Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 1GE-PP 18 RB Li
Original operating instructions
Cordless submersible pressure/ rainwater barrel pump

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 2Art.-Nr.: 41.704.29
I.-Nr.: 21021

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Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 4

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 6

Danger! – Read the operating instructions to reduce the risk of inquiry

This equipment can be used by children of 8 years and older and by people with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities or those with no experience and knowledge if they are supervised or have received instruction in how to use the equipment safely and understand the dangers which result from such use. Children are not allowed to play with the equipment. Unless supervised, children are not allowed to clean the equipment and carry out user-level maintenance work.

When using the equipment, a few safety precautions must be observed to avoid injuries and damage. Please read the complete operating instructions and safety regulations with due care. Keep this manual in a safe place, so that the information is available at all times. If you give the equipment to any other person, hand over these operating instructions and safety regulations as well. We cannot accept any liability for damage or accidents which arise due to a failure to follow these instructions and the safety instructions.

Safety regulations

Danger! Read all safety regulations and instructions. Any errors made in following the safety regulations and instructions may result in an electric shock, fi re, and/or serious injury. Keep all safety regulations and instructions in a safe place for future use.
The equipment is not designed for use in swimming pools and paddling pools of any kind or other bodies of water in which people or animals may be present during operation. It is prohibited to operate the equipment if a person or animal is in a dangerous area. Ask your electrician!


  • Before you put the equipment into operation, arrange for a specialist to check that the earthing, protective multiple earthing or residual-current operated circuit-breaker circuit complies with the safety regulations of the power supply company and work correctly.
  • The electrical plug-in connections must be protected from wet conditions.
  • If there is a risk of flooding, place the plug-in connections in an area that is safe from flooding.
  • Strictly avoid pumping aggressive liquids and abrasive substances.
  • Protect the equipment from frost.
  • Protect the equipment from dry running.
  • Take suitable measures to keep the equipment out of the reach of children.

General safety information for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries: For the special safety information on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries please refer to the booklet included in the delivery.

Explanation of the symbols used (see Fig. 11)

  1. Dispose of batteries correctly
  2. For use in dry rooms only
  3. Safety class II
  4. Store the batteries only in dry rooms with an ambient temperature of +10°C to +40°C. Place only charged batteries in storage (charged at least 40%).
  5. “Hazard – Read the operating instructions to reduce the risk of injury”
  6. Do not immerse the battery box in the water!
  7. Only wind up the power cable loosely during operation.

Layout and items supplied

2.1 Layout (Figs. 1 and 2)

  1. Pump
  2. Hose connection
  3. Suspension eye
  4. Power cable
  5. Intake cage
  6. Battery box
  7. On/Off switch
  8. Battery cover
  9. Locking hook
  10. Fastening hook
  11. Extension tube (long)
  12. Extension tube (short)
  13. Telescopic tube with an attachment hook
  14. Swiveling connection with stopcock

2.2 Items supplied
Please check that the article is complete as specifi ed in the scope of delivery. If parts are missing, please contact our service center or the sales outlet where you made your purchase at the latest within 5 working days after purchasing the product and upon presentation of a valid bill of purchase. Also, refer to the warranty table in the service information at the end of the operating instructions.

  • Open the packaging and take out the equipment with care.
  • Remove the packaging material and any packaging and/or transportation braces (if available).
  • Check to see if all items are supplied.
  • Inspect the equipment and accessories for transport damage.
  • If possible, please keep the packaging until the end of the guarantee period.

The equipment and packaging material are not toys. Do not let children play with plastic bags, foils, or small parts. There is a danger of swallowing or suff locating!

  • Cordless submersible pressure/rainwater barrel pump with battery box
  • Fastening hook
  • Set of tubes
  • Original operating instructions

Proper use

The equipment you have purchased is designed to pump water with a maximum temperature of 35 °C. This equipment must never be used for other liquids, especially not for engine fuels, cleaning agents, and other chemically-based products!
The equipment can be used wherever you want to move water, e.g. in the house, in the garden, and for many other applications. It must not be used to operate swimming pools! If you want to use the equipment in bodies of water with a natural, muddy bottom, place the equipment in a slightly elevated position, e.g. on bricks.
The equipment is not designed for continuous operation, e.g. as a circulating pump in a pond. In this case, the equipment’s anticipated life will be greatly shortened because the equipment was not designed for continuous loading.
The equipment is to be used only for its prescribed purpose. Any other use is deemed to be a case of misuse. The user/operator and not the manufacturer will be liable for any damage or injuries of any kind caused as a result of this.
Please note that our equipment has not been designed for use in commercial, trade, or industrial applications. Our warranty will be voided if the machine is used in commercial, trade or industrial businesses or for equivalent purposes. The water may be contaminated by escaping lubricating oil/lubricant.

Technical data

Voltage …………………..18 V d.c.
Max. pumping rate ……………..3,000 l/h
Delivery head maximum ………………. 20 m
Max. delivery pressure…………. 0.20 MPa (2.0 bar)
Max. immersion depth …………. 4 m
Water temperature maximum …………… 35°C
Hose connection ……..approx. 33.3 mm (1“) male
Max. size of foreign bodies: ………….. Clean water
Suction height ………….min. approx. 15 mm
Minimum water level when starting up ….. 50 mm
Type of protection of pump: ……………IPX8
Type of protection of battery box: ……..IPX4

Using the pump with the set of tubes
Max. pumping rate …………….1,800 l/h
Delivery head maximum …. 20 m
Max. delivery pressure ……..0.20 MPa (2.0 bar)

The equipment is supplied without batteries and without a charger and is allowed to be used only with the lithium-ion batteries of the Power XChange series!
The lithium-ion batteries of the Power X-Change series are allowed to be charged only with the Power X charger.

Before starting the equipment

The equipment is supplied without batteries and without a charger.

Before you connect the equipment to the mains supply make sure that the data on the rating plate are identical to the mains data.

5.1 Installation
The equipment can be installed either:

  • Stationary with a rigid pipeline or
  • Stationary with a flexible hose line

The maximum pumping rate is possible only with the largest possible line diameter; if smaller hoses or pipes are connected, the pumping rate will be reduced.
Water might escape from the vent opening during operation.
Please note!
When installing, never hang the equipment by the discharge line or by the power cable. The equipment must be hung up by the provided carry handle or suspension eyelet, or it must rest on the bottom of the shaft. To ensure that the equipment works properly, the bottom of the shaft always must be free of sludge and other accumulations of dirt. If the water level is too low, the sludge in the shaft can quickly dry out and hinder the equipment from starting. It is necessary therefore to check the equipment regularly (carry out trial start-ups). The pump shaft should be large enough.
5.2 Fitting the battery box (Fig. 3)
Important! Do not immerse the battery box in the water! The battery box can be fi tested in various diff erent ways:

  • Wall mounting: There are two mounting holes at the back of the battery box (10 cm apart). Screw two screws securely into the wall and attach the battery box to them.
  • Container mounting: Fasten the fastening hook to the mounting holes provided for the purpose at the back of the battery box. You can then attach the battery box to the outside of a container.
  • The battery box does not have to be permanently fastened. You can also set it down outside the water. You can wind the power cable up on the integrated cable rewind of the battery box (Fig. 5). –

Caution! – Only wind up the power cable loosely during operation.
5.3 Using the pump in the rain barrel (Fig. 4)
Fit the supplied pipe set as described and make sure that the seals between the individual components are correctly seated:

  1. Connect the telescopic pipe (13) to the short extension pipe (12).
  2. Screw the complete telescopic pipe to the longer extension pipe (11) and to the swiveling connection (14).

Proceed as follows to use the pump in the rain barrel:

  • Connect the pipe set to the pump.
  • Use the attachment hook (Fig. 4 / Item B) to hang the pump in the rain barrel. To vary the height, undo the clamp lever of the telescopic pipe (Fig. 4 / Item A) and tighten it again when the desired position is reached. You should set the length of the telescopic pipe such that the pump does not touch the bottom. This will keep dirt away from the pump.
  • The height of the attachment hook can be adjusted to between 48 and 92 mm depending on whether the extension pipe is used or not.
  • If necessary, use a hose to extend the telescopic pipe.
  • To withdraw water, open the stopcock (Fig. 4 / Item C).

5.4 Fitting the battery (Fig. 6)
pen the battery cover. To do so, open the locking hook on the battery cover and swing up the cover. Press the side pushlock button of the battery pack as shown in Fig. 6 and push the battery pack into the mount provided. Make sure that the push-lock button engages properly. To remove the battery pack, proceed in reverse order. Close the battery cover by swinging the cover down and closing the locking hook.
5.5 Charging the battery (Figure 7)

  1. Take the battery pack out of the equipment. Do this by pressing the push lock button.
  2. Check that your mains voltage is the same as that marked on the rating plate of the battery charger. Insert the power plug of the charger (16) into the socket outlet. The reen LED will then begin to flash.
  3. Insert the battery pack (15) into the battery charger (16).
  4. In the section entitled „Charger indicator, “ you will find a table with an explanation of the LED indicator on the charger. The battery pack can become a little warm during the charging. This is normal.

If the battery pack fails to charge, check:

  • whether there is the voltage at the socket-outlet
  • whether there is good contact at the charging contacts If the battery pack still fails to charge, send
  • the charging unit
  • and the battery pack to our customer service center.

To ensure that items are properly packaged and delivered when you send them to us, please contact our customer service or the point of sale at which the equipment was purchased.

When shipping or disposing of batteries and cordless tools, always ensure that they are packed individually in plastic bags to prevent short circuits and fi res.
To ensure that the battery pack provides a long service, you should take care to recharge it promptly you must recharge the battery pack when you notice that the performance of the device drops. Never allow the battery pack to become fully discharged. This will cause it to develop a defect. 5.6 Battery capacity indicator (Fig. 8) Press the button for the battery capacity indicator (Item A). The battery capacity indicator (Item B) shows the charge status of the battery using 3 LEDs. All 3 LEDs are lit: The battery is fully charged. 2 or 1 LED(s) are lit: The battery has an adequate remaining charge. 1 LED fl ashes: The battery is empty, recharge the battery. All LEDs blink:
The battery temperature is too low. Remove the battery from the equipment, keep it at room temperature for one day. If the fault reoccurs, this means that the rechargeable battery has undergone exhaustive discharge and is defective. Remove the battery from the equipment. Never use or charge a defective battery.


You can put the equipment into operation after you have thoroughly read the installation and operating instructions. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure that the equipment is set up securely.
  • Check that the discharge line is fitted correctly.
  • Lower the pump into the well or shaft using a securing cable or hang it inside the rainwater barrel.
  • The device starts automatically after you have pressed the On/Off switch (7).
  • Make sure that the equipment does not run dry.
  • To switch off the device, please press the ON/ Off switch (7) again. 7. Cleaning, maintenance, and ordering of spare parts Danger!
  • Always pull out the battery pack before starting any cleaning work.
  • For mobile applications, the equipment should be cleaned with clear water after every usage.
  • Use a water jet to remove any lint or fibrous particles that may have become trapped in the housing.
  • Remove sludge from the shaft bottom and clean the shaft walls every 3 months.

7.1 Cleaning the fi lter (Figs. 9 and 10)
In order to protect the equipment and the impeller from severe soiling, an additional fi lter has been installed in the bottom intake cage. Please proceed as follows when cleaning the filter:

  1. Open the filter cover (A) in the intake cage (5).
  2. Remove the filter (B) and wash it out under running water.
  3. Assemble in reverse order.

7.2 Maintenance
There are no parts inside the equipment which require additional maintenance.
7.3 Ordering replacement parts:
Please quote the following data when ordering replacement parts:

  • Type of machine
  • Article number of the machine
  • Identification number of the machine
  • Replacement part number of the part required For our latest prices and information please go to www.Einhell-Service.com

Disposal and recycling

The equipment is supplied in packaging to prevent it from being damaged in transit. The raw materials in this packaging can be reused or recycled. The equipment and its accessories are made of various types of material, such as metal and plastic. Never place defective equipment in your household refuse. The equipment should be taken to a suitable collection center for proper disposal. If you do not know the whereabouts of such a collection point, you should ask your local council offices.


Store the equipment and accessories in a dark and dry place at above freezing temperature. The ideal storage temperature is between 5 and 30 °C. Store the electric tool in its original packaging.

Charger indicator

Indicator status Explanations and actions
Red LED Green LED
Off Flashing Ready for use
The charger is connected to the mains and is ready for use; there is no battery pack in the charger
On Off Charging
The charger is charging the battery pack in quick charge mode. The charging times are shown directly on the charger.
Important! The actual charging times may vary slightly from the stated
charging times depending on the existing battery charge.
Off On The battery is charged and ready for use.
The unit then changes over to gentle charging mode until the battery is fully charged.
To do this, leave the rechargeable battery on the charger for approx. 15 minutes longer.
Take the battery pack out of the charger. Disconnect the charger from the main supply.
Flashing Off Adapted charging
The charger is in gentle charging mode.
For safety reasons the charging is performed less quickly and takes more time. The reasons can be:
– The rechargeable battery has not been used for a very long time.
– The battery temperature is outside the ideal range.
Wait for the charging to be completed; you can still continue to charge the battery pack.
Flashing Flashing Fault
Charging is no longer possible. The battery pack is defective.
Never charge a defective battery pack. Take the battery pack out of the charger.
On On Temperature fault
The battery pack is too hot (e.g. due to direct sunshine) or too cold (below 0° C).
Remove the battery pack and keep it at room temperature (approx. 20° C) for one day.

Troubleshooting guide

Faults Cause Remedy
The equipment does not start Battery is not correctly inserted Remove battery and insert again
The equipment does not pump –    Intake sieve clogged
–    Discharge hose kinked
–    Clean intake sieve with water jet
–    Unkink the hose
Insufficient pumping rate –    Intake sieve clogged
–    Performance reduced due to heavi- ly contaminated and abrasive water impurities
–    Battery performance decreasing
–    Clean intake sieve
–    Clean equipment and replace wear parts
–    Check the battery performance and charge the battery if necessary
The equipment swit- ches off after briefly running –    Motor circuit-breaker switches the equipment off due to excessive wa- ter contamination
–    Water temperature too high; motor circuit-breaker switches the equip- ment off
–    Unplug power plug and clean equipment and shaft
–    Ensure that maximum permissible water temperature (35 °C) is not exceeded

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 7For EU countries only
Never place any electric power tools in your household refuse.
To comply with European Directive 2012/19/EC concerning old electric and electronic equipment and its implementation in national laws, old electric power tools have to be separated from other waste and disposed of in an environment-friendly fashion, e.g. by taking to a recycling depot.
Recycling alternative to the return request: As an alternative to returning the equipment to the manufacturer, the owner of the electrical equipment must make sure that the equipment is properly disposed of if he no longer wants to keep the equipment. The old equipment can be returned to a suitable collection point that will dispose of the equipment in accordance with the national recycling and waste disposal regulations. This does not apply to any accessories or aids without electrical components supplied with the old equipment.
The reprinting or reproduction by any other means, in whole or in part, of documentation and papers accompanying products is permitted only with the express consent of the Einhell Germany AG.
Subject to technical changes

Service information

We have competent service partners in all countries named on the guarantee certifi cate whose contact details can also be found on the guarantee certifi cate. These partners will help you with all service requests such as repairs, spare and wearing part orders or the purchase of consumables.
Please note that the following parts of this product are subject to normal or natural wear and that the following parts are therefore also required for use as consumables.

Category Example
Wear parts* Impeller, rechargeable battery
Missing parts

* Not necessarily included in the scope of delivery!
In the eff ect of defects or faults, please register the problem on the internet at www.Einhell-Service.com. Please ensure that you provide a precise description of the problem and answer the following questions in all cases:

  • Did the equipment work at all or was it defective from the beginning?
  • Did you notice anything (symptom or defect) prior to the failure?
  • What malfunction does the equipment have in your opinion (main symptom)?
    Describe this malfunction.

Warranty certifi cate
Dear Customer, All of our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that your device develops a fault, please contact our service department at the address shown on this guarantee card. You can also contact us by telephone using the service number shown. Please note the following terms under which guarantee claims can be made:

  1. These guarantee terms apply to consumers only, i.e. natural persons intending to use this product neither for their commercial activities nor for any other self-employed activities. These warranty terms regulate additional warranty services, which the manufacturer mentioned below promises to buyers of its new products in addition to their statutory rights of guarantee. Your statutory guarantee claims are not aff ected by this guarantee. Our guarantee is free of charge to you.
  2. The warranty services cover only defects due to material or manufacturing faults on a product which you have bought from the manufacturer mentioned below and are limited to either the rectifi cation of said defects on the product or the replacement of the product, whichever we prefer. Please note that our devices are not designed for use in commercial, trade or professional applications. A guarantee contract will not be created if the device has been used by commercial, trade or industrial business or has been exposed to similar stresses during the guarantee period.
  3. The following are not covered by our guarantee: – Damage to the device caused by a failure to follow the assembly instructions or due to incorrect installation, a failure to follow the operating instructions (for example connecting it to an incorrect mains voltage or current type) or a failure to follow the maintenance and safety instructions or by exposing the device to abnormal environmental conditions or by lack of care and maintenance. – Damage to the device caused by abuse or incorrect use (for example overloading the device or the use or unapproved tools or accessories), ingress of foreign bodies into the device (such as sand, stones or dust, transport damage), the use of force or damage caused by external forces (for example by dropping it). – Damage to the device or parts of the device caused by normal or natural wear or tear or by normal use of the device.
  4. The guarantee is valid for a period of 24 months starting from the purchase date of the device. Guarantee claims should be submitted before the end of the guarantee period within two weeks of the defect being noticed. No guarantee claims will be accepted after the end of the guarantee period. The original guarantee period remains applicable to the device even if repairs are carried out or parts are replaced. In such cases, the work performed or parts fi tted will not result in an extension of the guarantee period, and no new guarantee will become active for the work performed or parts fi tted. This also applies if an on-site service is used.
  5. To make a claim under the guarantee, please register the defective device at: www.Einhell-Service.com. Please keep your bill of purchase or other proof of purchase for the new device. Devices that are returned without proof of purchase or without a rating plate shall not be covered by the guarantee, because appropriate identifi cation will not be possible. If the defect is covered by our guarantee, then the item in question will either be repaired immediately and returned to you or we will send you a new replacement.

Of course, we are also happy off er a chargeable repair service for any defects which are not covered by the scope of this guarantee or for units which are no longer covered. To take advantage of this service, please send the device to our service address.
Also refer to the restrictions of this warranty concerning wear parts, consumables and missing parts as set out in the service information in these operating instructions.

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 8Declaration of conformity: We declare conformity in accordance with the EU directive and standards for article

Akku-Tauchdruck/Regenfasspumpe GE-PP 18 RB Li (Einhell)

X 2014/30/EU
Notifi ed Body:
X 2011/65/EU_(EU)2015/863
X 2006/42/EC
Annex IV
Notifi ed Body:
Reg. No.:
Annex V
Annex VI
measured LWA
= dB (A); guaranteed LWA
= dB (A)
P = kW; L/Ø = cm
Notifi ed Body:
Emission No.:

Standard references: EN 60335-1; EN 60335-2-41; EN 62233; EN 55014-1; EN 55014-2
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Landau/Isar, den 13.08.2021 Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 9

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I.-No.: 21021
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Archive-File/Record: NAPR026377
Documents registrar: Daniel Laubmeier
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Cordless submersible pressure/rainwater barrel pump

Einhell GE-PP 18 RB Li Cordless Clear Water Pump Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 10Declaration of conformity

We, Einhell UK Ltd
Champions Business Park, First Floor Unit 10, Arrowe Brook Rd, Upton, Wirral CH49 0AB, United Kingdom declare the conformity to UK standards and legislation was assessed for:

Cordless submersible pressure / rainwater barrel pump GE-PP 18 RB Li (Einhell)

UK legislation
Simple Pressure Vessels (Safety) Regulation X Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation
Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation Measuring Instruments Regulation
Radio Equipment Regulation Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulation
Personal Protective Equipment Regulation
The Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information Regulation
X The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation
Noise Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulation
measured LWA
= dB (A); guaranteed LWA
= dB (A)
X Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulation
Annex IV
UK Approved Body:
UKTE Certifi cate No.:

Standards: BS 60335-1; BS 60335-2-41; BS 55014-1; BS 55014-2; BS 62233

Wirral, 2021.13.08

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Tom Chambers, Managing Director Einhell UK Ltd.

Article Number: 41.704.29 I.-No.: 21021
Subject to change without notice

Archive-File/Record: NAPR026377
Documents registrar: Daniel Laubmeier
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