Miele KMTY Teppan Yaki Instruction Manual

Miele KMTY Teppan Yaki Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

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Miele KMTY Teppan Yaki

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Warning and Safety instructions

  • Read the operating instructions carefully before using the Tepan Yaki.
  • The Tepan Yaki must only be used on the PowerFlex cooking area of your Miele induction hob or on a Miele hob with full-surface induction. The Tepan Yaki can be used in an oven or a combination steam oven at temperatures of up to 250 °C.
  • Never use power levels 8, 9 or the Booster when heating up the Te- pan Yaki. The recommended power levels for heating up the Tepan Yaki are levels 6–7.
  • Cooking oils and fats burn very quickly at high temperatures. The resultant smoke is a health hazard. Burnt-on oil and fat leaves a residue that will eventually become impossible to remove. Only use cooking oil that has a high flash point, such as safflower oil, rape-seed oil and sunflower oil.
  • Oils and fats can ignite if allowed to overheat. Do not leave the Te-pan Yaki unattended whilst it is being used. Never attempt to put out oil or fat fires with water. Extinguish the flames carefully with a lid or fire blanket.
  • You could burn yourself on the hot Tepan Yaki. Protect your hands with heat-resistant pot holders or gloves when using the Tepan Yaki. Do not let them get wet or damp. Heat transfers through damp and wet material more quickly with the risk of scalding or burning yourself.
  • Particles of dirt or spices can cause scratches on the ceramic glass if they get underneath the Tepan Yaki. Make sure the underside of the Tepan Yaki is clean before placing it on the ceramic glass surface.
  • The Tepan Yaki gets very hot. Do not use plastic utensils. Even heat-resistant plastic utensils are unsuitable.
  • Acidic food can cause discoloration to the surface. Do not store acidic food on the Tepan Yaki.
  • Overheating the Tepan Yaki can cause discoloration. This will not affect the functioning of the Tepan Yaki.
  • Scratches will not impair the function of the Tepan Yaki. These scratches are normal signs of use and are not grounds for making a complaint.

Disposing of the packaging material

The packaging material is used for handling and protects the appliance from transport damage. The packaging material used is selected from materials that are environmentally friendly for disposal and can generally be recycled.

Recycling the packaging material reduces the use of raw materials. Use material-specific collection points for valuable materials and take advantage of return options. Your Miele dealer will take the packaging material away.


Cleaning for the first time

Before using it for the first time, clean the Tepan Yaki with a solution of warm water and a little washing-up li-quid applied with a sponge by hand.


The Tepan Yaki should be oiled before use.

  • Pour a few drops of oil onto the Tepan Yaki. Rub the oil in with a kitchen towel.
  • Place the Tepan Yaki on the hob.
  • Heat the Tepan Yaki for 2–5 minutes at power level 7.
  • Turn the food several times during cooking.
Tips for cooking
  • It is important to get the Tepan Yaki sufficiently hot before use, particularly when cooking meat. If it is not hot enough, the meat will lose too much juice.
  • Very little fat is required for cooking on the Tepan Yaki.
  • Use only fats and oils that can withstand high temperatures.
  • We recommend that you marinate the food to be cooked. This will improve the flavor of the food. Only use oil or fat with a high flashpoint for the marinade.
  • Pat wet food dry with kitchen paper before cooking to prevent it from spitting.
  • Salt food only after cooking to prevent it from drying out.
  • Use power levels 2–3 for keeping food warm.
Cooking chart

Food can be overcooked or burn. Do not leave the Tepan Yaki unattended whilst it is being used. Reduce the power levels of your hob to achieve the level of browning you require.

Durations quoted in the chart are for guidance only and apply to food cooked using settings between 4–7 on a pre-heated Tepan Yaki. Cooking durations will vary according to the type, texture and thickness of the food, as well as the required level of browning. We recommend selecting the shorter duration initially.

Food to be cooked
Meat 5–15
Minute steak 4–8
Sausages 5–12
Tofu 2–4
Fish 4–12
Seafood 2–4
Vegetables 2–5
Fruit 1–3
Fried egg 3–6
Scrambled egg 3–5


The danger of burning. Allow the Tepan Yaki to cool down to touch before cleaning it.

Food deposits and fat can burn in when the Tepan Yaki is heated up and become very difficult or even impossible
to remove. Always clean the Tepan Yaki after every use. For very heavy soiling, allow the Tepan Yaki to cool down completely then apply Miele ceramic and stainless steel cleaner liberally to the entire surface. Cover the Tepan Yaki with cling film and leave the cleaning agent to soak in for approx. 24 h. Then remove the soiling with water and a washing-up sponge.

Sharp tools and aggressive cleaning agents will damage the surface. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or hard brushes and sponges to clean it.

The Tepan Yaki can be cleaned in the dishwasher. We recommend cleaning it by hand (prolonged cleaning in a dishwasher will damage the surface).

Overheating the Tepan Yaki can cause discoloration to a golden brown shade. This will not affect the functioning of the Tepan Yaki. The discoloration can be removed by dissolving a heaped teaspoon of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in hot water and allowing it to soak into the Tepan Yaki.

Optional accessories

Miele offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and conditioning products for your roasting dish and cookware.

These products can be ordered through the Miele Webshop.

They can also be ordered from the Miele Customer Service Department (see end of this booklet for contact de-tails) or from your Miele dealer.

Ceramic and stainless steel hob cleaner 250 ml Microfibre cloth

Removes finger marks and light soiling



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