Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual & troubleshooting


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Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1
contactless infrared thermometer

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Scope of delivery:

1 x CR2032 battery,
1 x instruction manual

Device description:
1. On/off key and scan key
2. Display
3. Measuring sensor
4. Cap for temple measurement
5. Memory key (measured value memory) / Time setting key
6. Battery compartment

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 3

7. measuring
8. Position in measured value memory
9. Measured value
10. Celsius
11. Time
12. Measuring mode: Ear
13. Measuring mode: Temple
14. Battery condition icon
15. Measuring mode: Ambient temperature/object temperature
16. Measured body temperature is within normal range

17. Measured body temperature has increased (fever)

Ear and temple thermometer

Congratulations on your purchase of your new reer thermometer. This innovative thermometer enables you to measure body temperature at the temples and in the ear reliably in a matter of seconds.

You can also quickly and easily determine the temperature of surfaces (e.g. the surface temperature of bathwater, baby bottles) thanks to the extended 0°C-100°C measuring range. The unique measuring technology with a modern infrared sensor guarantees that every measurement is precise and reliable if applied correctly. We are convinced that you will enjoy the quality of our products for many years to come.

Please read the instruction manual before using the device for the first time to instruction manual in a safe place for future reference.

General safety instructions

  • Check the device for visible damage before each use. If you detect any damage, the device may not be used.
  • The thermometer is intended for private use.
  • The measuring sensor should be cleaned after each use with a soft cloth ampened with disinfectant.
  • Always see a doctor in case of high fever or ambiguous measuring results.
  • Children should not use the device without help from adults. Medical products are no toys.
  • The infra-red technology in your reer thermometer is absolutely safe. Although it is not harmful to look through the lens while the temperature is being measured, it is not recommended.
  • The device may not be opened, with the exception of the cover on the battery compartment. No modifications may be made to the device. If a device should not work correctly, please contact your dealer.
  • Keep the battery out of the reach of children. There is a risk of swallowing.
  • Do not subject the device to physical shocks.
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight.
  • The thermometer is not water-proof and must not be immersed in water or directly in liquid.

Interesting facts about infrared temperature measurement

The thermometer measures the infrared energy emitted at the temple or ear. In this process, the value of the energy emitted at the temple is measured and, together with the ambient temperature, converted into a body temperature value. The measuring result is shown within one second. A fever condition is present if the body temperature rises above 38 degree Celsius. Fever is a sign of our body battling with pathogens. Measurements from various body parts should not be compared, since a temperature range is normal for a human body even in a fever-free condition.

The body core temperature (rectal measurement) and ear temperature (in the eardrum) may quite normally be higher compared to the surface temperature (measured at the temple), depending on the fever trend. When the temperature is rising, the body conserves the heat internally. This leads to the skin cooling down temporarily, despite the existing fever condition. In this case, the surface temperature measured at the temple may be unusually low.

We recommend measuring the body core temperature with a rectal clinical thermometer in the following cases:

  • If the measuring result is surprisingly low
  • For newborn babies during the first 100 days
  • For children under the age of 3 with a vulnerable immune system or who react alarmingly in case of fever or the absence of fever.

If you are unsure about the interpretation of the results or in case of abnormal values (e.g. fever), you should consult a physician.

Before first use
New devices are supplied with the battery (CR2032) already fitted. Before using the unit for the first time, remove the battery protection strip from the battery compartment.

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 4

The batteries included must not be recharged or reactivated by other
means, may not be disassembled, exposed to fire or short-circuited.
Remove the batteries from the device if it is not used for a long period
of time.

Tips for precise and reliable temperature measurement

  • Before each measurement, ensure that the sensor is clean. If it is not, please clean the device as described on page 21.
  • Vasoconstrictive medication may affect the measuring value..
  • Portable and mobile communication devices may affect the device.
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes before measuring after doing sports or exercise, after a bath or after a meal.
  • If possible, only use the thermometer indoors, not outdoors. External influences such as wind and the outside temperature can affect the measuring result.
  • If the device has been in an environment with extreme temperatures, keep it at room temperature for at least one hour before measuring.
  • If the thermometer is held in your hand for too long before measuring, the device heats up. This can affect the measuring result.
  • This thermometer has been designed to measure the body temperature at the temple or in the ear. If you measure at another part of the body, the measuring data may be inaccurate.

Measuring body temperature
Measuring at the temple

The body temperature is measured above the eyebrow between the forehead
and the temple.

Make sure the temples are free of dirt and cosmetics. Avoid measuring on possibly existing scars.

Measuring in the ear
To ensure precise temperature measurement in the ear, the sensor tip must point towards the eardrum in the ear canal. Due to the curvature of the ear canal within the ear, the ear must be pulled slightly upwards and back for measuring, so that the sensor tip points directly towards the eardrum.

Make sure the ear is free of moisture and earwax.

Note: In infants under six months of age, the eardrum is still so narrow that the temperature of the eardrum often cannot be determined, which often results in excessively low measurements. We therefore recommend measuring the temperature of infants under 6 months at the temple.

Caution: Do not measure the temperature in the ear in case of inflammatory illnesses (e.g. inflammation of the middle ear), after possible ear injury (e.g. damaged eardrums) or during post-operative recovery periods. If any of these cases apply, please consult your physician.

Fever warning and signal tone
The thermometer features a built-in fever warning

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5

If the device registers an increased body temperature, the body temperature should be constantly monitored and a physician should be consulted if the patient‘s condition is unclear.

Measuring object/ambient temperature
Liquids should be measured outside the container, if possible, to avoid the deposition
of moisture on the sensor.

The device is not water-proof and thus must not be immersed in water
or directly in liquid.

The „object/ambient temperature“ mode only displays the radiation temperature of the surface/room temperature and does not give any indication regarding the body temperature. This measuring mode thus cannot be used for measuring a fever temperature.

Remove any water, dust or dirt from the measurement object to improve measurement accuracy.

Setting the time

The time must be set before using the thermometer for the first time and after every battery change; the time is then displayed in idle mode, alternating with the room temperature.

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 6

Note: Battery consumption in idle mode is minimal. If you do not want anything
displayed in idle mode, you can skip setting the time.

Automatic idle mode
The device automatically switches to idle mode after approximately 30 seconds of inactivity. The time is then displayed, alternating with the ambient temperature.

Measured value memory
The thermometer automatically saves the temperature values of the last 19 measurements. If the 19 storage spaces are exceeded, the oldest available value is overwritten.

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 7

Cleaning and maintenance
The sensor is the most sensitive part of the infra-red thermometer. Please be careful not to scratch the surface of the measuring sensor. If the sensor is dirty, carefully clean it with a cotton swab soaked with alcohol or a mild detergent (e.g. a highly diluted dish washing detergent). Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Clean the case and display with a soft dry cloth or an alcohol pad. The device is not water-proof and thus must not be immersed in water or exposed to direct humidity. This product does not require any special maintenance. Repairs must be carried out by skilled personnel only.

Technical specification

Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 8

Metrological control
As a rule, an inspection of the thermometer is not required. For devices used in medical practice, the German Medical Products Operator Ordinance of 29 June 1998 requires a metrological control after 2 years.


Reer SkinTemp 3-in-1 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 9

Legal basis for putting the device in circulation in the EU: The manufacturer has been certified by the certification agency SGS United Kingdom Ltd. as the body nominated by the EU according to the Directive 93/42/ EEC for medical products. This device complies with the European standard EN60601-1-2 on electromagnetic compatibility and the ASTM E 1965 „standard specifications for infra-red thermometers for intermittent determination of patient temperature“.

Please retain your receipt, the user manual and item number. Warranty claims or claims from promises of guarantee must be processed by the dealer. The technical specification, information and characteristics of the product described herein have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief and are correct at the time of printing. Any information provided by reer should be correct and authoritative. Nevertheless, reer does not accept liability for potential errors in this document and reserves the right to make changes to the product design and/or specifications without prior notice. Reproduction and disclosure of information contained in this copyright-protected document, in any form or by any means – graphical, electronic or mechanical by photocopying, recording on tape or storage in a data retrieval system (even in part), require prior written consent from reer.

Environmental protection: At the end of its life, this product must not be disposed of as normal domestic waste, but should be recycled at a collection point for electrical appliances. Please see the relevant symbol on the product, in the user manual and packaging. Materials can be recycled as specified. Do not put used batteries into household waste. Instead they should be disposed of as hazardous waste or with a battery collection station provided by the dealer. An important contribution to the protection of the environment can be made by reusing the unit, recycling its components or otherwise reusing old appliances. Please contact your local council to find out more about an appropriate disposal centre.

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