Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions

Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions & troubleshooting

Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 1Chef choice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer

Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 2

IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSChef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 3Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 4

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  1. Read all instructions carefully before using slicer, to maximize results and to avoid injury.
  2. To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not immerse power unit in water or other liquid or operate in wet areas.
  3. When blade is powered, place hands only on recommended push surfaces. Fingers, hand or body contact with the moving blade can result in serious injury. When power is off, touch blade only to remove and clean according to instructions. Do not touch the blade’s edge.
  4. Never operate any motorized appliance when consuming alcohol or taking medication. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children, handicapped and infirm.
  5. Unplug power cord from outlet when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning.
  6. Avoid contacting moving parts. Never feed food by hand. Always use completely assembled slicer with food tray and food pusher.
  7. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return slicer if damaged to the nearest authorized service facility or to EdgeCraft for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  8. The use of attachments not recommended or sold by the appliance manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  9. Do not use outdoors.
  10. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces.
  11. Blade is very sharp. Handle carefully when cleaning. Avoid contact with cutting edge.
  12.  Do not attempt to cut frozen foods or foods with bones.
  13. Follow instructions when lifting or moving the slicer.
  15. Use only on three prong grounded 120V 60Hz outlet.
    Do not use a 2 to 3 prong adapter.
  16. This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as: – staff kitchen areas in shops, offices, and other working environments; – farm houses; – by clients in hotels, motels, and other residential type environments; – bed and breakfast type environments.


If blade stops or slows while slicing, immediately pull food back and turn slicer off, then on again.


  1. On/Off Power Switch
  2. Thickness guide plate
  3. Food pusher, metallic
  4. Food carriage
    Thumb guard plate
  5. Carriage track
  6. Rubber feet
  7. Thickness control knob
  8. Base plater
  9. Slice deflector
  10. Carriage “Lock/Remove” control
  11. Blade fastening screw
  12. Blade
  13. Cord storage compartment (see Figure 3)
  14. Fuse (under bottom, see Figure 10)


For your safety, the food carriage (4) contains a thumb guard plate (4a) that can be moved in front of the blade’s cutting edge and locked in place when the slicer is not in use. This protects you and children from inadvertent contact with the blade edge.
Using the thickness control knob (7), set the slice thickness to 0. Slide the carriage (4) forward to the right end stop (Fig. 1) so that the carriage thumb protector (4a) covers the blade edge.
The carriage can then be locked in place by sliding the control button (10) to the right into the “Lock” position. Always secure the carriage in the “Lock” position whenever it is not in use or when the slicer is being moved or stored. To release the carriage for normal slicing, slide the button to the middle “Slice” position. To remove the carriage from the slicer, slide the control button all the way to the left (Fig. 1) to the “Remove” position.

BEFORE YOU SLICEChef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 5

  1. Place slicer on a clean, dry, smooth surface. Position the slicer so the carriage is to your right and the thickness control knob is to your left. Be sure the blade is properly secured.
  2. Unlock the carriage by sliding the carriage control button (10) to the “Slice” position (Fig. 1) and pull the carriage toward you, away from the blade. The carriage should move smoothly in its track. Place food on the carriage. Extra large foods such as slab bacon or brisket may have to be cut to fit on carriage.
    Caution: Always use the food pusher when operating the slicer. Not using it can result in serious personal injury (see Fig. 4). Never feed the food by hand.
  3. Set the thickness knob (Fig. 2) to the desired slice thickness.
  4. Place a food tray or platter under the cutting edge of the blade to receive the food slices.


    1. Plug cord into polarized two pronged two wire 120V, AC outlet. Push excess cord into the cord storage compartment (Fig. 3).
      Cord Safety: A short power cord is provided with this appliance to reduce the possibility of someone becoming entangled in it or tripping over it. While EdgeCraft does not recommend it, extension cords may be used. Use only 3-wire extension cords with 3-prong plugs. Extension cords should have an electrical rating not less than the rating on the electrical appliance. Do not use damaged extension cords. Keep cord away from heat, sharp edges and water.
    2. Place food in the corner of the carriage and pull the carriage toward you. Hold food pusher with your right hand, keeping thumb protected behind thumb guard (Fig. 4).
    3. Press the “ON” side of the switch down for slicing.
    4. To slice, slide the carriage toward the blade. Move the carriage back and forth steadily. Using the food pusher, keep food pressed against the thickness guide plate for even slices. For best results, do not apply excess pressure on thickness guide plate during slicing. When finished slicing, turn off motor, unplug slicer, set the slice thickness to “0” (not below “0”) and secure the carriage in the “Lock” position (Fig. 1).


Slicer parts in contact with food can be removed for thorough cleaning. Wash with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap or spray cleaner. Rinse and dry.
Never use steel wool or scouring powder on any part of slicer.
DO NOT IMMERSE THE SLICER IN WATER. DO NOT WASH ANY PART OF THE SLICER IN THE DISHWASHER.Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 6

Figure 3. Push excess cord into the cord storage compartment.
Figure 4. Hand on food pusher, slicing.Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 7

Figure 5. Removing the food carriage.
Figure 6. Lubricating food carriage guides.


To remove the carriage, set the thickness control knob to 0, slide the carriage control button to the “Remove” position (Fig. 5). Slide carriage away from blade until it comes off its track. Clean carriage guide and lubricate lightly with a few drops of acid-free light household oil such as sewing machine oil (Fig. 6).

To remove the cutting blade, insert a coin in the slot of the blade fastening screw (11) and turn the screw clockwise until the blade retaining screw is fully removed (Fig. 7). Carefully lift the blade off. Do not touch the blade edge. Clean the cutting blade and the motor housing behind it with a clean damp cloth. Lubricate the blade support posts and the drive gear shown in Figure 8 with Vaseline. To replace, carefully align the blade on its hub so the blade and drive gears fully engage. Turn blade fastening screw counterclockwise to tighten. (Do not over-tighten). CAREFUL! SHARP BLADE!

You can, if you wish, remove the thickness guide plate for cleaning.
Note: To reduce the risk of injury, always remove the blade before removing the thickness guide plate.
To remove the thickness guide plate, turn the thickness control knob counterclockwise, past “0” to the “PLATE RELEASE” position. Pull the thickness guide plate off the slicer (Fig. 9). After cleaning this plate, lightly lubricate the two steel rods with Vaseline.To reattach the thickness guide plate, insert the two steel rods into the holes provided on the carriage track. Make sure the thickness control knob is aligned with the “PLATE RELEASE” position. Now push the guide plate fully into its position and turn the knob clockwise to the “0” position.

Clean with grease-removing cleaner, mild detergent in water or alcohol.

The Model E615A is equipped with a detachable slice deflector (item #9, see page 4) to ensure smooth deflection of each slice onto the tray. This can be removed for cleaning. Always first remove the slicer blade and thickness control plate as shown in Figures 8 and 9. Grasp the blade deflector with thumb and forefinger and pull it out. It should snap off easily. Always reinstall before installing the blade or thickness control plate.Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 8

Figure 7. Turn the screw clockwise for  blade removal. Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 9

Figure 8. Key areas to lubricate.Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 10

Figure 9. Removing the thickness guide plate

NOTICE:Chef sChoice E615A EdgeCraft Electric Meat Slicer Instructions  & troubleshooting 11

This Electric Food Slicer has been equipped with a protective fuse to prevent the motor from overheating. In the unlikely event that the fuse fails, a spare fuse has been supplied with your slicer. To remove the old fuse, make certain that the Power Switch is in OFF position, that the power cord has been unplugged, that the thickness plate is in the “0” position and the food carriage is locked in place. Turn the slicer over with the motor cover resting on the table as shown (Fig. 10). The fuse holder will be accessible. Unscrew the fuse holder, pull out the old fuse and replace it with an approved new one. Reinsert the holder with the new fuse into its proper location. Satisfactory replacement fuses are available from Hollyland 5oT, LittelFuse (Model 2181.25) or Bussman GDCS505.


  • To slice meats wafer thin, chill thoroughly before slicing.
  • Meats should be boneless, fruits should be free of seeds.
  • Foods with an uneven texture, like fish or steaks, are often difficult to slice. Partially freeze before slicing.
  • At canning time, use the slicer to quickly slice cucumbers and onions for attractive pickles… apples for pies… vegetables for the freezer.
  • For food dehydrators: produces thick or thin slices of uniform thickness for even dehydrating.
  • Handy for slicing homemade or bakery bread: a great companion for your bread machine.


This appliance is for household use only. No user-serviceable parts are inside. In the event service is needed, you may return your food slicer to EdgeCraft Corp., where the cost of repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment can be estimated before the repair is undertaken. Please include your return address and a brief description of the problem or damage to the slicer on a separate sheet inside the box.
Send your slicer, insured and postage prepaid to:
The Legacy Companies
149 Cleveland Drive, Paris, KY 40361 U.S.A.
Retain evidence of shipping for your protection.

Limited Warranty: Used with normal care, this EdgeCraft product is guaranteed against defective material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase (“Warranty Period”). We will repair or replace, at our option, any product or part that is defective in material or workmanship without charge if the product is returned to us postage prepaid with dated proof of purchase within the Warranty Period. This warranty does not apply to commercial use or any product abuse. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE WARRANTY PERIOD. EDGECRAFT CORPORATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some states do not allow exclusions or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Made in China.

This product may be covered by one or more EdgeCraft patents and/or patents pending as marked on the product. Chef’sChoice®, EdgeCraft®, and the overall design of this product are registered trademarks of the EdgeCraft Corporation. Edgecraft Corporation is a subsidiary of Greenfield World Trade, Inc. d/b/a The Legacy Companies Conforms to UL Std. 1083 © 2021 The Legacy Companies H21 E/F/S


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