RemotePro FAAC Instructions

RemotePro FAAC Instructions & troubleshooting

RemotePro FAAC Instructions  & troubleshooting 1

RemotePro FAAC

  1. Open your motor/control panel which will either be located on the gate motor or will be inside of a box mounted to the wall close to the motor.
  2. Once the cover has been removed, please locate the receiver board which is a small circuit board attached to a larger circuit board.
  3. Once you have identified the receiver board you must locate the learn button (please see image below)
  4. Push the learn button one and release.
  5. A red light will illuminate for 10 seconds.
  6. Now push and hold the button you wish to control the gate on your new remote for 2-3 seconds and the light on the receiver will flicker to indicate the remote has been learnt.
  7. Test your new remote to ensure it operates the gate.
  8. If you have purchased additional remotes, please repeat steps 4-7 for each remote.

RemotePro FAAC Instructions  & troubleshooting 2

  1. Press and hold the + or Logic button located on the right of the motor. Whilst still holding + or Logic, press the setup button below and the Radio 1 LED will begin to flash.
  2. Let go of both buttons and push and hold the button on the new remote that you wish to operate the door.
  3. Once the Radio 1 LED has stopped flashing you can release the remote button.
  4. Test the remote.RemotePro FAAC Instructions  & troubleshooting 3

RemotePro FAAC Instructions  & troubleshooting 4


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