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ECG Heating Blanket Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

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ED 8026
ED 14026



Read carefully and save for future use!
Warning: The safety measures and instructions, contained in this manual, do not include all conditions and situations possible. The user must understand that common sense,  caution and care are factors that cannot be integrated into any product. Therefore, these factors shall be ensured by the user/s using and operating this appliance. We are not liable for damages caused during shipping, by incorrect use, voltage fluctuation or the modification or adjustment of any part of the appliance.
To protect against a risk of fire or electric shock, basic precautions shall be taken while using electrical appliances, including the following:

  1.  Make sure the voltage in your outlet corresponds to the voltage provided on the appliance label and that the socket is properly grounded. The outlet must be installed in accordance with applicable electrical codes according to EN.
  2. Do not allow the power cord to touch hot surfaces or run the cord over sharp edges. Check the blanket regularly. If the appliance or the power cord are damaged, do not ever use them.. All repairs, including cord replacements, must be carried out at a professional service centre!
  3. Do not use the appliance close to a bathtub, shower or pool! Protect the appliance from direct contact with water or any other liquid to prevent risk of electrical shock.
  4. The appliance is intended for domestic use only! Do not use outdoors or in wet environments or touch the power cord or the appliance with wet hands. There is a risk of electric shock.
  5. In case of unusual odor or smoke, unplug the appliance immediately and contact a service center.
  6. Use the appliance only according to the instructions in this manual.
    The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by the improper use of this appliance.
  7. Never use the appliance if your arms or legs are wet.
  8. Do not expose the appliance to excessive moisture, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. It is not possible to iron the blanket. Protect the insulation of the heating wires from damage. Do not place the appliance near heaters, open flames or other sources of heat.
  9. Do not use with other heat sources such as foot warmers, hot water bottles, etc.
  10. The appliance is not intended for use in hospitals.
  11. Turn off and unplug the appliance before cleaning or when not in use.
  12. When disconnecting it from power, grasp the power cord by the plug. Never pull on the cable itself.
  13. Never leave the appliance unattended when it is on.
  14. Let the appliance cool down completely before putting it in storage.
  15. Use extra caution when using the appliance near children. Always place the appliance out of their reach. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product.
  16. Do not place large or heavy objects on the heating blanket, for example luggage, etc.
  17. Make sure the blanket control is not covered by a  blanket, pillow or similar items and is easy to reach.
  18. Do not wrap or fold the blanket while using it. Make sure that the blanket lays freely on the bed. Do not use in any way that could cause overheating.
  19. Do not use the blanket in an adjustable bed. If you use it in an adjustable bed, make sure it is not bent or that its power cord is not snagged or twisted anywhere.
  20. Avoid using pins, tacks and other pointed or sharp objects. Do not try to fasten the blanket using pins or other metal objects.
  21. To avoid burns, do not use for persons unable to move, for persons who are hypersensitive to heat, and for persons unable to react to overheating. Do not use for very small children (0-3 years of age). Children up to 3 years old are not able to react to overheating.
  22. This appliance may be used by children aged 8 years and over and persons with reduced physical or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge, provided they are supervised or instructed in the safe use of the appliance and understand the potential hazards. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance performed by the user should not be done by children unless they are older than 8 years and under supervision. Children under 8 years of age must keep away from the appliance and its power supply.
  23. Children older than 3 years old may not use the appliance, if the control is not set by a parent or guardian, or if the child was not sufficiently instructed how to operate safely the controls of the device.
  24. The product must not be used as a  cushion for pets. There is a  risk of chewing and electric shock possibly resulting in the death of the animal.
  25. This is a bottom blanket, intended to be placed on a bed and possibly covered with a  light bed sheet. The blanket is not intended for placement under the mattress.
    Do not immerse in water!



  • Use only with ED 8026 control unit (blankets ECG ED 8026)
  • Use only with ED 14026 control unit (blankets ECG ED 14026)
  • If the electric blanket is folded, crumpled, or used improperly, it may overheat and activate permanent protection. In this case, the blanket must be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Do not try to repair the blanket on your own.
  • If the mains voltage is lower than the voltage recommended for powering the blanket, the temperature will rise only very slowly and its heating ability will be limited. This is not a  malfunction of the electric blanket. Make sure that the blanket is powered by the recommended voltage.
  • The indicator light and the electrical circuit of the blanket are connected in parallel. The malfunction of the indicator therefore does not affect the ability of the blanket to generate heat.
  • Use only as a heated underpad under the body. Do not use as a blanket, for wrapping or in any other way.

Connect/disconnect controller
To connect the controller simply lift the locking tab with your finger and plug in the connector. To disconnect the controller, first lift the tab with your finger and pull out the controller connector. Do not disconnect the controller by pulling on its cable and do not try to pull the connector by force without lifting the locking tab. This could cause irreversible damage to the connector.

ECG Heating Blanket Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 3


  1. Unfold the blanket on the bed and make sure it is not creased or folded.
  2. You can spread over the blanket only a thin cotton bed sheet. Do not cover it with a blanket or other cloth that could cause the blanket to overheat and reduce heat transfer.
  3. Place the controller so that it could be easily accessible. Make sure it is not hidden under a blanket, pillow or the like. Do not leave the controller near other heat sources to prevent its overheating and damage.
  4. Make sure the cord is positioned so that no one trips over it.

Setting basic temperature:

  1. Connect the power cord of the blanket in the electric outlet 220~240 V, 50/60 Hz. Move the switch on the controller in the position [2]. The light comes on and the electric blanket starts to warm up. The heating lasts about 30-60 minutes. You can then move the switch as needed in the position [1] for comfortable warmth when falling asleep or in the position [0] for complete shut-off of the heating (the control light goes off ). If you want to use the blanket continually the whole night, move the controller in the position [1].
  2. Dual control: In the double bed version, two people can operate the blanket independently according to their needs without affecting the settings.
  3. If you will no longer use the blanket, turn it off to the “0” position and unplug it.


So that you use the heating blanket always safely, pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Check regularly that the blanket is not crumpled or wrinkled.
  • Prior to each use check the blanket for signs of wear or damage. Check the condition of the power cord and plugs, controller and blanket itself. If you are unsure whether the condition of the appliance allows its safe use, contact an authorized service center.
  • The heating conductor in the electric blanket should be evenly distributed, without crossing and layering. Check by passing a hand over the blanket.
  • Do not allow children to jump on the bed with the spread electric blanket. If this has already happened, check the blanket for damage.
  • In case of accident or damage (fire, burning by a  cigarette, unusual sounds or smells) disconnect the blanket from the power supply immediately.

Turn the control switch to the “0” position and disconnect it from the power supply before each cleaning. Let it cool down and disconnect the controller. Never immerse the controller or the power cord in water. Be careful not to get them wet during cleaning.
To clean the blanket, place it on a flat surface and wipe it with a soft, damp cloth with a mild detergent.
Do not use industrial solvents such as benzene, kerosene or similar solvents for cleaning.
The blanket can also be machine washed. However, this will reduce its life. Always disconnect the controller before washing. We recommended to place it in a textile washing bag before washing. Use a small amount of detergent and set the program to gentle washing with a maximum temperature of up to 40 °C.
Then allow the blanket to dry freely. Throw it over the clothes dryer or clotheslines. Do not use clothes pegs, do not dry it in the sun.
Do not use hair dryers, etc. for drying, you could damage the blanket. Do not try to speed up the drying by plugging the blanket into the mains!
Do not clean the blanket chemically, do not bleach it, dry in the laundry dryer or iron it.

NOTICE: Before using it again or storing it make sure that the blanket is completely dry.
Store the unused electric blanket in a dry place, packed in the packaging in which you purchased it. Let the blanket cool down thoroughly before storing it. To prevent damage,  do not place heavy objects on the folded blanket.

Do not add chemicals against moths to the blanket.
Store it in a dry place.


ED 14026:
Number of controllers: 2 (mutually independent)
Size (length × width): 160 × 140 cm
Nominal voltage: 230 V~ 50 Hz
Nominal input power: 2× 60 W
ED 8026:
Number of controllers: 1
Size (length × width): 150 × 80 cm
Nominal voltage: 230 V~ 50 Hz
Nominal input power: 60 W

The following situations void the warranty: Incorrect or inappropriate handling, failure to observe safety measures concerning the product, the use of force, modification or repair by any party other than the authorized service center.
Components subject to normal wear and tear are not covered under the warranty.
Wrapping paper and corrugated paperboard – deliver to the scrapyard. Packing foil, PE bags, plastic elements – throw into plastic recycling containers.

DISPOSAL OF PRODUCTS AT THE END OF LIFETIMEECG Heating Blanket Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 4
Disposal of electric and electronic equipment (valid in EU member countries and other European countries with an implemented recycling system)
The represented symbol on the product or package means the product shall not be treated as domestic waste.
Hand over the product to the specified location for recycling electric and electronic equipment. Prevent negative impacts on human health and the environment by properly recycling your product. Recycling contributes to preserving natural resources. For more information on the recycling of this product, refer to your local authority,ECG Heating Blanket Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5 domestic waste processing organization or store, where you purchased the product. This product complies with EU directives on electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety. The operating instructions are available at Changes of text and technical parameters reserved.



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