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Your Phone at a Glance
The following illustration outlines your phone’s primary external features and keys.


Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 7

Note: Screen images are simulated. Actual displays may vary.

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Key Functions
● Earpiece lets you hear the caller and automated prompts.

● Main screen displays all the information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength.

● Left/Right soft keys (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 10) let you select key actions or menu items corresponding to the bottom left and right lines on the main screen while the phone is open.

● Navigation key lets you scroll through the phone’s menu options.

● Center soft key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 11) lets you select key actions or menu items corresponding to the bottom center lines on the main screen.

● Camera/Speaker key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 12) lets you activate the camera mode and take pictures with the phone open. When you receive an incoming call, press to answer the call in speakerphone mode. During a call, press to switch the speakerphone on or off.

● SEND key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 13) allows you to place or receive calls, answer Call Waiting, use Conference Calling, or display recent call history.

● Microphone transmits your voice and ambient sound during voice calls and voice recordings.

Note: Do not cover the microphones during a call. Do not apply any sheet or sticker to the display area as it may compromise the hearing quality.

● Keypad lets you enter numbers, letters, and characters, and perform functions.

● CLEAR/Back key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 14) deletes characters from the display in text input mode. When in a menu, pressing it returns you to the previous menu. This key also allows you to return to the previous screen in a data session.

● END/POWER key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 15) lets you turn the phone on or off, end a call, or cancel your input and return to the Idle screen.

● Voice commands key (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 16) allows you to activate Voice Commands. See Voice Commands.

● Camera lets you take pictures.

● Volume key allows you to adjust the master volume when you are not on a call or adjust the voice volume during a call.

● LED indicator displays a phone notification, charging status, or alert. It blinks when your phone’s battery level is low.

● Outer screen displays the information such as the call status, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength.

● Internal microphone suppresses background noise improving audio quality for the other party during voice calls except in speakerphone mode.

● Headset jack allows you to plug in an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations.

CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the phone.

● microSD card slot (internal) allows you to insert a microSD card to support external memory. The microSD compartment is behind the battery cover. See Insert the microSD Card.

● SIM card slot (internal) allows you to insert a SIM card. The SIM compartment is behind the battery cover. See Replace the SIM Card.

Note: Your phone comes with the SIM card already installed.

● Speaker lets you hear the different ringtones and sounds. The speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice in speakerphone mode.

● USB/Charger port allows you to connect the phone and the USB cable for use with the charger adapter or other compatible accessories.

Set Up Your Phone
You must first install and charge the battery to begin setting up your phone.
Insert the Battery

1. Place your fingernail in the slit at the bottom of the phone, and remove the battery cover.

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 17

2. Insert the battery, making sure to align the gold contacts (1). Press down gently to the battery (2).

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 18

3. Place the cover over the back of the phone, and then press down along the edges to

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 19

Charge the Battery
Fully charge the battery before powering on the phone.

Important: Unplug the charger from the electrical outlet when not in use to reduce the environmental impact of charging.

1. Plug the smaller end of the USB cable into the USB/Charger port on the right side of the

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 20

2. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the AC adapter, and then plug it into an 2.electrical outlet. Be sure to use the AC adapter that came with your phone.

3. When charging is complete, remove the cable from the port.

Warning: Please use only an approved charger to charge your phone. Improper handling of the charging port, as well as the use of an incompatible charger, may cause damage to your device and void the warranty.

Battery Capacity
Your phone is equipped with a Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery. It allows you to recharge your battery before it is fully drained.For a quick check of your battery level, view the battery charge icon located on the right side of the status bar Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 21. indicates that the phone is fully charged. The number of white bars decreases as your battery discharges (Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 22). When your battery level reaches 15%, the battery icon turns to Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 23and the phone sounds a warning tone, vibrates, and displays a low battery message. When the battery level drops to 5%, the battery icon turns Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 24 to and starts blinking. The alert tone, vibration, and message will repeat when the battery level is at 10, 5 and 1%.
Note: Watch your phone’s battery level and charge the battery before it runs out of power.
Tip: The LED indicator blinks when your phone’s battery level goes below 15%.

Remove the Battery

If you need to remove the Battery, follow these steps:
Make sure the power is off so that you don’t lose any stored numbers or messages.
1. Remove the battery cover.
2. Insert your fingernail into the slit and lift the battery.
3. Remove the battery and close the cover. See Insert the Battery.

Warning: Do not handle a damaged or leaking Li-ion battery as you can be burned.

Replace the SIM Card
Your phone comes with the SIM card already installed. If you need to replace your SIM card, follow these steps:
Remove the battery cover and the battery.
1. Push the SIM card gently with your finger. The card ejects itself. Pull out the original SIM
2. card from the slot.

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 25

3. Carefully insert the new SIM card into the SIM card slot, with the gold contacts facing 3.down and the cut off corner on the top left. Gently push the card in until it snaps into place.

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 26

4. Place the battery back into its compartment and close the battery cover.

Turn Your Phone On and Off
The instructions below explain how to turn your phone on and off.
Turn Your Phone On

► Open the phone and press and hold the END/ POWER key Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 27until the screen lights up.

► Open the phone and press and hold the END/ POWER key Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 28 until you see the powering-down animation on the main screen.

Setup Wizard
Your phone has a Setup Wizard to set up your phone quickly and easily. When you turn on your phone for the first time, the Setup Wizard starts automatically and helps you to activate your phone and set up a Wi-Fi® connection, etc. Follow the on-screen instructions to quickly set up your phone.

Set Up Voicemail
You should set up your Voicemail and personal greeting as soon as your phone is activated. Always use a password to protect against unauthorized access. Your phone automatically transfers all unanswered calls to your Voicemail, even if your phone is in use or turned off. See Voicemail for more information.

Set Up Voicemail
1. From the Idle screen, press and hold Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 29 .


From the Idle screen, dial Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 30 and press the SEND key Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 31.

2. When you hear the greeting, press the Pound SPACE key Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 32 to interrupt.

3. Follow the instructions to set up your new password and record a greeting.

Note: Voice mailboxes not set up within 45 days will be canceled. Your voice mailbox is not password protected until you create a password by following the setup tutorial.

Phone Basics
Your phone is packed with features that simplify your life and expand your ability to stay connected to the people and information that are important to you. The following topics will introduce the basic functions and features of your phone.

Your Idle Screen
The Idle screen is the starting point for your phone’s functions and menus.
Idle Screen Overview
The following illustration describes the basics of the Idle screen.

Note: Screen images are simulated. Actual displays may vary.

● Status bar: Displays the time and phone status icons.
● Clock display: Displays time and date. You can turn on or off this display from the Settings menu. See Main Clock.
● Left soft key: Displays actions or menu items that you can select by pressing the left soft key.
● Center soft key: Displays actions or menu items that you can select by pressing the center soft key.
● Right soft key: Displays actions or menu items that you can select by pressing the right soft key.

Status Bar
The status bar appears at the top of your phone’s display screen. It provides phone and service status information on the right side and notification alerts on the left.
Status Icons.

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 33

Kyocera Cadence Manual  & troubleshooting 34

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