DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual

DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual & troubleshooting

DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine

DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

General Information

Keep this user manual after reading. If you have further questions, please reach out to Seattle Coffee Gear’s customer service team at 866-372-4734 or send an email to [email protected]
Seattle Coffee Gear assumes no responsibility for damage or failure in the event of:

  •  Use outside of intended purposes
  •  Alterations/customizations made to any machine component
  •  Use with non-original components
  •  Unauthorized/uncertified repairs
  •  Use, modification, or repairs outside these criteria will void your warranty

Use and Safety Instructions


  • The packaging material (plastic bags, polystyrene, dust cover, cardboard, etc.) are a potential source of danger and must be kept out of reach of children.
  •  Before connecting the machine to power, make certain that the rating sticker matches your home electrical grid.
  •  The power cable must be smooth and not exposed to impact or handling by minors. It must not be placed near liquids, water or heat sources, and must not be damaged.
  •  The use of adapters, multiple sockets, extension cords, or power strips is not advised.
  •  Position the machine on a waterproof surface (laminate, stainless steel, ceramic, granite, etc.) away from heat sources (ovens, stovetops, fireplaces, etc.) and in an environment where the temperature does not drop below 40 °F.
  •  Do not expose the machine to the elements, or install it in an environment with high humidity, such as a bathroom.
  •  If the need for a replacement part arises, contact Seattle Coffee Gear repair.
  •  The machine in its packaging is to be stored in a dry location, free from humidity and protected from the elements. The temperature must not be lower than 40 °F. In the event of damage to objects or persons caused by improper installation or use, the manufacturer can not be considered responsible.

Intended Use
The Diletta Bello has been designed and built expressly for coffee brewing and the preparation of coffee-based drinks. This machine is intended only for personal or household use. Any use outside the above use case(s) will void your warranty. This machine is not intended for commercial or office environments.

Safety Instructions

  • Ensure that your home capacity and power rating is suitable for the maximum power consumption indicated on the machine’s rating sticker before connecting the machine to the electric supply.
  •  The use of adapters, multiple sockets, extension cords, or power strips is not advised.
  •  Do not use this machine if there is damage to its cord, plug or any other part or if the machine does not work properly.
  •  This machine has been designed for the sole purpose of producing coffee, hot water, and steam for hot beverages. All other uses are inappropriate and dangerous. The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate use.
    Protect your machine from electrical issues:
  1.  Do not immerse the machine, cord, or plug in water or other liquids.
  2.  Prevent the power cable from being stretched or pulled tight.
  3.  Do not use the machine with wet hands.
  4.  Do not allow children to use the machine.
  5.  Do not use the machine with bare feet.
  6.  Do not spill any liquid over the machine.
  7.  Do not expose the machine to sunlight, rain, snow, extreme temperatures etc.
  8.  Turn off and disconnect the machine from power before performing any cleaning.
  9.  The machine must be positioned on a horizontal surface at a suitable height away from

If the machine operates in a faulty manner, is compromised in its performance, or stops working, turn the machine off and disconnect it from power. Do not try to repair it. Please contact Seattle Coffee Gear at 866-372-4734 or send an email to [email protected]

The machine must be operated with soft, clean drinking water. If your local water supply has a high mineral content, use a water softener, water filtration system, or bottled water. A build-up of mineral deposits may restrict the flow of water within the machine and cause damage to components or cause personal injury. Improper water usage can result in the voiding of your warranty.

Machine Safety

  • The machine’s brew circuit is fitted with a mechanical spring valve to protect against overpressure. From the factory, this is set at 10 bar.
  • The steam boiler is also equipped with a safety valve set at 2.3 bar and a thermal switch that stops heating in the event of failure
  • The pump is fitted with a thermal switch that resets automatically for protection against overheating.
  • All electrically powered heating elements are located inside the machine paneling.

Noise And Vibrations
Under regular use, the machine’s operating characteristics measure less than 70 dB. The machine is supplied with rubber vibration damping feet. In normal conditions, the machine will not generate vibrations that could damage objects or cause injury to persons.

Machine Specifications

  1. Width 11 inches
  2. Depth 17.75 inches
  3. Height 14.5 inches
  4. Gross Weight 53 pounds
  5. Net Weight 44 pounds
  6. Watts 1500W
  7. Volts 120V
  8. Amps 15A
  9. Boiler Material Stainless Steel
  10. Boiler Volume 1.8 L
  11. Reservoir Volume 3 L

Machine Overview

DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

  1.  Brew Group (E61)
  2.  Brew Lever
  3.  Portafilter
  4.  Steam Knob
  5.  Steam Wand
  6.  Hot Water Knob
  7.  Hot Water Wand
  8.  Brew/Steam Pressure Gauge
  9.  Drip Tray
  10.  Cup Warmer
  11.  Power Switch
  12.  Heating Indicator Light
  13.  Water Reservoir Indicator Light
  14.  Power Indicator Light
  15.  Water Reservoir


DILETTA Bello Espresso Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

  1.  Single Basket
  2.  Double Basket
  3.  Blind Basket
  4.  Single Portafilter
  5.  Double Portafilter
  6.  Group Brush

Unboxing & Setup


  1.  Before continuing, check box for damage and punctures. If significant damage is noted to outer packaging STOP and call Seattle Coffee Gear’s Customer Service at 866-372-4734.
  2.  Remove top foam packaging; set aside.
  3.  Reach around the sides of your machine until you have a firm grasp of the machine base.
  4.  Lift carefully; set machine on countertop ensuring all 4 legs make good contact.
  5.  Remove the outer dust bag and accessory box; set aside. Save packaging.

Initial Setup

  1.  Check the power cable and connector for kinks, then plug in to wall socket.
  2.  Locate the top water tank access hatch; remove the water tank.
  3.  Rinse water tank, and fill with filtered water. Then replace.
  4.  Locate the power switch. Switch on the machine with the general switch on position 1, the green ON light switches on.
  5.  The machine fills the boiler.
  6.  Start the delivery of the coffee brew group through the brew lever, turn on the water from the group to make sure that the circuit has filled correctly.
  7.  Wait for the machine to reach the working temperature, indicated by the orange light that switches off and the pointer of the boiler gauge that is to indicate a value between 1 Bar and 1.5 Bar. When the machine has reached the working temperature also the green light switches on, indicating that the machine is ready.

Coffee Brewing

  1.  Remove the filter holder from the group seat, turning it clockwise.
  2.  Fill the portafilter with one or two doses of freshly ground coffee (according to the filter inserted).
  3.  Press the coffee firmly with the included tamper.
  4.  Replace the portafilter holder into the group, turning anti-clockwise.
  5.  Place the cups under the corresponding spouts under the portafilter holder.
  6.  Lift the coffee brew lever to the horizontal position to start the coffee brew, and after a few seconds, the coffee brew starts.
  7.  When the desired amount of coffee has been delivered, lower the group lever to the vertical position.

Milk Steaming

  1.  Wait until the heating light switches off and that the pressure gauge reads over 0.8 Bar.
  2.  Open the steam knob for a few seconds and purge the condensed water into the drip tray. Close the knob.
  3.  Immerse the steam wand into the milk and open the knob. Pull steam tip back toward the surface to texture milk, and sink back down to heat the milk. When the desired temperature and texture is reached, close the knob.
  4.  After heating your milk, discharge a little steam from the wand into the drip tray to clear the steam tip of any milk residue.
  5.  Wipe down the steam wand of any residual milk.

Hot Water

  1.  Place your desired cup to collect water under the hot water wand.
  2.  Open the hot water knob to deliver hot water.
  3.  Note: hot water is pulled directly from the steam boiler, and will be very hot.
  4.  When the desired amount of water is reached, close the hot water knob. Low Water Alert
  5. If the water in the tank drops below the minimum level, the machine will flash a low-water warning light. To exit from the alert condition, refill the tank. Filling Timeout
  6. If the boiler fill programming takes longer than 300 seconds, the machine will flash the low water warning light. This also disables the boiler heating element. To clear, switch the machine off, refill the water tank, then switch on again to restart filling.

Low Water Alert
If the water in the tank drops below minimum level, the machine will flash a low-water warning light. To exit from alert condition, refill the tank.
Filling Timeout
If the boiler fill programming takes longer than 300 seconds, the machine will flash the low water warning light. This also disables the boiler heating element. To clear, switch the machine off, refill the water tank, then switch on again to restart filling.

Storage And Transportation

To Store:

  1.  Perform all cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  2.  Bring the machine up to steam temperature.
  3.  Switch off.
  4.  Empty reservoir and drip tray.
  5.  Place a large bowl or pitcher beneath hot water wand.
  6.  Open tap and drain water until empty.
  7.  Allow machine to cool completely.
  8.  Ensure portafilter is not locked into group during storage.

To Transport:

  1.  Do not attempt to move machine unless it is cool and dry to touch.
  2.  If you saved the original packaging, great! This will be easy.
  3.  Make sure base foam and reinforced corner inserts are in place.
  4.  Cover the machine in its dust bag, then lowers slowly into the box.
  5.  Add the original top foam back to the box, ensuring a snug fit.

Don’t have your original packaging?
Please call Seattle Coffee Gear’s Customer Service line at 866-372-4734 for more instructions.

Machine Cleaning

  •  Do not use water sprays, metal or abrasive tools (such as steel wool, metal brushes, needles, etc.), or any abrasive detergents.
  •  We recommend a clean, damp microfiber cloth or sponge for most case and frame cleaning.
  •  For cleaning the group and portafilter, only use coffee and espresso machines are detergents
  • Make sure to purge and wipe down the steam wand of any residual milk after every use.

Daily Maintenance

  • Clean the case panels, frame and drip tray with a clean microfiber cloth or sponge as needed.
  • Empty drip tray and clean out any residual coffee solids
  • Empty portafilter after use and rinse with hot water before reinserting into group.

Weekly Maintenance

  • While hot, scrub group gasket of any residual coffee oil with the included brush.
  •  Insert the blind basket into the portafilter, place in group, and backflush.
  •  To backflush, lift the group lever and run the pump for 15 seconds. Lower the group lever to relieve pressure. Repeat 10-15 times.
  •  Soak your portafilter and baskets in hot water and/or a cleaning detergent like Cafiza to loosen coffee oils. Wipe clean.

Periodic Maintenance

  •  Inspect group gasket and diffuser screen for excess coffee buildup or wear. If needed, replace with authorized components
  •  To clear excess coffee oil from gasket and screen, repeat weekly backflush routine using a dedicated cleaner like Cafiza

With the use of filtered or bottled water, regular descaling is not required. Damage to your machine can result from improper descaling. Descaling at home is not recommended. Damage to components or clogged lines from descaling are not covered under warranty.


The machine does not start

  1.  Ensure the plug is inserted correctly.
  2.  Ensure there is power to the socket.
  3.  Check the condition of the plug and the power supply cable.

No coffee is delivered

  1.  No water in the reservoir; refill with water.
  2.  The pump has overheated due to excessive use. Wait for the pump to cool down and the thermal protector to reset.

Inconsistent coffee delivery

  1.  Clean the filter in the filter holder.
  2.  The coffee grounds are too fine or too coarse. Adjust your grind size, dose amount, or tamping.

No hot water or steam delivery

  1.  No water in the reservoir; refill with water.
  2.  Nozzles clogged; clean the nozzles of the steam tip with a pin.

Tips And Tricks

  • Be Clean
    Always start with a blank slate for your espresso. Both your portafilter and group should be clean and clear of any old grinds or residual coffee oils that may impart off-flavors or slow the flow into your cup.
  • Coffee Quality
    Make sure the coffee you are using is ideal for espresso. While pre-ground coffee may work in an emergency, you’ll find much better results if you use fresh-roasted coffee ground in your own home.
  • Grind Matters
    Good brew pressure is difficult to achieve without a good grinder. Espresso-ground coffee should resemble the consistency of powdered sugar, and should be of uniform and consistent particle size. If your grind is too coarse, shots will flow fast and feel watery. Too fine, and shots will flow too slow or not at all.
  • Consistent Dosing
    Make sure to dose the right amount of coffee into your basket every time. Your Bello comes with standard Italian single and double baskets, made for roughly 7-gram and 14-gram doses of coffee. An espresso scale and high-quality grinder is highly recommended.
  • Shot Flavor
    Focus on dialing in your grind for flavor first. Don’t worry if your shot time or dose differs slightly from the recommended parameters on the bag.
  • Milk Steaming
    There are two main stages to milk steaming. The first is texturing: bring your steam wand tip near the surface of your milk to incorporate air. Fine foam drinks like lattes require lessair, while drinks like cappuccinos require more texturing. The second is incorporating: sink your steam wand down into the milk. This heats the milk and swirls in your layer of milk foam simultaneously.


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