PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual & troubleshooting

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

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  • Prozis reserves the right to adjust or modify the product or any of the associated documentation in order to ensure its suitability for use, at any time and without prior notice.

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  • The packaging that protects the device against transport damage is made from non-polluting materials that can be disposed of via local recycle bins.

Safety warnings


  • This symbol, when combined with the note Danger, means high risk. Failure to observe this warning may lead to injury to life and limb.


  •  This product is not intended for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory or mental impairments or lacking experience and knowledge, unless when they are supervised or instructed in the safe use of the product, and understand the risks involved.• Children must not play with the device.
  • Packing materials are not toys. Children must not play with the packing materials. There is a suffocation risk.
  •  Cleaning and maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision.
  •  Keep the device out of the reach of children.

To prevent harm or damage from happening to users or others, make sure to comply with the following requirements.

  •  Please consult your physician before engaging in any physical activity. Do not exercise at all if you are feeling sick or unwell or if any other complaints arise.
  • Poor training technique can lead to injuries. Use this equipment properly and warm up before working out.
  • This product is intended for personal use only. Do not use it for professional purposes.
  •  Check the equipment for worn or damaged parts before and after each use. Do not use it if it, or parts of it, are visibly damaged.


  •  1 × Prozis Kore 4-Wheel AB Rolle
  • 2 x Knee Pad
  •  1 x Quick Guide


PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

  1. Wheel AB Roller
  2. Handles
  3.  Wheels
  4.  Knee Pads



  •  Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean this device. They can damage its upper surface!
  •  Wipe it gently with a damp cloth or a paper towel.


  • When no longer using the device, store the product in a dry environment, protected from dust and direct
  • Store your equipment inside the original case provided


How to use

  • To use this equipment, either while kneeling or in a plank position, push your core forward
    while maintaining your balance, and slowly push the device away from your body.
  • The side wheels will retract and the frame will change within seconds.

  Assembling instructions:

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual  & troubleshooting 4

 Operating instructions:

PROZIS Kore 4-Wheel AB Roller User Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Warranty statement

All electrical and electronic products commercialized by Prozis via are covered by the warranty applicable to the purchase and sale of consumer goods.

This document contains the terms and conditions of Prozis’ warranty for final consumers. This warranty is valid exclusively for consumers who purchase the product for non-professional purposes.


  • Prozis guarantees the product is to remain free from material and production defects for a 2-year period, counting from the date of initial purchase by a consumer and respective deliv-ery, or for longer if legally established by the applicable national law.
  • In the event that repair is required, this 2-year period is suspended during repair time.

The gradual performance decrease caused by prolonged use of the product’s consumable components, such as batteries, is not covered by this warranty unless the malfunction is caused by faulty design, materials or production.


If the need arises to exercise the rights conceded to you through this warranty, please contact Prozis customer service via the communication channels provided on the Prozis website, and follow the provided instructions or recommendations. Contact and technical assistance information is also provided at the end of this warranty.
Any claims made regarding this warranty will only be valid if proof of purchase is presented by the original customer. This proof of purchase may be the original invoice or receipt, as long as it includes information regarding the date of purchase and the product’s model name.

Any repairs made under this warranty cannot be made by third parties. This warranty does not apply to any repairs, or damage caused directly by such repairs, that have impacted or caused the damage that is the subject of the respective warranty claim.

The following situations are not covered by this warranty:

  1. Any wear and tear of parts and components resulting from normal product use.
  2. Cracks, dents, scratches, and other types of superficial damage that only affect the product’s appearance.
  3. Any malfunction caused by inappropriate use of the product that does not comply with user manual instructions.
  4. Use and storage of the product not complying with user manual instructions.
  5.  Opening of the product by a third party who is not authorized to proceed to its repair.
  6.  Altering or changing parts or components, whether internal or external.
  7.  Damage caused by battery leakage resulting from the breaking of any of its components, or from product misuse.
  8.  Malfunction or damage due to reasons that cannot be ascribed to the production or design of the product.
  9.  Use of the product in the context of a business, occupation or commerce.
  10.  Malfunction due to use that does not comply with the technical or security norms in force, or with user manual instructions.
  • The services provided by Prozis in order to repair or fix any fault or malfunction resulting from the verification of any of the aforementioned excluded situations will be subject to payment of labor, transport and component costs.
  • The customer shall bear all risks of loss and damage to the product during transportation to Prozis. This warranty will be void if the returned product arrives with labels or stickers that have been removed, damaged, tampered with or modified in any way.

Prozis cannot be held responsible for indirect damage or loss due to usage of the product.


  • To request warranty service, you must first contact Prozis customer service via the communication channels provided on the Prozis website, and follow the provided instructions and recommendations.
  • Send back the product inside its original packaging, including all accessories and documentation, to the following address:
    Rua do Cais nº 198
    4830-345 Póvoa de Lanhoso
    Braga – Portugal


  • Prozis is always available for additional clarification through their customer service communication channel at


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