netthandelen no TRI07115 Auto Air Hose Reel User Manual

netthandelen no TRI07115 Auto Air Hose Reel User Manual & troubleshooting

Auto-Air Hose Reel
Operation Manual

netthandelen no TRI07115 Auto Air Hose Reel User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

Attention: Read through the complete manual prior to the initial use.


  1. Do not force the tool. Use the correct tool for the application. The correct tool will do the job better and safer at the rate at which the tool is designed.
  2. Disconnect the tool from the air source before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing the tool. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the tool unintentionally.
  3. Store the tool when it is idle out of reach of children and other untrained persons. A tool is dangerous in the hands of untrained users.
  4. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts, and any other condition that affects the tool’s operation. If damaged, have the tool serviced before using. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained tools. There is a risk of bursting if the tool is damaged.
  5. Use only accessories that are identified by the manufacturer for the specific tool model. Use of an accessory not intended for use with the specific tool model increases the risk of injury to persons.


  1. Tool service must be performed only by qualified repair personnel.
  2. When servicing a tool, use only identical replacement parts. Use only authorized parts.
  3. Use only the lubricants supplied with the tool or specified by the manufacturer.



  • Never connect to an air source that is capable of exceeding 250 psi. Over pressurizing the tool may cause bursting, abnormal operation, breakage of the tool or serious injury to persons. Use only clean, dry, regulated compressed air at the rated pressure or within the rated pressure range as marked on the tool. Always verify prior to using the tool that the air source has been adjusted to the rated air pressure or within the rated air-pressure range.
  • Never use oxygen, carbon dioxide, combustible gases, or any bottled gas as an air source for the tool. Such gases are capable of explosion and serious injury to persons.


15+1Meters 250 PSI 1/4” – 18 NPT 1/4” BSPT


netthandelen no TRI07115 Auto Air Hose Reel User Manual  & troubleshooting 2


  1. Remove the Bolts on the Support Post and reposition to move the guide rollers, if needed, for the desired mounting location (wall, floor, or ceiling).
  2. Replace the bolts and tighten them.
  1. Choose a mounting location that is free of electrical wiring or other obstructions, and is sturdy enough to support the weight of the reel and hose as well as the force used to extend and retract it.
  2. Make a paper template from the mounting plate of the Reel. Mark the center of the bolt holes in the desired mounting location.
  3. Check for hidden wiring, then, drill holes to accommodate 1/2″ bolts (not included).
  4. Mount the Reel and secure it in place with four bolts.


  1. Pull out approximately six feet of Hose.
  2. Remove the Hose Stopper from the Hose and slide the Hose out of the Roller Guide so the Hose is hanging loose.
    a. To increase tension, wrap the loose hose one time around the Reel Drum.
    b. To decrease tension, unwrap the hose one time from the drum.
  3. Run the hose back through the guide and re-attach the hose stopper.
  4. Pull the Hose out several feet to check the tension.


  1. Check the Wheel operation by slowly pulling the Hose out. You should hear a clicking noise.
  2. To lock the Hose, pull it out a minimum of 1/2 revolution and it will stay locked after the first, second, or third click.
  3. To unlock, slowly pull until the clicking stops, and let it retract until the Hose Stopper hits the Hose Guide.
    • Hold on to the Hose while it is rewinding, to avoid damage to the Hose Reel.
  4. Attach a coupler (sold separately) to your air compressor hose and apply thread seal tape to the Inlet fitting on the Reel. Connect the coupler to the Inlet fitting.
  5. Connect your air tool to the other end of the Hose using another coupler and thread seal tape.
  6. Follow all instructions from the air tool and compressor for set up and use.
  7. When finished using the hose, disconnect the air tool and retract the hose. Wipe the Hose Reel clean with a dry cloth.



  • To prevent serious injury: Detach air supply from this product before performing any inspection, maintenance, or
    cleaning procedures.
  • To prevent serious injury from tool failure:
    Do not use damaged equipment. If abnormal noise, vibration, or leaking air occurs, have the problem corrected before further use.


  • These procedures are in addition to the regular checks and maintenance explained as part of the regular operation of the Hose Reel.
  1. BEFORE EACH USE, inspect the general condition of the tool. Check for:
    loose hardware or housing,
    misalignment or binding of moving parts,
    cracked or broken parts and any other condition that may affect its safe operation.
  2. AFTER EACH USE, re-wind the hose onto the reel and wipe the Hose Reel clean with a dry cloth.


  • Internal spring is not user-serviceable or user-replaceable.
  1. Remove the Hose Stopper from the hose and set it aside.
  2. Pull out the old Hose and securely lock the Hose Reel.
  3. Disconnect the old hose from the swivel joint and remove the hose.
  4. Run the new hose through the Guide Roller and through the opening in the drum flange.
  5. Use thread seal tape on the hose fitting threads and screw the fitting onto the swivel and tighten.
  6. Attach the Hose Stopper on the end of the hose near the Outlet fitting.
  7. Carefully release the Drum Latch and allow the Hose to wind onto the reel, evenly distributing the Hose across the Reel.


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