GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions

GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions & troubleshooting

GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions
GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions  & troubleshooting 1


This high quality white primer, designed and manufactured to give the optimum results for Glo-X Professional Night Paints. It is a fast drying acrylic undercoat suitable for multiple surfaces.
If you don’t have GLO-X Base Coat you can use any good quality white base coat purchased from your local hardware shop.


GLO-X Professional Night Paint provides long lasting safety illumination and is suitable for complete darkness or low light situations such as power black outs.
The luminance effect period is dependent on intensity andthickness of paint layer and full luminance level is best achieved in total darkness.
To recharge the luminosity, use a strong source of light to load the effect of the paint temporarily (natural or mechanical light source eg sunlight) Simply spray the object you wish to illuminate to enable visibility
(it is recommended that you apply over a white base coat using multiple layers of ILLUMINATING NIGHT PAINT lacquer onto a primed surface to achieve best result)

The luminance effect is only visible in total darkness without any light sources. Test luminosity between paint coats until the desired luminance is achieved by viewing the painted item in total darkness.


The surface must be clean & dry, free from dust grease, rust & dirt. Protect adjoining surfaces from overspray. For best results apply to a white surface.

STEP 1 Clean with suitable prep wash, solvent, or detergent based cleaner.
STEP 2 Sand the surface with 400-600 grit sand paper.
STEP 3 Wipe and clean the surface area.
STEP 4 Prime the surface with an acrylic based white primer. (for the optimum result use the Glo-X Base Coat primer)
STEP 5 Sand primer with 400-600 grit paper.
STEP 6 Wipe and clean the surface area.
STEP 7 VERY IMPORTANT – Shake the glow can for at least 3 minutes until you hear the mixing ball rattling freely. All the good stuff is at the base of the can so it’s critical to follow this step. When spraying it comes out clear and only goes green or aqua when in total darkness.
STEP 8 Spray in thin light coats, cover the surface in several even passes, allow to dry (time to dry will be affected by temperature. humidity and sub-surface)
STEP 9 Apply further coats in the same fashion as step 8 until you reach the desired amount of glow. We recommend 3-4 light coats.
STEP 10 When dry a clear coat of acrylic or 2-pac paint may by applied.

Re-coating: Any time after 20 minutes. Coverage: Up to 2m2 per can, depending on surface and colour used. Drying: Touch dry in less than 20 minutes under normal conditions.
After spraying: Prevent blocking by turning the can upside down and spraying until clear gas emerges. Also wipe the nozzle clean. Clean


  • Skateboards
  • Bikes
  • Helmets
  • Motorbikes
  • Fishing lures & sinkers
  • Hard safety marking
  • Night Guidance
  • Post Marking
  • Wheel Rims
  • Outdoor Steps
  • Tent Pegs
  • Caravan Steps

GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions  & troubleshooting 2

You can literally paint anything in GLO-X Paints but the key to making it work is the base colour before applying the glow paint must be white. If base colour is black, red , green , blue or any other colour its essential to use a base coat of white before you apply the glow paint. If you don’t follow that instruction the product will not glow to its optimum level.

GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions  & troubleshooting 3 DO’S

Apply white base coat to all non-white products
Shake the can for at least 3 minutes before painting
Apply at least 3 glow coats
At night place in total darkness for optimum glow

GLO-X Painting Spray Instructions  & troubleshooting 4DON’TS

Don’t paint directly onto a coloured object without applying a white base coat
Don’t place the object in lite up areas at night as it’s is called glow in the dark not glow in ambient lighting.



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