EUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual

EUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual & troubleshooting

EUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

EUROmair -90034 -Electric -CompressorEUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual  & troubleshooting 2


This manual is a key part for the use of your machine. It summarizes the procedures of starting-up, cleaning and maintenance of the device and also the safety instructions you need to observe. Read carefully all the working and safety instructions and the warnings included in this manual before starting your machine. Most of the accidents are caused by the non-compliance of the safety standards and rules. This manual must be kept near the machine, within reach of the user and held in good condition until the final destruction of the machine. In case of loss or deterioration of the manual, you can ask the machine manufacturer mentioned on page 4 for a copy at any moment.

This manual is intended to any staff which will manipulate the machine :

  • people in charge of the transport of the machine
  • people in charge of the use of the machine
  • people in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of the machine
  • people in charge of the final destruction of the machine



Using the machine in an incorrect way or in non-compliance of the safety instructions indicated in this manual can cause death or serious injuries. Read carefully all the working and safety instructions and the warnings contained in this manual before starting your machine.

  • Respect all the safety standards before running the equipment.
  • Use the equipment only for the applications specified in the manual.
  • Always remain alert when using the equipment.
  • Transport the machine using the handles or the appropriate grips.
  • During the breaks, disconnect electrically the machine.
  • Run the equipment to its nominal voltage.
  • Let at least 50 cm of free space between the equipment and any obstacle so that the air flow is not blocked.
  • Know how to quickly stop the equipment in case of necessity.
  • Never use the equipment while it is running abnormally or it is defective.
  •  Do not direct a water jet or flammable liquid on the machine.
  • Never direct an air jet or product jet on a person or an animal.
  • Do not touch warm surfaces of the equipment.
  • Always wear adequate body protections (glasses, gloves, overall and mask) and pay attention to long hair.
  • Never touch moving parts.
  • Do not insert any object or the hands inside the protection grids to avoid any accident or damage to the machine.
  • For any outside job, only use appropriate extension cords.
  • Maintain the equipment carefully and clean it properly after every use.
  • Disconnect the equipment before any intervention.
  • Avoid absolutely to unscrew any connection while the machine is under pressure.
  • Check the damaged parts.
  • Do not clean the plastic parts with solvant.
  • In case of damage of the electric cable or the plug, do not run the machine and contact a licensed After-Sale Service to put genuine parts instead of the defective ones.
  • In case of needed After-Sale Service, always specify the machine model and its serial number.
  • For any replacement of parts, only use genuine parts.
  • Do not cut or dismantle the protection grids.
  • Do not transport the compressor while it is under pressure or in operation.
  • Do not make any modifications to the machine. In particular, do not drill holes, weld or deliberately deform the compressed air tank.

WARNING (continued)


  • Maintain the workspace clean and clear.
  • Ambient operating temperature must be from 5°C and 35°C.
  • Do not use the equipment in a potentially explosive area.
  • Do not place any potentially inflammable objects in close proximity to the machine.
  • Take away every not qualified person from the working area of the machine, as well as children and animals.
  • In case of installation of the machine on scaffolding or a plan above ground level, attach the machine to avoid any fall while operating.
  • Do not install the equipment on an inclined surface to avoid the risks of unexpected moves or falls.


  • Always use hoses and connections adapted to the used product (genuine parts), do not try to fix it.
  • Do not walk on the hoses, do not bend them.
  • Do not use the hoses to pull the machine.
  • Do not use the hoses for other materials, especially at higher pressures.


  • Keep the equipment in a clean and clear area in which the temperature does not exceed +35°C.
  • After each use of the compressor, drain the tank to empty the water inside.



The electric connection of the machine must be on a 16A – 230V plug with a differential circuit breaker. Before any intervention on the machine, make sure that every energy supply is cut (air and electricity).

All the machines must be connected to the ground when they work to protect the operator from electric shocks. Our machines are all equipped with standardized connection plugs. Electric connection must be made by a qualified technician. It is fobidden to modify or dismantle the machine, especially the electric box. Repairs must be made by an authorized center or our After-sale Service. During any intervention on the machine, make sure that the ground is well reconnected.

During the use of an extension cord, make sure that it is not crushed or damaged and that it contains a ground. Check that the section of the used extension cord is sufficient to support the machine when it is working. A too thin extension cord can cause voltage drops or overheating of the machine. In case of use of a cable reel, it is imperative to unwind it entirely, otherwise, the equipment can be damaged. The section must be proportional to the length of the cord.


At its end-of-life, the machine must not be eliminated with the other household waste. The uncontrolled elimination of waste can harm the environment or human health. Individuals are invited to contact the distributor which sold them the product or to inquire with their city hall to know where and how to get rid of the product so it can be recycled while respecting the environment.
Under the regulation of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE), we undertake to process the used EEEs according to the following provisions: applicable only to products on the market since 08/13/05, under the brands EUROPE PROJECTION or VOLUMAIR, products of other brands sold by our company (upon presentation of the corresponding invoices), products that operate using electrical energy (for example, thermal washers or compressors do not fall into this category).

Treatment modality
WEEE returns collected by our clients/distributors at their own expense to our collection points in Antony (92) or Rousset sur Arc (13). Upon receipt, the products are sorted by our employees and directed to the most appropriate processing channels. For any further information, please contact our hotline +33 4 42 29 08 96 or [email protected]


Very compact single-phased compressors, ideal for small jobs. Equipped with 4 rubber feet, a regulating filter protected with a quick-connect coupling and a pressure switch controlling start-up depending on the air pressure in the tank.

Pasty and paint spray-gun, inflator, stapler, etc.

Do not use the compressor for food or medical applications. In some applications, the addition of an air dryer and/or oil separator may be necessary.


Rotation speed 2850 RPM
Flow-rate of air absorbed 235 L/min (14 m3/h) 284 L/min (17 m3/h)
Quantity of oil (crankcase) 0,35 L
Oil consumption 0,5 g/h
Motor power 1,8 kW 2,2 kW
Electrical supply 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 10 A
Thermal protection yes
Safety valve yes
Tank capacity 2 L
Maximum pressure 10 bar
Air coupling quick-connect express – quick-connect
Dimensions (L x w x h) 58 x 34 x 55 cm
Weight 24 kg
Noise level 92 Lwa

YOUR MACHINE (continued)

IDENTIFICATION OF THE COMPONENTS EUROPRO 25EUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

  • Air filter
  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • Drain screw
  • Female quick coupling
  • Superposed regulating filter
  • ir outlet manometer
  • Tank pressure manometer
  • Power cable
  • Compression head
  • Oil dipstick
  • Pressure switch
  • rain plug

IDENTIFICATION OF THE COMPONENTS EUROPRO 27EUROmair 90034 Electric Compressor User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

  • Air filter
  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • Drain screw
  • Female quick coupling
  • Superposed regulating filter
  • Air outlet manometer
  • Tank pressure manometer
  • Power cable
  • Compression head
  • Oil dipstick
  • Pressure switch
  • Drain plug
  • Drain valve
  • Express coupling



  • The electric connection has to be 230 V – 16 A – 50 or 60 Hz with a 3 x 2,5 mm² cable reel of 40m maximum, completely unreeled.
  • The compressor is equipped with a thermal circuit breaker (B) that stops the motor when it reaches too high a temperature. If the compressor is stopped, wait a few minutes for it to cool down, then reset the circuit breaker by pressing the button (B).

Before each use, check the oil level with the dipstick (J). Fill if necessary with ISO 68INH oil until the MAX level of the dipstick is reached.


  1. Drain the air in the vessel with the drain screw (K) or the drain valve (M) (EUROPRO 27 compressor only).
  2. Connect the compressor electrically.
  3. Close the drain screw or valve.
  4. Pull the red button on the pressure switch (K) upwards to start the compressor.
  5. Fully charge the tank, the pressure on the manometer (G) must reach 10 bar. Once this maximum load has been reached, the compressor stops*.
  6. Adjust the air outlet pressure with the regulator (E). Pull the knob upwards and select the desired pressure using the + and – indicators.
  7.  When the outlet pressure is set, press the knob to return it to the down position and lock the setting.
  8. Connect the equipment (spray gun, spraying machine, stapler, etc…) to the compressor on the quick coupling (D) (or express coupling (N) for the EUROPRO 27 compressor).
  9. Start using your equipment.
    • NB: During operation, the pressure in the tank will drop. The compressor motor will automatically restart when this pressure reaches 8 bar.


  1. Disconnect the equipment connected to the compressor.
  2. Open the drain screw (C) and let the compressor run for about 2 minutes to drain off the condensation that has formed in the tank.
  3. Press the pressure switch red button (K) to turn off the compressor.
  4. Close the drain screw (C).
  5. Disconnect the compressor electrically.


Defects Causes Remedies


•    Compressor’s breaking down.


•   Bad supply.

•   Faulty circuit breaker.

•   Faulty switch.

•   Reset circuit breaker or switch

(replace if necessary).

•   Check   the   power supply,

change the mains plug.

•   Check the extension section.




•   Compressor     doesn’t      gain pressure.



•   Clogged filter.

•   Drain open.

•   Air leakage.

•   Broken valve plate.

•   Replace the filters.

•   Screw back in or replace


•   Check for leaks.

•   Replace the regulating filter.

•   Contact       the After-Sales Service.


•    Engine  rumbles  but  won’t



•   Capacitor burned out.

•   Lack of oil.


•   Replace the capacitor.

•   Check the oil level.


•    Compressor loses pressure.


•   Suction filter clogged.


•   Clean the filter or replace it if

it is damaged.

In case of an unknown defect or a doubt on the good running of the machine, do not try to repair it by yourself or to dismantle it. Contact an authorized After-Sale Service or our hotline : +33 4 42 29 08 96.


Disconnect the machine from the power supply before any intervention.

Air filter blowing
Unscrew the air filter (A) and blow it out with a blower to clean it.

Regulating filter cleaning

  • Unscrew the bowl of the regulating filter one-eighth of a turn and pull it down to detach it.
  • Clean the filter and bowl with a cloth


Replacing air filter
Unscrew the air filter (A) and replace it.

Changing oil
Contact our After-Sales Service: 04 42 29 08 96.

Used oil must not be discharged into the environment or sewers, but to a specialised waste disposal service. If the compressor is used intensively, repeat these operations more frequently.


  • THE MANUFACTURER : EUROPE PROJECTION 228, avenue Olivier Perroy 13790 ROUSSET


  • Type : Single-phase compressor
  • model : EUROPRO 25 / EUROPRO 27


  • Machines 2006/42/CE
  • Low voltage 2014/35/UE
  • CEM 2014/30/UE
  • ROHS 2011/65/UE
  • Noise emissions 2005/88/CE


Each equipment is delivered inspected and tested. We exclude any warranty for visible defects, not notified by the customer within 48 hours. The equipment sold is guaranteed during the manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, as specified on the original proof of purchase, and under the conditions defined by the manufacturer. This warranty covers any equipment against any manufacturing or material defect, under normal conditions of use. Insofar as the customer is presumed to be a professional of the same field of specialty, this warranty covers only thedefect of conception of the equipment rendering it unfit for its use, which could not be detected by a professional buyer. The defects or deteriorations caused by natural wear, external accident or a modification, use, storage or treatment of the equipment not planned by the manufacturer, nor specified by ourselves, are excluded from any warranty.
Are expressly excluded from the warranty the defects resulting from an improper use, the application of abrasive or corrosive products, an inappropriate installation, the negligence, an insufficient maintenance or cleaning, inappropriate conditions of storage, chemical, electronical or electric influences, any change in the normal process of use. The following wearing parts are not covered by the warranty (non-exhaustive list): rotors, stators, driving shafts, connecting rods, seals, cleaning balls, spray guns, lance, nozzle, hose, needle kits, cylinders, piston rods, prime/spray valve assy, seal kits, membranes, suction and delivery valves, carding machine vanes, filters, oils, chains and quick-release clip. The warranty also excludes the equipment on which the serial number was erased or made illegible, on which unauthorized people made attempts of repair, which were totally or partially dismantled.

Our equipment are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor) of 12 months following the purchase date by the final customer, without exceeding 24 months from the date of purchase by the client. The final user can extend this manufacturer’s warranty for a further 12 months by filling in the warranty extension form on our website (under After-Sale Service) within 4 weeks of purchase.
This manufacturer’s warranty and its extension shall automatically cease if the customer does not resell the equipment within 24 months of its purchase. The cases of exclusion of warranty mentioned in articles above are also applicable to our own equipment.

The manufacturer’s warranty shall always be subject to the presentation of the purchase invoice. If the defective equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it shall be repaired or replaced at our discretion free of charge. If the defective equipment is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we shall issue a quote for the repair that we shall submit to the customer for approval. Except as otherwise required by law, this manufacturer’s warranty is exclusive of all other warranties, including the statutory warranty of hidden defects. In case of intervention of our services on a breakdown caused by the customer or an incident excluded in the conditions referred to above, the costs of repair and transport shall be invoiced to the customer. We exclude all liability for indirect damages suffered by the customer, such as, but not limited to, loss of income, turnover, loss of profits, loss of image, of any kind whatever.


In all cases, our liability shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer for non-compliant equipment.
Any legal action of the customer against us relating to the warranty of the equipment shall be barred 1 year after the date of discovery of the defect. The customer shall have to prove the date of this discovery.
Request for Warranty

For any request related to the repair of an equipment covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer shall have to fill the warranty form, available on our website to the following address: For a full dossier, the following documents shall have to be attached:

  • the purchase invoice of the final user
  • pictures of the defective parts of the equipment
  • a description of the breakdown
  • the quote of labor if the customer is certified by EUROMAIR for repairing the equipment

No invoice of labor shall be taken into account without our prior approval.

Analysis of the breakdown by our technical department
A file number shall be given to the customer and an answer shall be provided within 48 working hours after reception, provided that the request for warranty is considered as full. In the event the equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we shall confirm the warranty to the customer and send him a quote (without price) detailing the parts to be changed and any comments.

Return of replacement parts

Replacement parts must be ordered with a warranty agreement number and will be made available to the customer at our factory. The conditions of return of the equipment are detailed in our Delivery terms. In the case of a warranty claim on an on-board component such as a Kohler, Honda or Vanguard engine in a machine manufactured by us, only the manufacturer of the component is able to validate the warranty coverage. In this case, the request must be addressed directly to the manufacturer of the component or to its nearest authorised representative. The Euromair, Euromair MPC or Mixer service centres may be considered as the manufacturer’s representatives if they are the closest. As this principle also applies to batteries, our supplier Parts Holding Europe, or one of its sister companies, remains your contact for your requests (


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