EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual & troubleshooting

 EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 1

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 2


  • DIMENSIONS: ‎94 X 1.06 X 0.39 inches
  • WEIGHT: 2.22 ounces


The Evistr L157 is a digital voice recorder that comes with a new digital design and a noise cancellation microphone. It has the ability to produce crystal clear audio by 1536kbps. The voice recorder device can set the quality of the recording to MP3(128kbps/64kbps)/WAV (1536kpbs). It comes with a micro-USB cable which can be used to transfer the recordings from your recorder to the computer. The device is simple to hold in the palm and is a very lightweight recorder. It has a memory of 16 GB.

Ensure Product Warranty

Confirm the Package, ensure to get the original and authentic new device from EVISTR The original package comes with film wrapped, and has bar code information

Package List

  • 1 x L157 Device
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x USB Cable (for data transfer and charging)
  • 1 x VIP Card

We highly recommend registering from our BRAND site, to get an extended warranty (18month), verify the product authentication and better customer service. Register VIP: http://www.evistr.com/vip OR directly email [email protected] to register VIP, and get 18Months Warranty

Product Warranty

1 year warranty

Product Sketch

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 3


From the product sketch, we could simply know how to operating of the buttons.

Built-in MIC: it captures the voice, and recording (do not click the product body when it is recording)

Earphones: plug earphones, headphones to hear the playback

USB: for charging or downloading recordings to a computer

POWER Button: switch on / off the device power (we recommend you keep the power button at the ON position)

PLAY/PAUSE: turn on / off the device (when the power button at the ON position)

REC: this button for recording

STOP: save the recording, stop playback or switch to the music folder, it play as RETURN in menu options M: press this button go to menu options

Speaker: the device’s built-in speaker, we could directly hear the playback without earphones

UP/DOWN: for selection; Hold it down, for fast forward / rewind

VOL+ / VOL-: for adjusting the speaker volume. When setting date and time, these buttons could use to move to next

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 4

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Quick Start Guide

Turn ON the device: keep the power button at the ON position, press down PLAY button 2 seconds, turn on the device

Recording: press the REC button starts to record

Save Recording: press the STOP button to save the recording

Delete A Recording

  • go to menu option -> Delete File -> Delete (it will delete single recording)
  • go to menu option -> Delete File -> Delete All (it will delete all recordings)

Play A Recording: press the PLAY button, it will play Play Next / Previous Recording: press the UP/ DOWN button

Fast Forward / Rewind: press down the UP / DOWN button, and hold it, do not release

Quick Menu Option Guide

Change Record Format / Quality: go to menu option -> record setting -> recording quality -> (1536kpbs WAV format, 128kpbs / 64kpbs MP3 format)

Voice Activated Mode: go to menu option -> record setting -> AVR mode -> ON

Voice Activated Level: go to menu option -> record setting -> voice activated sensitivity -> select from (level 1 to level 5)

Date and Time: go to menu option -> system setting -> date and time -> set time -> use FF/REW and VOL+ to change time, and press M button to confirm go to menu option -> system setting -> date and time -> set date -> use FF/REW and VOL+ to change date, and press M button to confirm

Important Notice Before Using the Device


  • When the first item got the device, push the left side power button to ON position, and in future, we recommend we turn on / off the device by press down the PLAY button
  • Listen to the test file on the device firstly
  • Backup data frequently as we could
  • Charging the device via its USB cable to the computer or wall charger (charger input less than 5V 1A)
  • When the battery low (battery bar is hollow), save recordings and recharge it immediately
  • Device support charging and recording at the same
  • Remember to hit STOP, save recording every time
  • The device won’t make any noise during recording, except Record LED light flash (this function could close)
  • Keep this booklet in the package safely for future reference
  • Any issues, just directly contact us [email protected]
  • Contact customer service with ORDER ID or System Firmware Version Information, Bar Code on the package, so we will get more effectively reply
  • Register VIP service, get gifts, extend warranty to 18months within 30days, effectively customer service


  • Do not cut off the device’s power when it is saving recordings
  • Do not scratch the machine body, and typing, writing near the microphone, it will capture this noise clearly
  • Do not format the device unless the file had backup
  • Do not cut off its power during formatting device
  • Do not delete file unless the file had backup
  • Do not press any buttons when connect to computer
  • Do not use non-original micro-USB cable to transfer data from device to computer, not all kind micro-USB support data transfer function
  • Do not set view playing, unless we need, otherwise it will only play 10s seconds of each file
  • Do not use the Voice Activated Function, unless we need, otherwise it may not record some low decibel voice we need
  • Do not use the Auto Record Function, unless we need, otherwise, it will automatically boot on to record when we don’t want
  • Do not turn on the sleeper time function, unless we need, this will force the device to shut down no matter what we are doing with it.
  • Do not pause the device from long time, the device will automatically shut down when there is no operation, and not playing or recording

Operational Explain

In this instruction, it will say “press” , “hit” or “press down”

Press / Hit: means shortly hitting the button

Press down: means press down the button for seconds till the screen show correctly information, Hint

Basic Operation Guide

  1. Charging the device
    Charging the device via its USB cable, connecting to computer or USB sockets, USB Adapters
  2. Download file to computer
    Use the USB cable connecting to computer, Find the removable disk (L157) on our computer. (Drag & Drop) Copy and paste the recordings from “RECORD” to computer disk. So we could share recordings with friends Copy and paste music file from computer to disk L157 (do not put into folder “RECORD”), so we could play music on the recorder
  3. Turn on the recorder
    When first time using the device, push the ON/OFF power button from OFF to ON position, the device will boot up In next time, we could press down PLAY button to turn ON/OFF the recording device
  4. Recording
    Hit the REC button, it starts to record Hit STOP, it saves recording
  5. Pause Recording
    During recording, press PLAY button, it will pause recording Press PLAY button again to resume recording
  6. Playback Recording
    Once saved a recording, press PLAY button, it will playback what just recorded
  7. Adjust Speaker Volume
    During playback, press VOL+ / VOL- to adjust speaker volume
  8. Fast Forward / Rewind
    During playback, press down (hold it) FF, it will fast forward press down (hold it) REW, it will rewind
  9. Previous / Next
    Hit FF / REW, it will select, move to previous / next recording file ( or music track)
  10. Play Music (use as MP3 Player)
    Transfer music file to recording device, turn on the device Press down (hold it) STOP button, switch to music folder Now we could playback music
  11. Delete Recording
    Turn on the device, it will display recording file
    Press FF/REW to select which file need to delete
    Press M(menu), select “delete file”, and then select “Delete”, select “Yes”, press M(menu) to confirm it and start to deleting
  12. A-B repeat
    When playback, press down M (menu) button, it will flash A on the display, and press down M(menu) button again, it will show A-B on the display. Now, it will playback recordings / music from point A to point B again and again
  13. T-mark
    During recording, press M(menu) button, it will add T-mark to the recording (show T-mark flag on the display). It is the same like we add a bookmark at this point. Each recording file could add 10 T-mark maximum. So, if we playback this recording, we could see the T-mark flag on the display. If we press FF, instead of jump to next recording file, it will jump the next T-mark point

Menu Options

Play Setting

Play mode


  • Repeat off: select and confirm this, it will playback in normal Repeat one: repeat single file again and again
  • Repeat all: repeat all the file in directory from A-Z again and again View Playing: only play 10s seconds of each file


  • Off: turn off
  • On: turn on, it will playback files in random

Sound Settings

We could select off, rock, pop, soft, jazz, Classical, Techno

Folder View

In this option, we could find all files on the recording device

Record Settings

Recording quality
1536Kpbs: default choice, lossless PCM quality, recording format at WAV (12 hours at 8GB, 24 hours at 16GB); 128Kpbs, 64Kpbs: record at MP3 format

Record led

  • ON: default, led indicator light is ON
  • OFF: turn off the LED indicator light

Subsection record

  • It will automatically save the recording file at the selected time length and start a new recording.
  • Half Hour: record each file at 30minutes
  • One Hour: record each file at 1 hour
  • Two Hours: record each file at 2 hour
  • CLOSE: turn off the subsection record function

Voice-activated mode
Recording when speaking, if no voice detected, it will not record. So reduce recording file time length, save storage space.

 AVR Mode

  • ON: turn on the voice-activated record function
  • OFF: turn off the voice-activated record function

Voice Activated Sensitive Level
From Level 1 to Level 5, level 1 is mostly dumb choice, that means it will only picks up voice or sound above 70db. While Level 5 is very sensitive, that means, a very quiet sound it will be recorded

Notice: do not turn on this function for important lectures or meetings, in case it skip / lost some very important sentence at too low decibels. Because when AVR mode is ON, it will neglect some talking, and will not capture.

 Record monitor

  • ON: when select ON, put on earphone, and then we could hear what it is recording
  • OFF: turn off this function

 Auto record

  • Record ON/OFF: turn on / off auto record function
  • Start Time: select when the device start to record
  • End Time: select when the device saves recordings, and end recording


  • Once: the auto-record function will only function one time
  • Workday: the auto-record function will work on work day (i.e., from Mon. to Fri.)
  • Daily: the auto-record function will function every day

Exit currently menu options, back to upper-level menu option

System Setting

Sleeper timer
This function will used to turn off the device at setting time compulsory, no matter it was playing or recording. So be careful, in case of losing important recording unexpectedly. We could select from 10 mins to max 120mins

Backlight timer

Set the time for the display how long it will go dark We could select from 10 seconds to max (always on).

Notice: when display always on, it will consume a lot battery power.

Set the display brightness from 00 to 15 (i.e. dark to bright)

 Date and time

Set time
Adjust the device system time.

  • Press FF/REW to adjust hour or minute
  • Press VOL+/VOL- to move to next
  • Press M(menu) to confirm and save setting

Set date

  • Adjust the device year month and day
  • Press FF/REW to adjust year, month or day
  • Press VOL+/VOL- to move to next
  • Press M(menu) to confirm and save the setting

Change the display language, if unfortunately, set wrong language, please kindly contact customer service [email protected] Or correct the language from here, or restore it to factory setting


Player information
It will show the device firmware version, and released date

Disk Space
It will show the free space and total space on the device

Format Device
This will format the disk, and erase all data on the device, so remember to backup the important file before doing this. When select Yes, and press M(menu) confirm, it will start to formatting, and erase all data. Waiting till the device reboot, and let the device complete the process.

Notice: do not cut off its power when formatting device. If, unfortunately, we mistakenly cut off device power, it will show disk error.

How to correct disk error?
Push down its power button from ON to OFF position, connect the device to computer, and then format the disk on computer, so the device will become normal.

 Factory Setting

It will restore to factory default settings, so when we made the settings in chaos, that would be great helpful. When we select Yes, and press M(menu) confirm, it will start to restore to factory setting,

Recording Parameter

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 6

NOTE: The form shows the maximum recording file time could be stored in the device, not the battery time, Device capacity is subject to the entity.

Technical Parameter

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual  & troubleshooting 7


  • No Voice Recordings
    If there is no voice recordings, or we have deleted all recordings on the device, when we turn on, we will see “ no voice recordings” or “no songs” on the screen. Don’t worry, we could just go ahead to press REC or M (menu)
  • How to Turn Off Record Light
    Go to record-setting -> Record led -> select OFF, so when recording, the record light will not light up or flash
  • Format Error
    Format Error, this usually happens from 3 aspects:
    During recording, directly push down the POWER BUTTON to OFF position, that will cause file damage, before switch off voice recorder, we need to press STOP save the recordings first
    The recordings time length is less than 5 seconds, like ZERO second recordings file
    Computer do not support the .wav file. The recordings were saved as .wav format. For WINDOWS 10 or MAC user may encounter with this issue. Don’t worry we could download the free MplayerX / VLC Media Player to solve this issue http://mplayerx.org/ http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    Try to Record at MP3 format, so it will be more widely supported by different computers
  • Disk Error
    Due static shock, like over-current charging, cut off its power when the format device didn’t complete, so it lost system firmware.
  • How to Rescue:
    Keep its power button at OFF position, connect to the windows computer, and format the recorder disk again, things will be normal
    How to connect to a computer
    Use the attached cable connect to computer, or use the android phone cable
    If we failed connect it to computer, we could contact [email protected] get a quickly solution.
    Or we could go to the simple way, just change a new socket or new cable. Because this issue usually happens like we failed connect flash drive to computer, they are the same issues.
  • Failed Connect to Computer
    Before connecting the voice recorder to computer, we should turn off the recorder And when connect to computer, we shouldn’t press any buttons of the voice recorder, it means we shouldn’t do any operation of the voice recorder, Otherwise, it will exit connection mode, and failed connect to computer. At this status, it will only charge the voice recorder For more failed connect to computer issue, please kindly contact us. We will reply to we as soon as possible.
  • Can I delete recordings from computer
    Yes, when the recorder was successfully connected to computer, we should find it as a removable drive name as “L157”, and all recordings was saved in a folder names “RECORD” in the drive. we could delete file or copy file into it, as we used as an ordinary USB Flash Drive.
  • When Connect to computer, the buttons not work
    When connected to computer, it was at the connection mode, the voice recorder screen will show the “CONNECTION ICON”. All buttons will not work at this situation, if we press M and hold it, it will exit connection mode, and will be failed to connect to computer.
  • Cannot find my recordings in the recorder
    This mainly because when we open the voice recorder, it reads the MUSIC folder, we could press down STOP switch back to recordings folder Or we could connect it to computer to check whether there is recordings in the recorder disk.
  • How to turn on voice activated function
    Go to menu options, find record setting, enter it , select Voice Activated Setting, open AVR mode, and press M confirm it. Now press REC, we will see VOR on the screen, it means we have successfully set voice activated recording function
  • How to Use the AVR Mode (Voice Activated Function)
  • When AVR mode is open, the recorder will enter voice activated recording mode. It will only picks up loud enough decibels voice (any sounds). So we could adjust the voice activated sensitivity in record setting, select the best AVR level as we want, and get the best effect of voice activated recording. For L157 voice recorder, the AVR level could be selected from 1 -5; The lower number means need higher decibels voice to activated the recorder, and it need louder voice; At level 5, it is very sensitivity, only a very low decibels or quiet speaking could be picked up. Also, when voice activated function was opened, press REC, it will record 3 seconds, the device run 3 second to check the recorder was corrected entered recording mode. And then it will only pick up loud enough decibels voice / sound.
  • Press REC, it not recording
    First check, the recording light blink or not Second, can we see VOR on the screen If so, it means we have open the voice activated recording function, during this setting, it will only records when high enough decibels sound detected, we could go to record setting, find AVR sensitivity, and adjust it. It helps But we could turn the AVR mode, if we do not want this function Press REC, it shows “OVER RECORD” When press REC, it not records, it show “OVER RECORD”, that means the voice recorder memory is full, or we have too many “FOLDER” or “recordings” in the recorder. Why this happened? Although we may not record too long time. Sometimes mistakenly RECORD, and SAVE again and again, or copy or create too many “FOLDER” in the recorder disk. Maybe there s some files that cannot be read by the recorder, so we cannot find directly from the recorder So we need to format the voice recorder, or connect to computer and have a check, after that format the recorder disk from computer directly
  • Why it is only playing 10 seconds?
    This is because we have entered view playing playback mode, it will playback 10seconds of each file. We could set to repeat all, and fix this issue.
  • Why it playback in random?
    Go to play setting, close the shuffle function
  • How to use the A-B repeat function
    During playback, press down M, we will see A on the screen, and B is blink, it selected the start point Press down M again, select point B Now it will playback between Point A to B
  • The recording is noise
    Don’t record near computers, electric fans, air conditioners, sound bar that will easily cause noise, the recorder will pickup this statics noise All manuals and user guides at all-guides.com
  • The recorder auto shut down when I am recording
    Why this happened? The sleeper time function is ON, when set this, no matter we are operating the device, or recording or playing, it will force to shut down the device. So we could go to System setting – > sleeper time, select OFF and confirm it. we will close the sleep time function. In default, it was at zero. So we could also try to restore to factory setting when this happened, if not sure how to set the sleep time.
  • I Cannot Shut Off My Voice Recorder
    When the recorder is charging, or connected to a computer, even when the POWER BUTTON ON/OFF was at OFF position, it will still be ON, and we cannot shut off the voice recorder at this status (because the voice recorder directly get power from charging socket or computer)
  • How to format the recorder
    Press M (menu), enter menu Select System Setting, press M (menu), enter it Select Format Device, Press M (menu), enter it Enter Format Disk, select Yes Press M (menu), confirm and start to formatting, after formatting completed, all files on the recorder will be deleted, and now we will get 8GB or 16GB storage on voice recorder again. Do not shut off the device during format disk
  • Space is full
    When space is full, we could connect to computer, and copy out recordings, and save it to computer, and then delete all the recordings in voice recorder. (Do not cut off recordings from recorder to computer, this cannot delete file from recorder successfully, and still occupy the disk space) The voice recorder has a limited storage at 8GB or 16GB, so after a while of using, it may be full of storage, we need to back up it on computer We will regular update our E-book, based on our customer feedback. We hope to get more interaction from customers, and let us know more we could do, we could visit more of this information from our website:

[email protected]



Setting up EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder with Playback-Complete Features/Owner’s Manual is easy with these step-by-step instructions. Follow the steps are you are set-up in no time.

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