DOUXE PS65 Active Stylus Pen Instruction Manual

DOUXE PS65 Active Stylus Pen Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

DOUXE PS65 Active Stylus Pen Instruction Manual
DOUXE PS65 Active Stylus Pen Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 1

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing our Douxe product! Please always follow the instructions for safe usage.
Do you use tablets often and are in need of an active stylus pen to help you make notes or maybe to coordinate on the touchscreen? The PS65 active stylus pen from
Douxe is the ideal product to unleash your creativity on your tablet. With the smooth copper point, the stylus pen moves accurate and without any delay on your screen. Please read the instruction manual before usage.

2. Warnings and Safety Instructions

  • Please ensure that the packaging is kept out of the reach of children! Risk of suffocation!
  • Make sure to keep this user manual. Read the manual carefully before using your active stylus pen!
  • Be aware of the risks and consequences resulting from misuse of the active stylus pen. Misuse of the active stylus pen can result in personal injury, or destruction of the device and of the installations.
  • Use the active stylus pen only for purposes described in this user manual.
  • If the active stylus pen malfunctions, is dropped or (appears to be) damaged in any manner, do NOT use the active stylus pen and contact Customer Service.
  • The active stylus pen is designed and intended for private, non-commercial use only.
  • Do not put objects in the slots on the exterior of the device, by doing this you can hit parts that are carrying live voltage. This can cause a fire or an electric shock.
  • This device should NOT be used by persons (including children) with physical, sensory, or mental disabilities, or persons (including children) with lack of experience with and knowledge of the device,
    unless they are supervised or have been given instruction concerning the use by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Keep the active stylus pen away from children when using and storing.
  • Do NOT reconstruct, repair, or disassemble the active stylus pen. This can damage the device. For safety reasons, these parts may only be replaced by authorized service personnel. In order to prevent
    hazards, always send the active stylus pen to the service center for repairs.
  • Make sure your outlet supplies the correct power voltage to avoid damage to the active stylus pen.
  • Always check the device for signs of damage before using the active stylus pen. Do NOT operate the active stylus pen if the device is damaged. A damaged device must be repaired by a qualified person in order to avoid damages and personal injuries.
  • Do NOT use the active stylus pen in or near a bath, shower, or over a basin filled with water.
  • Make sure to prevent any contact with water. Do NOT submerge the active stylus pen in water. If water does get inside the casing, turn the active stylus pen off immediately and contact our customer service.
  • Do NOT operate the device with damp or wet hands.
  • Place the active stylus pen in such a way that the cables connected to it cannot be damaged.
  • Keep the active stylus pen away from moisture, heat and in or close to areas where the surrounding emperature is relatively hot (e.g., stoves or other sources of heat).

3. Receiving Your Shipment

When receiving your shipment, make sure that the contents are consistent with the packing list. Notify your distributor of any missing items. If the equipment appears to be damaged, file a claim immediately with the carrier and notify your distributor at once, giving a detailed description of any damage. Save the damaged packing container to substantiate your claim

4. Contents of Package

  1. Douxe PS65 Active Stylus pen
  2. Charging cable

5. Product Features

DOUXE PS65 Active Stylus Pen Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 2

6. Technical Data

Size Length x Diameter 16,7 x 0.96 cm
Weight 17 gr
Colour White
Material Aluminum
Cable Length 24 cm
Power Supply USB 3.0 port Up to 7.5W (5V/1.5A)
Battery Li-polymer Battery 140 MA


Input Port




Output Port USB-C

Operating temperature


0°C to +45°C

Operating humidity 10% to 85% R (no condensation)
Storage temperature -10°C to +70°C
Storage humidity 5% to 90% RH (no condensation)
Compatible with iPads/iPhones: Pad, iPad Pro, iPad air, alleen compatible met iPad Pro 11 inch, iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd generation),

iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), iPad 2018

9.7 inch (6th generation), iPad 2019 10.2 inch (7th generation). (Note: Sport alleen 2018 & 2019 iPads, niet voor 2017, 2016, 2015)

7. Product Features

  • Use the Active Stylus Pen to coordinate on your touchscreen device.
  • Use the Active Stylus Pen to take notes on your touchscreen device.
  • Easy to use and carry.

8. Operating Instructions

  1. Press the active stylus pen on the top to turn it on and immediately start using it on your touchscreen device.
  2. When you are done using the active stylus pen, press the top again to turn the device off.
  3. When empty, make sure to attach the charging cable to the active stylus pen.
  4. Plug the charging cable in to the outlet.

9. Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean the active stylus pen with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use detergents and make sure that the active stylus pen does not get wet.

10. Storage

Store the active stylus pen in a clean and dry place. Do not store the device in extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

11. Disposal – Recycle

Contribute to a cleaner living environment! Do not dispose of the active stylus pen with the household waste. For proper recycling, please contact your local authority
or your household waste disposal service for further details on your nearest designated collection point.

12. Service and Warranty]

Douxe provides a 1-year warranty on its products. To get service during the warranty period, the product needs to be returned with a proof of purchase. Product defects must be reported within 1 years from the date of
purchase. This warranty does not cover: damages caused by misuse or incorrect repair; parts subject to wear; defects that the customer was aware of at the time of purchase; damages or defects caused by customer
neglect; damages or defects caused by third parties.

13. Disclaimer

Changes reserved; specifications are subject to change without stating grounds for doing so.



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