously till the red LED in the Remote turns off if winching operation is ended. NOTE: 1. The Remote can automatically turn off in 2 minutes if no operation. 2. Mis-operation protection If both IN & OUT button are pressed and held for 15 seconds, program will treat it as mis-operation, and Remote will turn off automatically.
Replace Battery (fig. 10)

If the LED light on the Remote(transmitter) flashes during operation, the battery is low and should be replaced.

  1. Remove the 2 screws from the Remote(transmitter).
  2. Separate the top and bottom covers of the Remote(transmitter).
  3. Replace the old battery with a new one.
    Battery: DC12V/23A
  4. Join the top and bottom covers with the rubber seal sitting between properly.
  5. Secure the Remote with two screws.

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 12

Programing the Receiver to a replacement Remote(transmitter)

Hand-held Remote (transmitter) is programmed in the factory to communicate with the receiver. Under normal circumstances, programming will not be necessary unless a Remote has to be replaced.

  1. Switch on Remote (transmitter), refer to Wireless Winching Operation step 3.
  2. Turn on the Receiver. Refer to Step 1 and 2 in Wireless Winching Operation.
  3. Press and hold IN or OUT button on Remote till red LED flashing.

NOTE: The programming has to be completed within 5 seconds once the Receiver is turned on. If the programming is not completed in 5 seconds, the Receiver will automatically reject programming. The Receiver has to be turned off and to be restarted. Repeat the programming procedure as described above.


  1. All moving parts within the Electric Winch have been lubricated using high temperature lithium grease at the factory. No internal lubrication is required.
  2. Lubricate Cable Assembly periodically using light penetrating oil.


  1. Move Clutch Handle to DISENGAGED position.
  2. Extend Cable Assembly to its full length. Note how the existing cable is connected to the inside of the drum.
  3. Remove old Cable Assembly and attach new one.
  4. Rewind Cable Assembly onto cable drum being careful not to allow kinking.
    NOTE: Performance of this winch may vary depending on variations of vehicle and/or battery power.

The warnings, cautions and instructions discussed in this instruction manual cannot cover all the possible conditions and situations that may occur. It must be understood by the operator that common sense and caution are factors that
cannot be built into this product, but must be exercised by the operator.

Assembly Drawing and Parts List

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 13

Bill of Materials
1 1 Dry Bearing 27 1 Cable
2 16 Screw M4*12 28 1 Brake/Shaft Assy
3 16 Spring Washer M4 29   Tie Bar
4 1 End Bearing 30 1 Motor End
5 4 Spring Washer M8 31 1 Solenoid Assy
6 4 Screw M8*25 32 1 Solenoid Bracket 1
7 2 Gasket 33 1 Solenoid Bracket 2
8 1 Clutch Handle 34 2 Solenoid Bracket 3
9 1 Seal 35 2 Solenoid Bracket 4
10 1 Spring Washer 36 5 Washer M6
11 1 Gear Ring 37 5 Spring Washer M6
12 1 Retaining Screw 38 5 Screw M6*16
13 1 Gear Ring-input/intermediate 39 2 Washer M6
14 1 Gear Carrier Assy-output 40 2 Spring Washer M6
15 1 Gear Carrier Assy-intermediate 41 2 Screw M6*12
16 1 Gear Carrier Assy-input 42 2 Screw M5*16
17 1 Gear-input sun 43 2 Spring Washer M5
18 1 Gear Bushing 44 1 Mount Channel (Optional)
19 1 Gear Box Cover 45 1 Roller Fairlead
20 2 Spacer 46 4 Washer
21 2 Ring 47 4 Spring Washer
22 2 Seal Ring 48 4 Screw
23 1 Drum Assy 49 1 Safety Hook
24 1 Screw 50 1 Switch Assy
25 1 Cable Anchor 51 1 Hand Strap
26 1 Screw      

Spec Charts

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 14


Motor does not turn on -Switch Assy. not
connected properly
-Insert Switch Assy firmly
to the connector
-Loose battery cable
-Tighten nuts on cable
-Solenoid malfunctioning -Tap Solenoid to free contact, applying 12V (for 12V motor) or 24V(for 24V motor) to coil terminal directly. Solenoid will make an audible clicking when
-Defective Switch Assy -Replace Switch Assy.
-Defective motor -Check for voltage at armature port with switch pressed. If voltage is

present, replace motor

-Water has entered motor -Drain and dry. Run in short bursts without load until completely dry.
Motor runs too hot -Long period of operation -Let winch cool down periodically.
Motor runs slowly or
without normal
-Battery with low charge -Recharge battery by running vehicle engine.
power -Insufficient current or voltage -Clean, tighten or replace the connector.
Motor runs but cable drum does not turn Clutch not engaged -Push clutch Handle into IN position. If that does not work, ask a qualified technician to check and repair.
Motor runs in one direction only -Defective or stuck Solenoid -Tap solenoid to free contacts. Repair or replace solenoid.
-Defective Switch Assy -Replace Switch Assy.


Buyers  Products  Co.  warrants  all  truck/trailer  hardware  manufactured  or  distributed  by  it,  to  be  free  from  defects  in  material  and workmanship  for  a  period  of  two  years  from  date  of  shipment. Parts must be properly installed and used under normal conditions. Any  product  which  has  been  altered,  including  modification,  misuse,  accident  or  lack  of  maintenance  will  not  be  considered  under warranty. Normal wear is excluded. The sole responsibility of Buyers Products Co. under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts which are returned, prepaid, and are found to be defective by Buyers Products Co. Authorization from Buyers Products Co. must be obtained before returning any part. No charges for transportation or  labor  performed  on  Buyers’  products  will  be  allowed  under  this warranty.

Buyers Electric Winches Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 15


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