HENDI 204825 Chafing Dish Electric User Manual

HENDI 204825 Chafing Dish Electric User Manual & troubleshooting

HENDI 204825 Chafing Dish Electric User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

HENDI 204825 Chafing Dish ElectricHENDI 204825 Chafing Dish Electric User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Safety regulations

  •  This appliance is intended for commercial use.
  •  Only use the appliance for the intended purpose it was designed for as described in this manual.
  •  The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by incorrect operation and improper use.
  •  Keep the appliance and electrical plug away from water and other liquids. In the event the appliance falls into water, immediately remove the power plug from the socket. Do not use the appliance until it has been checked by a certified technician. Failure to follow these instructions will cause life-threatening risks.
  •  Never attempt to open the housing of the appliance by yourself.
  •  Do not insert objects into the housing of the appliance.
  •  Do not touch the plug with wet or damp hands.
    DANGER OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! Do not attempt to repair the appliance by yourself, repairs are only to be conducted by qualified personnel.
  •  Never use a damaged appliance! When it’s damaged, disconnect the appliance from the socket and contact the retailer.
  •  WARNING! Do not immerse the electrical parts of the appliance in water or other liquids.
  •  Never hold the appliance under running water.
  •  Regularly check the power plug and cord for any damage. When damaged it must be replaced by a service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid danger or injury.
  •  Make sure the cord does not come in contact with sharp or hot objects and keep it away from open fire. Never pull the power cord to unplug it from the socket, always pull the plug instead.
  •  Make sure that the power cord and/or extension cord do not cause a trip hazard.
  •  Never leave the appliance unattended during use.
  •  WARNING! As long as the plug is in the socket the appliance is connected to the power source.
  •  Turn off the appliance before unplugging it from the socket.
  •  Connect the power plug to an easily accessible electrical socket so that in case of emergency the appliance can be unplugged immediately.
  •  Never carry the appliance by the cord.
  •  Do not use any extra devices that are not supplied together with the appliance.
  •  Only connect the appliance to an electrical outlet with the voltage and frequency mentioned on the appliance label.
  •  Never use accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do so could pose a safety risk to the user and could damage the appliance. Only use original parts and accessories.
  •  This appliance should not be operated by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or persons that have a lack of experience and knowledge.
  •  This appliance should, under any circumstances, not be used by children.
  •  Keep the appliance and its power cord out of reach of children.
  •  WARNING: ALWAYS switch off the appliance and unplug from power socket before cleaning, maintenance or storage.

Special Safety Regulations

  •  CAUTION! Never use the appliance without water.
  •  This chafing dish only intended to be used for keeping food hot.
  •  Do not use this appliance for:
  •  Preparation of foods;
  •  Preparation of warm or hot water;
  •  Heating or cooking of fluids containing sugar, acid, leach or alcohol;
  •  Filling or heating inflammable, noxious, volatilizing or similar fluids or materials.
  • CAUTION! Hot surface. Risk of burns! Some components such as the lid of the appliance become very hot during operation. To avoid injury, do not touch these surfaces with bare hands.
  • Warning! Hot steam may escape when serving food, be very careful when removing the lid.

Intended use 

  •  This appliance is intended for professional use.
  •  This appliance is designed only for keeping food warm. Any other use may lead to damage of the appliance or personal injury.
  • Operating the appliance for any other purpose shall be deemed a misuse of the device. The user shall be solely liable for improper use of the device.

Grounding installation

This appliance is classified as protection class I and must be connected to protective ground. Grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.
This appliance is fitted with a power cord that has a grounding wire and grounded plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.


  •  Caution! Never use the appliance without water.
  •  Do not fill with too much water.
  •  Fill the containers with the desired warm food .
  •  Connect the appliance with a suitable electrical power supply.
  •  Switch ON the appliance by pushing the switch button to the “I” position.
  •  Use the thermostat knob to set the desired temperature. (Range of temperatures to 85 °C.)
  •  Red indicator lights up.
  •  The appliance is now ready to keep the food warm.
  •  Place the lid on the food container.
  •  Risk of scalding! Allow the water to completely cool down before moving.
  •  Important! Always ensure that there is sufficient water in the tank! Check this regularly, also dur-ing use.

Cleaning and maintenance

  •  Always unplug the appliance from the electrical power supply and leave completely cool down be-fore cleaning.
  •  If used intensively, regularly remove lime scale from the bottom of the water tank.
  •  Never immerse the appliance in water or any oth-er cleaning fluid.
  •  Clean the appliance with a damp cloth.
  •  Never use aggressive or corrosive cleaning agents.
  •  Avoid as much as possible water contacting the electrical components.
  •  Cleane after each use.
  •  Note: This appliance is not suitable for direct washing by water jets.


Problem Possible cause Possible solution
Appliance does not work No power at the power point Check the fuse
The plug is not plugged (correctly) into the power point Check the plug
Appliance does not reach the set temperature Heating element faulty Contact the supplier
Control unit faulty Contact the supplier
Heating element fuse faulty Contact the supplier

Technical data

Item no. 204825 – Tellano 204832 – Tesino 204900 – Pollina
Voltage 230-240V~ / 50Hz
Power 900W 500W 850W
Max. capacity (litre) 9 6,8 9
Protection class Class I
Dimensions 573x348x(h)284mm ø405x(H)248mm 615x355x(H)280mm

Remarks: Technical data is subjected to change without prior notification.


Any defect affecting the functionality of the appliance which becomes apparent within one year after purchase will be repaired by free repair or replacement provided the appliance has been used and maintained in accordance with the instructions and has not been abused or misused in any way. Your statutory rights are not affected. If the appliance is claimed under warranty, a state where and when it was purchased and include proof of purchase (e.g. receipt). In line with our policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to change the product, packaging and documentation specifications without notice.

Discarding & Environment

When decommissioning the appliance, the product must not be disposed of with other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point. Failure to follow this rule may be penalized in accordance with applicable regulations on waste disposal. The separate collection and recycling of your waste equipment at the time of disposal will help conserve natural re-sources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment.
For more information about where you can drop off your waste for recycling, please contact your local waste collection company. The manufacturers and importers do not take responsibility for recycling, treatment and ecological disposal, either directly or through a public system.



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