Handbuch User Manual

Handbuch User Manual & troubleshooting


Handbuch User Manual  & troubleshooting 1Dear customer
Congratulations on your purchase. The product is already been assembled for you. We advise maintaining the product.
For maintenance advice, you can Contact your furniture company.

Important information:
Please read the entire manual carefully before starting to assemble and/or using this product. Follow the manual thoroughly and keep it for further reference.

Warning to avoid damage!
To avoid damage, it should be mounted on a soft surface such as a carpet. Also, use an old sheet to avoid stains on the carpet.

Always use an Allen key and/or wrench supplied by us. Do not use a drill!

Make sure that all screws/nuts/bolts are present and follow the steps on the manual.

We recommend that you check the screws after a month and tighten them again. You can contact your furniture company for maintenance tips.


Setting up Handbuch User Manual is easy with these step-by-step instructions. Follow the steps are you are set-up in no time.

Using Handbuch User Manual is simple by using this manual. Follow the instructions one by one and everything will be fine

Is Handbuch User Manual stuck or not working properly? By resetting it you can set it back to the standard settings and everything should be back to normal. This works in many cases when problems arise.

This page contains the complete user instructions & manual for Handbuch User Manual

All symbols, colors and codes for Handbuch User Manual are explained in this instruction manual. You can find everything you need and moree