omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual & troubleshooting

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 1

Instruction Manual
Gas Cooktop

Thank you for purchasing an Omega appliance
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Omega caters to style-savvy customers who look for a balance between stunning form and clever function.
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All are brought together under an appliance that stands for design-led balance.
Please take the time to read through the following instruction manual to familiarise yourself with the installation, operation requirements, and maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

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It is important that you retain these instructions, proof of purchase as well as other important documents about this product for future reference.
The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage to property or to persons caused by incorrect installation or improper use of the appliance.
Due to continual product development, Omega reserves the right to alter specifications and appearances without notice.

Disposal Information

  • Most of the packaging materials are recyclable. Please dispose of these materials through your local recycling depot or by placing them into appropriate collection containers.
  • If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities and ask for the correct method of disposal.

Important Safety Warnings

IMPORTANT: Read the assembly instruction section and safety precautions of this booklet carefully before removing the contents of this carton.

  1. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  2. In certain circumstances, electrical appliances may be a safety hazard. The unit MUST be connected to the electrical supply before the operation to enable the electronic ignition to work.
  3. Do not place heavy objects on this appliance.
  4. Damage can occur to benchtops if pots and pans are able to overlap the benchtop. This can result in heat being transferred to the benchtop. Ensure that correct sized pots & pans are used. Refer to the guide in the booklet.
  5. Do not allow pot handles or utensils to be placed near gas burners that are operating, as they can cause the handles to become hot to touch. Always turn handles away when small children are nearby. It is recommended that children are kept away from the cooktop at all times.
  6. If the electrical supply cord is damaged, either when being installed or after installation, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or similarly qualified persons in order to prevent a hazard.
  7. The electrical and gas connections must be accessible after installation.
  8. Electrical connection must be made as per local wiring rules and regulations.
  9. Ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated or mechanical ventilation is in use while cooking on the gas cooktop.
  11. WARNING – The cooktop will become hot during and directly after use. Do not touch any components during this time, as they may be hot and can cause burns.
  12. Cleaning may only be commenced on the appliance once it has cooled down.
  13. When the appliance is not being used, the knobs must be kept in the ‘OFF’ position.
  14. Not suitable for use in marine craft, caravans, or mobile homes.
  16. DO NOT MODIFY THIS APPLIANCE. This appliance is not suitable for use with aftermarket lids or covers.



Description of Safety Symbols Marked On Appliances

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 3 Do not place anything, e.g. flame tamer, asbestos mat, between pan and pan support as serious damage to the appliance may result
omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 4 Do not remove the pan support and enclose the burner with a wok stand as this will concentrate and deflect heat onto the hotplate
omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5 Do not use large pots or heavy weights which can bend the pan support or deflect flame onto the hotplate
omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 6 Locate the pan centrally over the burner so that it is stable and does not overhang the appliance
omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 7 Use only wok support supplied o recommended by the manufacturer’ of the appliance

Appliance Details

Gas Type: ULPG NG
Burner Pressure: 2.75 kPa 1.00 kPa
Injector Diameter MJ/hr Rating Injector Diameter MJ/hr Rating
Rapid Burner Ø0.90 mm 10.0 MJ/ hr Ø1.40 mm 10.0 MJ/ hr
Semi-Rapid Burner Ø0.70 mm 6.3 MJ/ hr Ø1.10 mm 6.0 MJ/ hr

Note: The size of the injector diameter is stamped on the front face (e.g. 1.8 for Ø1.80mm injector).

Relevant Sizes: LENGTH (mm) WIDTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm) Height from top of pan support to benchtop (mm)
Hob size 510 290 85 46
Cut-out size 478 266

Burner layout:

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 8

Table of recommended pot sizes for each burner type:

Rapid Burner Ø195 TO Ø230 Ø195
Semi-Rapid Burners Ø140 TO Ø195 Ø140 TO Ø195

Control Knob functions are displayed around each knob as shown below:

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 9

Electrical: Value:
Input Voltage: 220V to 240V @ 50Hz to 60Hz
Maximum Current: 0.5A

Gas Connections

Check Gas Type and specifications plate placed on the bottom face of the unit. All gas fitting work, service, and repairs can only be performed by an authorized person in accordance with the current edition of AS/NZS5601 and local gas regulations. Failure to comply with this condition will render the warranty invalid. Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any maintenance operations or repairs. The walls of the units must not be higher than the worktop and must be capable of resisting temperatures of 75 above temperature. Do not install the appliance near flammable materials (eg. curtains). The final act of any installation or gas type conversion must be the full testing of this appliance, which includes leak testing, ignition of each burner, and the functionality of the burners separately and together.

The appliance is predisposed and adjusted to operate with the gas indicated on the specifications plate (normally NG) applied onto the appliance. Please see the gas rates summary information on the previous page.
If the appliance must be operated with a gas different than that indicated on the plate, it is necessary to execute the following operations:

  • Gas connection including regulator (NG) or
  • Replacement of the injectors.
  • New gas label attached stating gas type.
  • Adjustment of minimum setting.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 10

The connection must be made by a qualified gas fitter according to the relevant standard. The gas connection is positioned 40mm from the left-hand side (from the front), 30mm from the back edge.
The fitting (fig. 2) is made up of: 1 elbow fitting “A”, 1 gasket “F”
The hob must be installed in a room with adequate ventilation (see installation section).
Fit the supplied NG regulator to the elbow fitting “A” using two spanners (note the orientation of the NG regulator gas flow).
Connect the other side of the NG regulator to the gas inlet pipe with the correct ½” BSPT thread connector using two spanners.
Connect to the gas inlet pipe with the correct ½” BSPT thread connector (or using the appropriate adaptor) using two spanners. Connect the other end of the pipe to the cylinder pressure regulator with the appropriate LPG gas regulator.

The appliance is supplied with a gas connection oriented towards the center of the cooking hob. The connection to the gas supply must be effected only from this site or in a vertical position by turning the elbow downwards. To turn the elbow, first, loosen the nut. Adjust the position of the elbow to the final position and retighten the nut. Make sure that there are no leakages by testing with a soapy solution and brush.
Never attempt to turn the elbow “A” without having first slackened off the relative lock nipple.
The seal “F” (fig. 2) seals the gas connection. It is recommended that it be replaced when it begins to show even the slightest deformation or imperfection.
After connecting to the gas supply, check that the couplings are correctly sealed, using a soapy solution and a brush, but never a naked flame.
Where a flexible hose assembly is used, ensure it is approved to AS/NZS 1869, Class B Ø10mm, and no longer than 1m. Any hose assembly must be restrained from accidental contact with the flue outlet of an under-bench oven.

This operation can only be performed by an authorized person.
Remove the gratings and the burner covers;
Using a spanner, replace the nozzle injectors “J” (Fig.20) with either Natural Gas sized injectors or LPG-sized injectors. Ensure you replace the corresponding gas type label on the appliance after conversion.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 11

When switching from one type of gas to another, the minimum flow rate must also be correct. The flame should not go out even when passing suddenly from maximum to minimum flame. To regulate the flame follow the instructions below:
Light the burner
Set the gas valve to minimum
On gas valves provided with an adjustment screw in the center of the shaft (fig.21)
Using a screwdriver with max. diameter 3mm, turn the screw inside the tap until the correct setting is obtained.
On gas valves provided with the adjustment screw on the valve body (fig.22):
Turn the screw “A” to the correct setting with a screwdriver.

This can only be performed by an authorized person. It may be required if the gas taps become stiff and difficult to turn.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 12


  1. Make sure gas control knobs are Off and turn the cylinder valve On.
  2. Check for leaking joints by brushing with a solution of half-liquid detergent and half water. If a leak is present, bubbles will appear (or you may hear a hissing sound). Retightening connections can generally repair a leaking joint. You must also check the gas hose and connection at the gas cylinder.
    If a leak cannot be resolved, do not proceed.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 13 DO NOT USE NAKED FLAME FOR LOCATING GAS LEAKS.

Ensure the operation of the appliance is fully tested after cooktop installation is complete.
NOTE: If an appliance cannot be adjusted to perform correctly, contact your nearest service department.

Test And Adjusting Gas Pressure

NATURAL GAS – Appliance test point located at the regulator
The supplied regulator must be fitted to the appliance inlet connection. Gas pressure must be adjusted to 1.0 kPa when approximately 50% of the burners are on a high setting.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 14

UNIVERSAL LPG – Appliance test point located at the burner injector
Gas pressure must be checked to confirm the appliance operating pressure is 2.75 kPa, the appliance test point is the rapid burner injector as shown below.

  1. Disconnect power
  2. Manually light the auxiliary burner and set it to high flame
  3. Zero manometers, then apply flexible tubing to seal over the rapid burner injector, hold securely in place and check the gas pressure by pressing the corresponding burner control knob on the high flame position.
  4. If the pressure is 2.75 kPa, reassemble the burner and perform the final checks as per this instruction manual.
  5. If the pressure is not 2.75 kPa, disconnect the appliance and check/adjust/replace the LPG cylinder regulator(s) in accordance with AS/NZS OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 15

If the appliance is supplied with an LPG test point adaptor, then this component may be fitted to the inlet connection for the purpose of a test point.

Electrical Connections

Installation is only permitted by an authorized person and carried out according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. Incorrect installation might cause harm and damage to which the manufacturer accepts no responsibility. The electrical connection can be found 30mm from the rear edge and 280mm from the left-hand side (looking from the front).

This cooktop must be connected to a 220-240V 50Hz power supply. It is earthed via the cord. Before carrying out the connection to the power supply, the voltage rating of the appliance (stamped on the appliance identification plate) must be checked for correspondence to the available mains supply voltage, and the mains electric wiring should be capable of handling the hob’s power rating (also indicated on the identification plate);
The PowerPoint must be connected to suitable earth wiring, in conformity with current safety regulations. Ensure that the power supply is within 900mm of the cooktop. The power supply cord must not touch any hot surfaces and must be placed so that its temperature does not exceed 75 degrees C at any point along its length. The colors of the wires in the hob power cable may not correspond with the colors marked on the terminals of your electrical plug. The plug should in any case be wired as follows:
—connect the green/yellow wire to the terminal marked with the letter E or the earth symbol or colored green/yellow;
—connect the blue wire to the terminal marked with the letter N or colored black; —connect the brown wire to the terminal marked with the letter L or colored red.
After having installed the appliance, the power switch or power plug must always be in an accessible position.
Electrical connection diagram

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 16

N.B For connections to the mains power supply, never use adapters, reductions, or multiple power points as these may overheat and catch fire.
In the event that installation should require modifications to the mains supply wiring system or if the power plug is not suitable for the type of PowerPoint available, it is required that a qualified technician be called to carry out substitution.
The technician will also have to verify that the cross-section of the electric cables on the PowerPoint matches the appliance’s power rating.

Note: These tops are designed to be fitted into kitchen fixtures measuring 600 mm in depth.
In order to install the cooker top into the kitchen fixture, a hole with the dimensions shown on the cutting size board has to be made, keeping in consideration the following:

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 17

Within the fixture, between the bottom side of the cooker top and the upper surface of any other appliance or internal shelf there must be a clearance of at least 30 mm;
Keep at least 200mm from the periphery of the burners to any side or rear wall with combustible surfaces or keep the appliance sides at least 50mm from walls with non-combustible surfaces.
There must be a distance of at least 650 mm between the hob and any extractor hood or wall cupboard positioned immediately above it. The distance to an overhead exhaust fan must be at least 750mm.
The duplicate data plate should be fixed in an accessible position close to the appliance (inside the face of the cupboard door, side of the cabinet, etc).
Note: Keep a safe distance away from combustible constructions.
After installation, all burners should be tested individually and together to ensure correct operation.

The fixture has to be made according to specific requirements in order to prevent the gas burners from going out, even when the flame is turned down to a minimum, due to pressure changes while opening or closing the cupboard doors.
When the hob is installed above a cupboard with doors, a separate panel must be installed underneath it. Leave a gap of at least 30 mm clearance between the cooker top and the surface of the panel (fig.13), which must be easily removable to allow sufficient access for any servicing procedures. NOTE: When installing above a cupboard, a dividing shelf (as above) must be installed. If installed above an under-bench oven, this is not required. Installation of an oven without a cooking fan underneath the hob is forbidden.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 18

Every cooker top is provided with a set of tabs for fitting to the unit with thickness from 3 to 4 cm and a seal with adhesive on one side.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 19

  • Remove burners and grids.
  • Turn the cooker top over and rest the top face on a cloth.
  • Apply the self-adhesive seal “G” as illustrated in (fig.14).
  • Slot the cooker top into the unit and position it.
  • Position the cooker top in the recess and secure by means of the brackets as shown in fig.15 (for 3 or 4 cm thick worktop).

Extractor hoods connected directly to the outside must be provided, to allow the products of combustion of the gas appliance to be discharged (fig.16).
If this is not possible, an electric fan may be used, attached to the external wall or the ceiling above the cooktop. The fan should have a capacity to circulate air at an hourly rate of 3-5 times the total volume of the kitchen (fig.17).

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 20

Operating Instructions

The knob on your gas cooktop controls both ignition and the safety device. Proceed as follows to ignite the burners:
Press down & turn the knob for the burner you would like to use. Keep the knob strongly pressed in for approximately 1 second to allow the ignitor to light the gas, and allow the thermocouple to heat up. Release the knob after approximately 1 second. The flame can be adjusted by turning the knob anti-clockwise until it reaches the desired size. Only turn the knob between the High and Low settings, otherwise, the burner will turn off.
To turn off the burner, push down & rotate the knob around to the ‘Off’ position.
Note: If the burner does not light within 12-15 seconds, turn the control knob back to the ‘Off’ position, and attempt re-ignition after 1 minute. This will allow any unburned gas to escape from the burner area.
If the burner does not light, firstly check that the cooktop is connected to electricity. If connected ensure that the gas is turned on and that the electrodes are sparking.
Also, ensure that all burner caps are placed correctly on the burner rings.

For greater efficiency and less gas consumption, use pots and pans with the right diameters for the burners.
Avoid having flames extending out from underneath the pans (refer to the table in the appliance details section for recommended sizing).
When cooking, always try to use a pot or pan with a flat base. Pots & pans with an uneven or curved base will cause the burner to run inefficiently and will take longer to cook your food.
Always heat the water to boiling point before placing food items to be cooked. After the water has boiled, the heat setting can be dropped to maintain the desired cooking temperature. This will speed up the cooking time and is more efficient.
In the event of a power outage, your gas cooktop can still be used. Press & turn the desired knob to the
‘High’ position and light with a match. Depress the knob after approx. 3 seconds and continue to operate the burner.
Large utensils exceeding the recommended size can cause excessive heat to reflect back onto the appliance, potentially damaging the appliance and causing a temperature hazard.

This safety device automatically closes the gas valve if there is any disruption of the gas flow to the appliance, or if the gas flame goes out.

Cleaning and Storage

Please follow the maintenance & cleaning guidelines below to keep your Omega cooktop in good working order.
The cooktop should be cleaned regularly with all stains and boilovers being cleaned up. Do not allow stains and boilovers to become burnt onto the appliance.
Please ensure the cooktop is cold when cleaning, to avoid burns from hot components.
Try to minimize the use of specialized cleaning products. Attempt to clean with soapy water and a sponge. If this is not successful, a mild cleaner can be used.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourer-type pads to clean the appliance. These can damage the Stainless
Steel finish or scratch the glass top surface.
A stainless steel cleaner can be applied which gives the cooktop an extra shine. Only apply after cleaning with soapy water.
Avoid leaving acidic or alkaline substances on the cooktop.
Burners and enameled components are only to be washed with soapy water & sponges. Do not use abrasive cleaners on these components.
When cleaning burner components, please ensure that they are fully dry before replacing them on the cooktop and before use.
Ensure that all components are placed back onto the cooktop correctly. Failure to do so can cause problems with the burners igniting and functioning correctly. See diagrams on the following page for how to put the burners back together.

When fitting the wok burner together, it is very important to check that the burner flame distributor (F) and the cap (C) are correctly positioned (fig. 6). Failure to do so can cause problems with ignition and also the way in which the burner operates.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 21

Check that the electrode (S) is always clean to ensure trouble-free sparking.
Check that the probe (T) is always clean to ensure the correct operation of the safety valves (for models with safety devices).
The Wok burner must be correctly positioned (see fig.7). The burner rib must lock into position on the assembly below. If positioned correctly, the burner will not rotate (fig.8).
Then position the enamel cap A and the enamel ring B (fig.8).
The four holes around the outside of the crown must always be kept clean.
When cleaning, remove the flame divider (fig.9) and use a cotton bud, toothbrush, or a stiff wire brush to clean out any incrustations or dirt from the four holes marked “H” (fig.10).
This procedure is necessary to ensure the burner functions correctly.

omega OCG32XCOM Gas Cooktop Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 22


Clean burner tops and trivets at least once a week, or after any spillage. Check injectors are not blocked and the electrode and probe are clean.
Gas inlet pipes should be checked periodically for leakages (see the section on leak testing) a minimum of every 12 months.
Lubrication of gas valves – This can only be performed by an authorized person. It may be required if the gas tap becomes stiff and difficult to turn.

Fault Possible cause (corrective action)
No spark / No ignition of the gas. Power outage, appliance power turned off at isolation switch, fuse blown/tripped, no gas to the appliance (check supplies). Spillage of liquid over the burner (clean up spillage on burner components). Burner not assembled correctly (Refer to assembly instruction manual).
The burner ignites but the flame goes out when control knobs are released. The control knob was not depressed down enough when igniting the burner, control knob was released from the ignition mode too early (try the ignition again). Spillage of liquid over the burner (clean up spillage on burner components). Burner not assembled correctly (Refer to assembly instruction manual). Faulty thermocouple (technician call out required call Service Centre).
Erratic / Abnormal flames or noise when operating the appliance. Burner not assembled correctly (Refer to assembly instructions). Spillage of liquid over the burner (Clean up the spillage on burner components). The oversize cooking vessel being used on the appliance (use smaller cooking vessels). Internal ignition of the burner (Turn off gas and reignite burner). The wrong gas type is being used (check supply and data labels).

Notes / Service History

Australian & New Zealand Product Warranty Statements of Standard Warranty Conditions

Australian Customers
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

New Zealand Customers
Nothing herein contained shall be construed in any way as excluding or limiting your rights under the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993.

Our Warranty
This product is also covered by the manufacturer’s warranty set out in this document (Our Warranty). Our Warranty is for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase and for refrigeration appliances will have an additional thirty-six (36) months after the first twenty-four (24) months on the Sealed System (PARTS only) Compressor & condenser etc. The labor cost to replace these parts is the responsibility of the customer. This is in addition to (and does not exclude, restrict or modify) any rights or remedies to which you may already be entitled under the Australian Consumer Law or the New Zealand Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 relating to this product. Our Warranty (which is subject to the conditions below) covers rectification free of charge of any fault arising from defective materials or components, or faulty workmanship. The product will be repaired or replaced at the option of Omega, and all costs of installation, removal, cartage, freight traveling expenses, and insurance are to be paid by the customer. Our Warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  1. That the purchaser contacts Omega prior to any product repair.
  2. That the purchaser carefully follows all instructions provided with the product and complies with all relevant electrical & plumbing regulations in their State when installing the product.
  3. That the purchaser carefully follows the instructions provided in the owner’s handbook relating to the proper use and care of the product and does not use the product for any purpose other than the DOMESTIC use for which it has been designed. If the appliance is used in commercial applications or for rental purposes, Our Warranty is limited to a warranty of Twelve (12) months covering all parts with Three (3) months on any labor cost of service or repair.

Service Area
The provision of service under Our Warranty is limited by the boundary/territory area of the nearest service center. Traveling cost incurred for service outside this area is not covered by Our Warranty and service will incur commercial costs to be paid by the customer regulated by the number of kilometers traveled beyond the service area. These costs will be disclosed to you for acceptance by you prior to your claim being processed. Microwave ovens must be returned to your nearest Authorised Service Centre for repair as they are a carry-in serviceable appliance.

What is Covered by our Warranty
During the warranty period, Omega or its authorized Service Centre will, at no extra charge, if your appliance is readily accessible without the need of special equipment and subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty, repair or replace any parts that it considers defective.

What is not covered by our Warranty

  1. Products installed are damaged or incomplete or not in compliance with the relevant electrical & plumbing regulations in their State.
  2. Normal wear and tear e.g. cleaning, light globes, filters, etc.
  3. Failure resulting from power surges and electrical storms.
  4. Insect or vermin infestation.
  5. Unauthorized repairs or use of non-genuine Omega parts.
  6. Any failure caused by the product not being used in accordance with the instruction and the installation manual provided with the product.
  7. Misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service.
  8. The clearing of blockages in pumps and hoses.
  9. Damage that occurs during delivery or installation.
  10. Claims to product surface coating due to liquid or solid spill-overs, accidental damage, or damage caused from cleaning products not recommended by Omega.

How to Claim Our Warranty
While registering your warranty is not a requirement, for peace of mind you can register your warranty at
To make a claim under Warranty you will need to contact Omega in Australia or New Zealand by using the contact details below.
If you are contacting Omega regarding any warranty claims and spare parts inquiries, please make sure you have the following information on hand:

  1. Product Name/Model Number
  2. Serial Number/s
  3. Purchase Date (as per invoice or proof of purchase)
  4. Purchased From
  5. Warranty Registration Number (if registered)

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