MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual

MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual & troubleshooting

MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual
MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 1


Product implementation standardsGB4706.1/GB4706.24/GB17625.1/GB 4343.1

XPB08-F2                                MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Please read this manual carefully before use The company reserves the right to interpret the instructions Please refer to the actual product appearance Please keep this manual after reading The product technology or software may upgrade without notice This product is only suitable for sale and use in mainland China

VersionV2.0 Shanghai Little Pearl Electric Co., Ltd. Address: No. 28, Huanfeng North Road, Fengjing
Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai After-sales service hotline400 – 620 – 1306

Name and content of harmful substances in washing machines

Name of the

Harmful substances

machine parts





















Shell, barrel







Drain pipe







Power cable















printed matter







This form is compiled in accordance with the provisions of SJ/T11364:

O: Indicates that the content of the hazardous substance in all homogeneous materials of the part is below the limit requirement specified in GB/T26572.

X: Indicates that the content of the hazardous substance in at least a certain homogeneous material of the part exceeds the limit requirement of GB/T26572.

The parts included in the above list are slightly different depending on the product model.

Safety precautions

Dear users of MOYU:

Thank you for using the MOYU portable folding washing machine. In order to better use this

product and prevent personal injury and damage accidents, please read and abide by the contents

of the following symbols in this manual.

Actions or operations that must be prohibited

Behavior or operation that must

be observed

If the operation is wrong, it may cause

property damage

Working conditions: Portable folding washing machines do not wash clothes that have been contaminated with gasoline, paint, corrosives or acid-base chemicals.


  • Please use a single-phase two-hole socket with a rated voltage of 220V;
  • Only use the supplied adapter, do not use other substitutes randomly, so as to avoid damage to the washing machine due to inconsistent parameters.
  • Insert the tail plug of the adapter into the power socket of the washing machine, keep it inserted in place and firmly;
  • The adapter plug must be firmly inserted to the bottom. After the washing machine is placed steadily, the plug should be easily accessible;


  • Do not place the washing machine in an excessively humid environment such as bathrooms;
  • Do not install or use the washing machine in an environment where the temperature is lower than 5;


  • Please choose a suitable decontamination detergent. When using decontamination detergent, please pay attention to prevent the detergent from getting into your eyes.
  • If it gets into the eyes, please wash with water immediately;
  • Wipe the plug with a dry cloth regularly (dust accumulation or moisture, etc., may cause poor contact);
  • Children must stay away from powdered detergent for washing machine;
  • Do not tilt or move the washing machine during operation (may cause water leakage, etc.)°

Use and maintenance·

  • Do not touch the adapter plug with wet hands. Do not hold the cord and pull out the adapter;
  • Do not store gasoline or other flammable gases and liquids near the washing
    machine (so as not to cause a fire);
  • Do not pour or pour water on the lower body of the washing machine (it can cause
    the whole machine to have poor electrical properties and fail to work);
  • Do not direct hot water higher than 60 degrees into the laundry in the washing
    machine (so as to prevent the product from being deformed due to high temperature and heating, causing the whole machine to be defective).

The machine is malfunctioning or damaged

  • When there is an abnormality or failure, please stop using it immediately, pull out the adapter plug, and turn off the power;
  • Unless otherwise specified in this manual, do not repair or replace any parts of the washing machine, and do not attempt to repair the washing machine. If necessary, please contact the after-sales service for maintenance, or refer to the “Questions and Answers” section for related information.
  • If the adapter cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments.
  • The maintenance of washing machine must be carried out by professional technicians.
    Folding note ·The adapter must be inserted into the connector of the machine and pulled out
    before the machine is folded to avoid damages!

Technical data

Adapter input


adapter output


Rated power

Rated washing



Noise value

Working State Appearance


Folding Appearance







0. 8kg







If you have any questions, please call the service hotline: 400-620-1306

Installation steps

  • The folding washing machine must be connected correctly, otherwise it will not function normally.
  • The water intake and drainage conditions and electrical connections must comply with the following instructions or the standards specified in the manual.
    Receiving Inspection
  • Please remove the packaging box, packaging bag and other packaging products of this machine. Count all items according to the “Packing List” of the instruction manual. Each washing machine undergoes a functional test before leaving the factory, so there will be a small amount of water or water marks inside the machine

Select the installation location

  • The installation location should be away from heat sources and direct sunlight to prevent the shell coating from falling off or fading.
  • Please unfold the washing machine first, and then place the machine on a stable horizontal surface Note
  • Place place the washing machine in an open place
  • Do not place the washing machine where it may freeze (5°C) in winter


  1. The first way of lower drainage: after the whole machine is packaged, the drainage pipe at the bottom is arranged in a Z-shape on the base. You only need to place the drainage port above the drainage position, and then set the manual on the right side. After the drain switch is pulled up to 80 degrees, the washing machine starts to drain.
  2. The second way of lower drainage: pull up the drain pipe on the base along the outlet position, pull the drain pipe out of 3 buckles, straighten it along the drain pipe and put it into the groove of the in-line drainage. Then place the washing machine steadily. When the washing machine needs to be drained, pull up the manual drain switch on the right side by 80 degrees, and the whole machine will start to drain.
  3. The third way of upper drainage: in order to consider the need to empty the water of the washing machine immediately, manual upper drainage can be selected. Power off the whole machine first, and disconnect the whole machine from the adapter. Lift up the handle of the whole machine with one hand, and buckle the handle hole of the base with the other hand, tilt the upper mouth of the whole machine downward, and gradually empty the water.
    Due to the bottom drainage of the whole machine, it may not be able to drain the water in a short time. Therefore, when using the bottom drainage method, it is recommended to use the top drainage method to drain the residual water after the drainage is completed.
    *Note: Due to the mini portability of the whole machine, the diameter of the drainage pipe is small and slow drainage is normal. Please wait patiently.

Water input
Please input clean water directly into the washing tub of the washing machine; the input water should not exceed the maximum water level “H”; the whole machine to be defective).

MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

Note: Do not pour hot water higher than 60 degrees directly into the laundry in the washing machine (so as to prevent the product from being deformed due to high temperature and heating, which may cause

*Adapter connection: the power supply voltage and frequency must be the same as the specifications on
the nameplate
*Remove the connection to the washing machine

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the adapter from the socket;
  2. Disconnect the adapter from the whole machine;
  3. Drain the water in the washing tub;
  4. Wipe the whole machine to keep the whole machine clean

*Drain basket installation

  1. Take out the drain basket;
  2. Hold the handles on both sides of the drain basket, and then close it to the middle. When the bayonet is buckled in place, the drain basket is unfolded in place;
  3. Then place the drain basket on the wave wheel of the washing machine, and make sure that the drain basket matches the wave wheel in place;

Learn about portable folding machine

*Name of each part
MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

Bucket cover Upper bucket frame
Bottom of bucket
Folding bucket
Wave wheel, wave wheel cover Shell
Drain switch
Control panel
Upper draining basket, handle, lower draining basket (Applicable to XPB08-F2)

Control panel Program light XPB08-F1

Washing program signal light / Dehydration/draining process signal light (hereinafter collectively referred to as draining)

XPB08-F2 Touch key switch (Applicable to XPB08-F1)
MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 5

*Name of each part

  • Function: It can effectively weaken the adhesion between stains and clothes and enhance the washing effect;
  • The choice of detergent: It is recommended to use low-foaming or non-foaming soap powder on the market;
  • Add detergent plan: when adding detergent, please put the detergent directly into the washing tub
    *Washing clothes
  • Able to wash clothes of less than rated capacity;
  • Because the washing machine is a single washing machine, after the washing process is completed, please manually take out the clothes and put them in the drain basket or dehydrator for dehydration.

Electrical schematic and packing list
MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 6

Computer program controller components
Red and blue
Power adapter
Electrical schematic

Packing list      


Folding washing machine                              *1

Adapter                                                        *1

Use’s manual                                               *1

Bag                                                             *1

Drain basket( Applicable for XPB08-F2) *1

Method of use (pretreatment and placement of clothes)

  • Pretreatment of clothes
  • In order to avoid clogging the drain pipe and affecting the performance of the washing machine, please peel off the obvious soil and fiber inside and outside the clothes to be washed in advance, and then put the clothes in the washing machine.
    *The placement of clothing
  • In order to ensure better washing effect, please spread the put clothes into the washing tub flatly to avoid unsatisfactory washing effect due to the knotting of clothes.

Method of use (expansion and folding of washing machine)

*Unfolding of washing machine Firstly take out the lid of the bucket, lift the handle with one hand, and then press the bottom of the bucket with the other hand (do not press the wave wheel with your hands, and the wave wheel is deformed), then lift the handle strongly, and gradually unfold the folding bucket of the washing machine.

MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 7

Washing machine in folded state Remove the bucket cover first Raise the handle with one hand Push the column with the other hand and pull the handle upwards forcefully After fully unfolding the folding bucket, the operation is completed

*Washing machine folding
Firstly take out the bucket cover, hold the upper frame of the washing machine with both hands, and then apply downward force, gradually retract the folding bucket into a folded state, and then close the bucket cover.
MOYU Portable Folding Washing Machine User Manual  & troubleshooting 8

  • Press down the bucket cover with both hands
  • When the folding bucket cannot be pressed into place in one step, please push the folding bucket by hand
  • After folding the folding bucket in place, press the folded edge inward to ensure that the folding bucket is in place
    Put the bucket cover in to complete the operation
    *Unfolding and folding of the drain basket applicable for XPB08-F2 Unfolding the drain basket: Pinch the upper and lower handles with your hands, then press hard to the middle, and let go after the buckle is in place.
    Folding the drain basket: Press the drain basket down by hand. After the buckle is released, the layup will automatically fall downwards, and the drain basket is folded.

Method of use (add detergent)

  • Pretreatment of clothes Put the detergent directly into the washing tub, and put in an appropriate amount of detergent according to the amount of laundry;
    Note: *Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline detergents to avoid corrosion of the machine; please
    use water-soluble detergents to avoid clogging the drain pipe during the washing process;
    *Please choose low-foaming or non-foaming detergent to avoid a large amount of foam overflow during the washing process and affect the washing effect.

Method of use (program setting)

*The washing machine has 3 programs:
XPB08-F1 model: 5, 10, 15 three gears. Among them, the 5, 10, and 15 levels respectively represent the washing time of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. XPB08-F2 model: 5, 10, 6 three gears, where 5, 10 means the washing time is 5 minutes and 10 minutes. 6 is the draining program file, which means draining for 6 minutes. Please select the required program according to the amount of laundry and the degree of soiling. *Program setting steps
Touch the button once, the first “5” program will light up, and press it again, the second “10” program

will light up, and the program will switch cyclically. When the desired program is selected, if there is no operation for 3 seconds, it will automatically enter the selected program. When the program is completed, the program light flashes for 5 seconds, while the buzzer beeps three times, and the light goes out after 5 seconds. That is, the end of the program.

Operation of washing machine

  1. Put the clothes to be washed into the washing bucket, and then put in an appropriate amount of detergent;
  2. Pour in an appropriate amount of water (water should completely cover the clothes, and the level of the water is better to higher than clothes for about 3~5cm );
  3. Tap “washing time” for 1 second, and switch to the required program with a beep sound. After selecting the program, do not operate for 3 seconds, it will automatically enter the washing program;If you need to select the drain function (only applicable for XPB08-F2), because water will drain during the draining process, you must turn on the drain switch first and the drain pipe can drain the water before you can select the drain program.
  4. After the program is completed, the signal light of the program flashes for 5 seconds, and the buzzer beeps three times at the same time. After 5 seconds, the signal goes out, that is, the program is completed.
  5. Take out the laundry clothes;
  6. Disconnect the adapter from the washing machine and socket;
  7. Choose an appropriate drainage method to drain the water out of the washing machine;
  8. Wipe the washing machine

Cleaning and maintenance

After washing

  • When the washing process is completed, please drain the sewage in the washing machine to avoid changing the water quality for a long time;
    *When you need to bring it out
  • Please wipe the whole machine clean, and fold the washing machine according to the method of folding the washing machine, and put the cover on the top. Then put it in the bag that came with the machine, and put the matching adapter.
    Note *Before cleaning the parts, please make sure that the adapter has been disconnected from the socket and the whole machine.
  • Questions and answers
    If you have any questions or suspect that the washing machine is malfunctioning during use, please look at the list first. The following content provides you with answers to possible malfunctions and solutions. If the problem still cannot be solved after operation, please call the after-sales service hotline. Please do not repair or disassemble the washing machine yourself!


Possible causes



3 lights flashing at the same time

Too much clothing

Reduce laundry, wait for a while and re-select the program

to wash

Winding of clothing is


Disperse the clothes manually, wait for a while and then

re-select the program to wash.


Touch button no response


Unresponsive touch

Disconnect the connection with the socket, then power on

again, and touch the key to select the desired program.

Water      exists     after      the

washing machine drains

The drainage is not


Drain again by draining the water. When there is no obvious

water drop, wipe it with a dry cloth.

During the washing process, water drops overflow from the upper edge of the whole




High water level

Reduce the amount of water and lower the water level to ensure that water will not overflow from the top edge gap during the washing process.


Sudden power failure during washing


Poor contact between adapter and machine base

Wipe the adapter and the plug of the complete machine with

an eraser, then reinsert it into the female socket of the complete machine, and then power on and test again.


Loud noise during washing


Sound inside the washing machine

Because there is a geared motor inside the machine, there will be a certain noise during the rotation of the gears of the

geared motor during work. This phenomenon is normal.




The drain basket comes out

Too much clothing

Reduce draining clothes


Drain basket not in place

Put the drain basket in place again and restart the drain


Clothes not laid flat

Please place the drained clothes evenly, and restart the

draining program.

Warranty description

Warranty Instructions for “MOYU”portable folding washing machine
Dear users: thank you for using the MOYU portable folding washing machine. Our company will comply with the “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the relevant provisions of the State Technical Supervision Bureau and the Bureau of Finance on the “Regulations on Responsibilities for Repair, Replacement and Return of Certain Products”. Warranty instructions and invoices provide you with the following services:

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the main components (motor, computer board) are guaranteed for three years;

  1. During the warranty period, if the fault is caused by the quality of the product itself, the customer is requested to repair it free of charge at the repair center authorized by MOYO throughout the country with the completed warranty description and purchase invoice;
  2. Do not accept machines that fail due to modification or installation of other functions;
  3. Once this description and purchase invoice are altered, the warranty will become invalid;
  4. During each maintenance, the maintenance personnel shall check the machine manufacturing number and user files and fill in the maintenance records;
  5. Please keep the purchase invoice and warranty description together as a warranty certificate. If it is lost, it will not be replaced.

The following conditions are beyond the scope of the warranty and can be paid for maintenance

  1. Without three guarantees certificate and valid invoice;
  2. Failure caused by operating the machine not in accordance with the requirements of the manual;
  3. Damage caused by removal by non-MOYU maintenance personnel;
  4. Failure, scratches or damage caused by moving or falling;
  5. Damage caused by improper storage, maintenance or use by the customer;
  6. Failure or damage caused by force majeure;
  7. The service life of consumable parts has expired.

User files

Machine number


Name of user


Machine purchase shop


Date of


Overhaul date

Maintenance date

Replacement of


Maintenance staff

Customer confirmation


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