FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions & troubleshooting

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 1



  • please read the instruction manual carefully before using the spinning bike
  • please assemble strictly in accordance with the instruction.
  • please double-check to ensure that all parts of the package content intact.
  • Only with a rag or cloth to clean the surface of the spinning bike, do not use strong abrasive cleaners.
  • Use mismatched hardware many cause damage to the produce, make sure that all kinds of hardware accessories specifications prior to installation.
  • If any parts are missing, broken, damaged or worn, stop using this product until repairs are made factory replacement parts are installed.


Security Operations Guide

Read the instructions carefully before you use the exercise bike. Ensure that you receive the correct use of information.

  • The Spinning for home fitness equipment, a maximum weight of 200kg.
  • Please strictly follow the prompts to manual operation
  • Choose the appropriate installation tools, you can contact if necessary to install video distribution request.
  • Please carefully check the machine before first use and every 1-2 months after using the machine installed in accordance with the principle of checks; please try to keep the normal use of the machine and use the original parts.
  • If you can not use, please contact your dealer.
  • Avoid contact with machine cleaning agents with corrosive goods.
  • Use the correct installation and inspection.
  • This product is adult fitness equipment, children if used, please adults under guardianship safe to use.
  • Do not use this product to make a dangerous action
  • Please use this product under the guidance of a doctor or health professional, will play a very good effect tired!

WARNING: The wrong training methods and excessive use can damage your health!

  • Please use reasonable customized training programs before, and strictly according to plan the use of this product.
  • This product is adjustable resistance, please select the appropriate training resistance.
  • Please use this product safely, you can use the reference section.
  • Please check carefully before using all the knobs that screw part to ensure your safety.


Parts list

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 2


Installation step instructions

This metal tube belongs to the packaging method, the installation needs to remove this thing before the first step.

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 3

First step: Mounting foot
Front and rear foot resolution (with wheel) feet (without rollers), of good holes, and fixed with screws

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 4


The second step: Installation cushion(1)
First seat adjustment Knob mounted on the top and bottom screw holes, screw 3-5 turns, then lift the seat tube is inserted, pull out the knob to adjust the hole, then tighten

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 5

The third step: Installation cushion(2)
Will move back and forth above the steel pipe installed in the lift tank bottom with screws good

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 6

The fourth step: Installation cushion(3)
The seat is mounted on the front by moving pipe, adjust the angle, and tighten the screws

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 7

The fifth step: Install handrails
First down armrest adjustment knob mounted on the screw holes, screw 3-5 turns, then lift the armrest tube insertion, pull out the knob to adjust the hole, then tighten

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 8

The Sixth Step: Meter installation
The instrument is fixed on the armrest, the two lines will link the two lines on the meter and the armrest on the bicycle on a wire inserted

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 9

The Seventh step: Installation Foot and Complete installation
Distinguish good foot left (L), right (R) will be installed on the pedal crank, fly wheel direction toward tightening, loose the direction towards cushion.

FDW Spinning SPB-1508 Instructions  & troubleshooting 10


Electronic Table Description

First, the control parameters :
(SCAN): Automatically scans show the motion parameters
(TMR): Show that you exercise longer
(SPD): Showing the speed of your current campaign
(DST): Show your current mileage riding
(PULSE): Displays your current heart rate
(CAL): Show your current calorie consumption

Second, use:

  1. the switch
    When pressing any key signal input goods sports equipment, instruments began to work if continuous deactivated four minutes, the meter will automatically shut down.
  2. cleared
    In any state, press and hold the center button for 3 seconds the instrument, the motion data will be cleared.
  3. the pattern
    File function indicator flashes on the display, the instrument enters the automatic scan mode, then click the Select button pressed, the instrument can be locked in a – on motion parameters.
  4. the scan
    When the instrument enters Scan mode, the instrument automatically scans the following order: Time – Speed -Mileage – heart rate – a calorie
  5. the battery
    The fitness bike dashboard using environmentally  friendly batteries No. AA5 section opposite the instrument can replace the battery


Instructions for use

To accommodate your physical condition and make  your health has improved significantly, here is how to  get the help you optimize several aspects of exercise suggestions:

If you have not done for a long time any form of physical exercise, it is recommended that the best doctor or consult professionals before you start exercising.

Exercise intensity
For best results, select the correct intensity is necessary.Cardiac pulsation of the exercise intensity based on your choice, as is well known, the following formula Preferred choices intensity:

Maximum heart rate = 200 – Age
Please keep the heart rate during exercise between 60% -85% of maximum, When a few weeks before the beginning of exercise, your maximum heart rate should be maintained at 60%, continued to improve your flexibility, maximum heart rate will be gradually adjusted to 85%.

Fat consumption
The body begins to burn fat is about 60% of the maximum heart rate, in order to achieve optimal fat burning efficiency, it is recommended to keep the maximum heart rate between 60% to 70%. The best training volume should be more than twice a week, every 30 minutes is appropriate.

For example: Your 40-year-old, this year plans to start exercising
Limit heartbeat :200-40 (age) = 160 I min
Minimum heart rate: maximum heart rate of  160 * 60% * 60% = 96 I min.
Maximum heart rate heartbeat heartbeat * 70% limit of 160 * 70% = 112 I min
In the first week of the recommended heart rate started at 96, after a slow plaster to 112, which can guarantee  that you sustained exercise.

Fitness step
First, warm up
Before each exercise should do warm-up exercises for 5-10 minutes, you can do some stretching exercises and aerobic training.

Second, the motion stage
In exercise of the length of time your actual maximum  heart rate reached a 85% to 70% can be calculated according to the following formula:

Training day: about 10 minutes I unit                                                                                           2-3 times a week: about 30 minutes I unit

Third, relax
Introduction of a muscle to relax in an effective way, in the last 5-10 minutes, the body’s metabolism to be completely relaxed, stretching exercises can help you prevent muscle strain.
Maximum heart rate heartbeat heartbeat * 70% limit of 160 * 70% = 112 I min

Fourth, fitness success
Even after a short period of regular exercise, you will find that you continue to increase your heart rate to match their optimal heart rate during the proper use of your machine will be more adapted to this fitness and health have changed too simple. This goal can inspire you to do more regular exercise. For you to choose a fixed time training, please do not do vigorous exercise in the beginning.

We hope that our products can bring you pleasure, and wish you a fitness success!


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