Chef-s Choice D4770 Manual Knife Sharpener 2 Stage Instructions

Chef-s Choice D4770 Manual Knife Sharpener 2 Stage Instructions & troubleshooting

Chef-s Choice D4770 Manual Knife Sharpener 2 Stage Instructions

Chef-s Choice D4770 Manual Knife Sharpener 2 Stage Instructions  & troubleshooting 1

Model: D4770

Congratulations! By selecting this innovative Chef’sChoice sharpener, you will have sharp knives that stay sharp longer.

Before you begin . . .
The Chef’sChoice® Manual sharpener is “ambidextrous” – extremely easy to use whether you are a right- or left-handed person. Stages 1 and 2 are marked on both sides of the sharpener for your convenience. Place the sharpener on a level surface about waist high. Hold the handle with your left hand (if right-handed) making certain that your left index finger and thumb remain safely in the recessed area of the handle. (If left-handed, see Suggestions on other side of sheet.)

CAUTION! Keep all fingers clear of the knife blade at all times.
Make certain the blade is clean, then proceed as follows:


Sharpening – Stage 1

Holding the knife in the right hand, place the blade in the first slot (marked number 1) and center the blade left to right in the slot. While continuing to keep the blade centered in the slot, move the blade back and forth in the slot along the entire blade length.

It is unnecessary to lift the blade after every stroke. Apply only light downward pressure on the blade and continue the back and forth action until the blade is sharp. Stage 1 creates a first bevel along the edge. Unless the knife is very dull, it will take less than 25 full back-and-forth strokes to sharpen in Stage 1. Do not proceed to Stage 2 until the edge is very sharp. It should for example, be sharp enough now to cut paper well (see Testing).


Honing – Stage 2

To hone the sharpened edge to razor sharpness, move the blade to the slot of Stage 2. This hones by creating a second “micro-bevel” along the edge. Maintaining the blade centered left to right in the slot, move the blade back and forth. Apply little to no downward pressure on the blade. If the blade is sharpened adequately in Stage 1, only a few, (less than 10), strokes will be necessary in Stage 2.


Testing for sharpness

Try slicing a tomato or other food before you sharpen your knife. Then test the knife periodically during sharpening until you achieve the sharpness you desire. Ideally, a well sharpened knife should slice cleanly through food without excessive force and without crushing it.

* To test periodically for sharpness, hold a sheet of paper by its edge and carefully slice through it, making sure you cut a short but safe distance from your fingers. A sharp blade will cut smoothly without tearing the paper.



  • If left-handed, turn the sharpener around, hold the handle with your right hand and the knife with your left, and follow sharpening and honing instructions above.
  • With thick blades, it is sometimes useful after following the instructions for Stage 2, to turn the sharpener around, holding the handle with the other hand, and carefully repeat the sharpening process in Stage 2 with a few back-and-forth strokes from the other side. Be sure to keep the blade centered in the slot.
  • Extremely dull knives can be sharpened in Stage 1, but many strokes may be necessary. Stop periodically and check the blade for sharpness by carefully cutting paper. Then hone the knife in Stage 2.



Knives can be resharpened by following the procedure described above, but, in general, fewer strokes will be required than for the initial sharpening.



  • The exterior can be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.
  • No oils or other lubricating liquids are necessary with this sharpener.
  • Not for scissors.

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