NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual & troubleshooting

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 2


Package Contents

  • NAVITEL MS500 Personal Navigation Device
  • Car holder (windscreen)
  • Stylus
  • Car charger 12/24 V
  • Mini-USB – USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Device Layout

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

  1. On/Off button.
  2. 3,5 mm mini-jack audio connector.
  3.  microSD slot.
  4. Mini-USB port.
  5. Speaker.
  6. Reset button.
  7. Battery charge indicator.
  8. Display.

Safety Information

  1. Adjust all the settings required before starting to drive. It is extremely dangerous to manage the device and configure its settings while driving. If you need to modify the navigation settings or device parameters, you should park your car in a safe place in accordance with the driving regulations.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the planned route before moving off.
    If you listened to the voice guidance of the navigator and you need to look at the display, make sure your traffic is safe.
  3. Navigation data and voice prompts sometimes may not correspond or contradict the real traffic situation and traffic rules. Always pay attention to the current situation on the road, road signs, and pedestrians.
  4. Do not use the navigator as a tool for precise measurement of speed and covered distance.
  5. If you have not used the navigator for a long time, it will take a significant amount of time to restore communication with satellites, even during the normal operation of the GPS receiver.
  6. Inside buildings, in underground parking lots, and also close to electromagnetic radiation sources, GPS signals may not be received by the navigator.
  7. The quality of GPS signal reception may vary depending on the location of the navigator inside the car. Poor GPS reception is possible when driving in a tunnel, past tall buildings, or in areas with very dense buildings. Bad weather can also adversely affect reception.
  8. Independent opening of the case and modification of the navigator are prohibited, as this can lead to its malfunction, and in worst cases, to complete malfunction. All internal work and repairs should only be carried out by qualified specialists. In case of an independent opening of the case, the manufacturer company voids the warranty on this device.
  9. The navigator has a built-in battery. Improper use of the navigator can damage the battery and it may explode. Do not subject the navigator to shock or other physical impacts. Do not use the device if there are explosive gases or liquids in the environment.
  10. Before charging the navigator, make sure that the power adapter is provided with air cooling conditions, as it emits heat during charging. Do not cover the adapter with paper or other things that impair ventilation.
  11. Permissible ambient temperature in operating mode: 0 to +35 °С. Storage temperature: +5 to +45 °С. Relative humidity: 5% to 90% without condensation (25 °С).

Using Device in Vehicle

Choosing a place to install on the windshield

  1. Pay particular attention to the installation location of the navigator. Do not install in places where the navigator may interfere with the airbags or reduce the driver’s field of vision.
  2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the installation surface; it must not be dusty, dirty, or wet. There should be no air bubbles or protective film on the mount’s suction cup, as this affects the force of fixation to the windshield. Damage to the navigator or other objects in the car which was caused by a fall due to disconnection from the mount is the sole responsibility of the user and is not a guaranteed case.
  3. If the windshield has a built-in window defogger or UV protection, GPS reception may be impaired.

Setting up the “suction cup” type of mount on the windshield
– Remove the protective film from the mount’s suction cup;
– Choose a suitable place on the windshield or side window;
– Attach the suction cup to the selected spot on the windshield and fix the DVR mount by turning the latch.

With proper use, the mount’s suction cup attaches the device well to the windshield/side window, but if you leave the fixed mount in the car at night, the fixing force may weaken due to moisture condensation in the suction cup with a decrease in temperature.
To prevent damage to the navigator, mount, or other things in the car, it is recommended to remove the navigator and the mount from the glass at night.

Device Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the device ensures its long and reliable operation:

  • protect your device from moisture and rapid temperature changes. This may cause moisture condensation inside the case and damage the navigator. If the navigator has been exposed to moisture, do not turn it on until it is completely dry;
  • do not store the navigator in conditions of high humidity and high temperatures;
  • protect your device from direct sunlight. Battery overheating may cause an explosion;
  • do not drop or place heavy objects on the navigator;
  • do not sit on the navigator and do not put it in the back pocket;
  • avoid touching the display with sharp objects. You can use a protective film to prevent the display from scratching;
  • do not push the display while cleaning the device;
  • never clean the display when the device is on;
  • do not use paper towels or other harsh materials for cleaning, they may scratch the navigator. Use only a soft cloth, preferably cotton-free, to clean the device;
  • do not store flammable liquids, gases, or explosives with the device.

Terms and conditions of an installation, storage, transportation, sale, and disposal

  • The navigator is fixed only on the windshield/side window using the mount with a suction cup supplied in the kit;
  • Storage and transportation should be carried out in dry conditions;
  • The implementation of the device should be in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • The manufacturer provides a 10-year service life for the device, after which the device is subject to disposal at the appropriate collection point for equipment for subsequent processing and disposal in accordance with federal or local laws.

Technical Specification

System Specification
CPU MStar MSB2531, 800 MHz
RAM 128 MB, DDR3
External slot microSDl IC up to 32 GB
Internal storage 4 GB
Operating system Linux
Basic parameters
Display 5″ TFT, 480×272
Speaker 8 Ohm/ 1.5 W
Battery type 800 mAh
GPS parameters
Antenna Internal ceramic antenna; 18.4 mm x 18.4 mm x 2 mm

Note: specifications, functions, layout, and package contents of the device may be changed by the manufacturer without preliminary notification.

Information on measures to be taken when equipment malfunctions are detected

In the event of a device malfunction, contact an authorized service center: 125190, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 80, building 16, e-mail: [email protected].
A full list of service centers is available on the website: Note: learn more about personal navigation device features, its operation specificities, as well as information on Navitel
Navigator at


Navitel Navigator is an offline multifunctional navigation application used for efficient route search and planning. Key tasks of the program are identification and display of current position on the map, automatic and manual setting of route points, object search, route calculation, display of travel information, and many other things.

Program Interface

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

1 The point on the map Short tapping on the map marks the point for further operations with it, “Cursor” and “Save WP”.

This is an example of how points of interest (P01) are displayed in the program. Different categories of POI have different icons. There is a large variety of icons for particular POls such as shopping centers, brand shops, gas stations, etc. Press the icon to open the information panel about the object, where you can go to the properties of the object with contact information, coordinates, and the ability to add a point to the route.


This is an example of how icons of the SPEEDCAM function are displayed on the map. Speedcams are special marks on the map that are meant to warn about speed cameras, radars, dangerous crossroads, speed bumps, and other types of potential obstacles on the road.

4 Map buttons

These buttons are for setting the sound (Sound button opens On/Off, Sound settings and Music Player options) and working with the map (buttons for switching the type of map (2D / 3D), zooming). The zoom changes automatically according to the car speed. Manual changes last for 5 seconds.

5 Main menu Tapping this button will open the main menu of the program.
6 Cursor

This button becomes available only when a point is selected on the map. Tapping this button will open the “My route” screen, where you can carry out various operations with the selected point.

7 Save WP

This button becomes available only when a point is selected on the map. Tapping this button will cause the selected point to be saved in the form of a waypoint. A list of saved waypoints is available in the Menu -> Find -> Waypoints.

8 Upcoming maneuver The indication of the distance to the next two upcoming maneuvers. Tapping the sign opens a dialog box with a number of configuration settings.
9 Progress bar The progress bar displays the remaining route, waypoints (if any).
10 Route gauges panel

The name of a street following the maneuver. Please note that if certain conditions are met, the upcoming traffic lanes will be displayed instead.

11 Route The active route along which you are moving.
12 Speed

The road speed limit is displayed next to the current car speed. The program will notify the driver in case any traffic violations are taking place – orange color block for setting overspeeding level (by default its 10 km/h), redone for over the set overspeeding. It is possible to set the speeding level for orange notification up to 30 km/h in the Alerts section of Settings.

13 Information panel

By default, displays a set of gauges that provide information on remaining travel time, distance to the point of destination, and estimated arrival time. The selection of gauges can be changed in the program settings.

14 Current street

The name of the current street (active only when the connection with satellites is established). If the map does not contain information about the active street name, the direction of movement is displayed instead (North, South, West, and East).

15 Road lanes

When passing the roads with two or more lanes this indicator displays information about the permitted maneuver at the nearest intersection or turning point; the progress bar under the indicator displays the distance left to the described maneuver.

16 CPS cursor

The green cursor displays the current location of the device; the gray cursor displays the last known location if the current one is not defined.

17 Road regulations

On the right side of the display, the program indicates the distance left to the closest driving regulations.
When approaching, the program displays the countdown to the closest camera, road sign, or marking.

Route to a point selected on the map

You can have a route planned to a point, which can be found and marked on the map and then set as the destination, while the current position of the device, determined by the GPS system becomes the starting point. To plan a route press on the map to mark the point, select “Cursor” [1] and then “Go!” [2]. The program will offer 3 alternative routes [3]. Select the appropriate and press “Go!“.

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 5NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 6

Manual setting of all route points

To plan a route, where the starting and the destination points are determined manually, first mark a point on the map where you plan to start and press “Cursor“ [1] to proceed to the “My route“ screen. Tap on the information panel at the bottom of the screen [2]. Press “Set start“ in the “Properties“ screen [3]. The GPS receiver must be switched off. The point will be marked on the map as a starting point. Select a destination point on the map: tap on the map to mark the point, press “Cursor“ [4], and then press “Go!“ in the “My route“ screen [5]. The program will offer 3 alternative routes [6]. Select the appropriate and press “Go!“.

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 7

Setting up the Program

To update your maps and the application, as well as to purchase new maps, you can use a special program that we have designed specifically for these purposes. You can download the program from the “Downloads” section of the official NAVITEL® website.
The instructions below will help you to learn how to work with it.

  1. Install Navitel Navigator Update Center on your PC.
  2. Connect your device to the PC as a USB Flash Drive/Mass Storage.
  3. Run Navitel Navigator Update Center. If the device is properly connected, the program will detect it [1].
  4. If updates are available, Navitel Navigator Update Center will suggest that you update your Navitel Navigator and/or maps [2].NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 8 Keep in mind that the old maps will be deleted during the update. To continue, press “Update”, then “OK”.
  5. Navitel Navigator Update Center will download and install the updates on your device.
  6. After updating, you can download or buy additional maps by pressing “Download” or “Buy” respectively [3].
  7. To download maps, mark the ones you need in the list and press “OK” [4].
    NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 9
  8. To buy a map, press on the entry corresponding to the map you want to buy, select subscription length, and press “Buy” [5, 6].
    NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 10
  9.  Run Navitel Navigator on your device.

NAVITEL MS500 GPS User Manual  & troubleshooting 11



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