iRobot Braava Mopping Robot

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot & troubleshooting

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot  & troubleshooting 1

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot

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To keep your Braava in the best working condition, follow these maintenance steps.

Cleaning and Storing

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe dust or dirt from Braava’s exterior. Do not rinse or submerge in water.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe off dust and dirt on tyres. Make sure that Braava is not plugged in and that the cloth is not dripping.
  • Place Braava on its end (handle side down) when charging or storing between uses.
  • For long term storage, remove the C batteries from the NorthStar Cube.

Wheel Guard

  • As Braava cleans, debris may accumulate around the Wheel Guards. This helps keep Braava’s wheels moving freely.
  • Periodically check Braava’s wheels to see if debris has accumulated, and remove as needed.
  • A small notch next to the wheel allows access with tweezers or scissors if needed to free the debris.

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Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad

  • Hand rinse with water in the sink to clean. Do not put the reservoir pad in the dishwasher. Do not wash with soap.
  • Let dry completely before re-attaching to Braava after cleaning is complete.
  • The wick is designed for repeated use. Do not remove the wick cap between cleaning operations.
  • If the wick cap becomes dirty or shows wear, it can be replaced.
  • Remove the wick cap by pulling on the side rubber tab.
  • Replace with a new wick cap, pressing firmly into place to create a tight seal to prevent leaking.

Removing or Changing the Battery

  • With Braava® unplugged and pad the and cloth removed, place Braava® on a flat surface with its wheels facing up.
  • Locate the battery compartment screw between the wheels.
  • With a coin or flathead screwdriver, remove the screw and open the battery door.
  • Lift the battery pack out of the robot and gently unplug the connector from the port.
  • Plug the connector of your new Braava® battery pack into the port.
  • Place the battery pack into Braava®, ensuring the connecting wires are tucked into the compartment.
  • Reinstall the battery door and secure the screw using a flathead screwdriver or coin.

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Setting up iRobot Braava Mopping Robot is easy with these step-by-step instructions. Follow the steps are you are set-up in no time.

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