SACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones User Manual

SACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones User Manual & troubleshooting

SACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

SACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones

SACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones User Manual  & troubleshooting 2

Thank you for purchasing the TOUCHit Bluetooth & Active Noise Cancellation headphone from SACKit. Please read the entire instruction manual before using the product and save it for future reference. We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or missions in text, images, and technical data. If you have any questions regarding technical problems please contact our customer services. We hope you will enjoy your new TOUCHit headphones.
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Box contents

  1. TOUCHit headphone
  2. Fabric travel pouch
  3. 3.5mm audio cable
  4. USB charging cable
  5. Quick start guide
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When you first get your TOUCHit headphones you need to charge them before they are ready for use. TOUCHit is charged by using the included USB cable.
Charge TOUCHit for 4 hours minimum before using the product the first time.
Please turn off your headphones after use to prolong battery life.

PRODUCT OVERVIEWSACKit TOUCHit Wireless Headphones User Manual  & troubleshooting 3


Here follows a description of all the products features. Please use the Overview in the beginning of this user manual to locate them on the TOUCHit (page 4).

  1. Double doughnut design
    • The double doughnut ear cushions ensure both comfort and sound quality by directing sound at you and encapsulates the whole sound without being uncomfortable to wear for a longer time.
  2. Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)
    • Press the Active noise cancellation button to activate ANC
    • With ANC activated you can minimize background noise to further enjoy your music
  3. LED Charging Indicator
    • Turns on when TOUCHit is charging
  4. Charging port
    • Charging port for the included USB charging cable
  5. Headband
    • Adjustable headband to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone
  6. Volume up/down
    • Volume buttons used to adjust the volume of TOUCHit
    • Also used to skip to next or previous song
  7. X Button
    • Master function button
    • Used to power TOUCHit on and off
    • Plays and pause music when the headset is in Bluetooth mode
    • Accepts and rejects incoming calls
  8. Power indicator
    • Indicates when TOUCHit is turned on and off
    • Flashes when TOUCHit is in Bluetooth pairing mode
  9. 3.5mm AUX
    • 3.5 mm AUX jack connection to connect the headset to a device without Bluetooth
    • In-line use is possible when the battery is empty


How to pair TOUCHit and your device

  1. For first use: Long press the X Button for 10 seconds. After the first 5 seconds, you will hear the ON sound. Keep pressing the button for another 5 seconds to turn on pairing mode, indicated by flashing the power indicator red and blue
  2. Switch on Bluetooth on your device
  3. Choose “TOUCHit” under Bluetooth settings on your device. Your headphones are now con- nected with your device
  4. Start playing music on your device
  5. Long press the X button to turn off your TOUCHit headphones
  6. TOUCHit will automatically pair with the last connected device

To connect to a new device make sure that the previous connected device is disconnected otherwise connecting opportunity won’t appear on the new device.

Operation instructions for use after first pairing

  1. After first time pairing your TOUCHit headphones and
  2. Bluetooth device will automatically reconnect, the LED light will blink blue once TOUCHit is successfully paired.
  3. Turn the headphones on by holding down the X button until you hear the ON sound
  4. Long press X button to turn off TOUCHit
    Note: If the pairing is not successful, please turn the headphone off and back on and retry pairing.

Operation instructions for in-line use
Use the 3.5mm audio cable when you do not wish to use Bluetooth connection or when the battery needs recharging. In-line use is possible when the battery is empty.

For in-line use:

  • Connect the 3.5mm plug into your TOUCHit Headphone 3.5mm jack, then connect the other 3.5mm plug to your device 3.5mm jack
  • Adjust the volume using the controls on your mobile phone
  • Enjoy the music

How to use the Active Noise Cancellation function

  1. Push the ANC button on the left ear cup turning on the green LED light and you can enjoy the headphones in Active Noise Cancellation mode
  2. When you don’t need the Active Noise Cancellation function, turn the ANC function of by pushing the ANC button
  3. Active Noise Cancellation can be activated and deactivated even when the TOUCHit Headphone is turned off. The Active Noise Cancellation will also remain on even when you turn the TOUCHit Headphone off.

Battery information

  • Battery: rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery, DC: 3.7V/500mAh
  • Power: USB DC5V, Please use the USB cable sealed with our headphone for charging
  • Charging Time: For first time use please be sure the battery has been charged fully before use. It needs more than 4 hours of charging the first time, then 2-3 hours for recharging
  • When the red light is on, the headphone is in charge mode. The red light will turn off when the battery is fully charged.


Here follows a description of the setup of the product. A detailed description of the button’s and functionality can be found at pages 4 to 5.

Playing Music with TOUCHit

When TOUCHit connects with the mobile phone or Bluetooth transmitter, you can enjoy music through the headphone wirelessly.

Functions Status of headphone Operation
Pause Playing music Short Press X button
Play Pausing Short Press X button
Next track Playing music Short press volume+ button
Previous track Playing music Short press volume–button
Volume up Playing music Long press Volume + button
Volume down Playing music Long press Volume – button

Making calls with TOUCHit
When TOUCHit connected to your device, you can answer and take calls through the headphones wirelessly.

Functions Status of headphone Operation
Redial Last number Standby mode Short press X button twice quickly
Volume up Conversation mode Short press Volume + button
Volume down Conversation mode Short press Volume – button
Answering calling Ringing Short press X button
End call Conversation mode Short press X button
Reject calling Ringing Press and hold X button for one second until you hear indication sound
Transfer the calling between headset and Bluetooth devices Conversation mode Press and hold the X button for 3 seconds can transfer the conversation from headset to mobile phone .

Then press and hold the X button for 3 seconds to transfer the conversation

back from mobile phone to headphone .

Note: Not all the mobile phones support all the functions listed above. Please refer to the instruction of your device. Some functions and indication tones may vary with depending on the device.


If you have trouble using your TOUCHit we ask you to try the following solutions. If these solutions does not fix your problem please contact our customer service at [email protected]

I experience issues with stability and connection

  • Try to delete the pairing between TOUCHit and your device on the device. You do this by accessing the Bluetooth settings on your device and choose “forget TOUCHit”. Now pair TOUCHit and your device by following the description found on 6

TOUCHit is not playing music while connected to my device

  • Please check volume on your audio device to make sure it is outputting sound
  • If you use in-line please make sure that the 3.5mm plug is fully inserted into your audio device and headset. And please make sure the headphone plug and audio device’s jack sticks are clean
  • If TOUCHit is used wirelessly and still is not playing music, you manually have to choose to play from TOUCHit in your device settings. Please refer to the instruction of your device or specific app for further information

I’m hearing a beep-sound in my headset

  • When TOUCHit makes a beep-sound, they need recharging. Please charge your headphones fully

I don’t feel like TOUCHit is comfortable to wear

  • Please adjust the length headband by pull/pushing the earcups to adjust to headset for a comfortable fit

I can’t turn on my headset

  • Please recharge your headset by leaving the headset in the charger for minimum 4 hours


  1. Kindly switch off TOUCHit before you clean your headset and remove it from the power supply
  2. Do not use any chemicals to clean the product. If you need to clean the headset, please use a soft cloth with a mild cleaner
  3. During cleaning please be aware to avoid water in the USB port, speakers, microphone, and buttons. Large amounts of water and fluids may damage the headset 4. Use a soft, dry, and lint-free cloth to gently clean the speaker fabric.

NOTE: Avoid using sharp objects to clean TOUCHit earbuds and charging case


  • Model: TOUCHit Bluetooth and ANC headphones
  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Operating distance: 10M
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Charging current: 220mA
  • Music playing time:
    • 25 hours (bluetooth on, ANC off)
    • 18 hours (Bluetooth on, ANC on)
  • Call time: 25 hours
  • ANC solution: MAX
  • Noise reduction performance: up to 22dB
  • Driver Unit: Ø40mm
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedence: ANC_OFF:80Ω ANC_ON :110Ω
  • Size: 78x180x165mm
  • Weight: 230g


Please read the following information and operate the product and accessories accordingly to ensure correct and safe use of the product. We are not responsible for damage caused by failure to comply with the instructions or irresponsible use of the product.

To prevent any fires or electrical hazards please act according to the following guidelines:

  • Do not disassemble or replace any parts of this device. Please contact professional maintenance or qualified service center if there is any damage to the device.
  • Do not place in any liquid
  • If any liquids flows inside the product, please shut down the product and contact customer service center
  • Do not place this device in or close to sources of excessive heat or fire. (Such as: candles, fireplaces or direct sunlight)
  • Please shut down in lightning weather
  • Keep this device away from any dust and vibration.
  • Do not use excessive force when using any of the control buttons.
  • If the product is below 5°C when you receive it, please open the product packaging and wait for it to reach room temperature.
  • To prevent overheating of the product is it necessary to keep a cleared area of 10 cm around the product while charging
  • Be sure to place this device on stable, flat and level surfaces while charging.


TOUCHit is made from recyclable and high quality materials. Do not dispose of together with living garbage. Please understand the local classification about collecting electronical, electrical products that contains batteries. Correct disposal of the product will help to prevent negative impact to the environment.


Please contact our customer service if you have a complaint or a broken TOUCHit headset. If your headset has a defect, please inform your serial number, when you contact us.


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