Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual & troubleshooting


Forehead contact thermometer
Model: SFT 40

Please read these instructions for use carefully and observe the information they contain.

1. Safety notes

1.1 Risks to the user

  • Only use the device once you have read and understood these instructions for use.
  • Retain these instructions for use. The instructions for use must be accessible to all users. All instructions must be followed.
  • The device is only intended for the purpose stated in these instructions for use.
  • Children must not be allowed to use the device. Medical products are not toys.
  • Do not use the device if it is damaged or if error messages appear in the display.
  • The device has been designed for practical use, but is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor.
  • This device is not intended for commercial or clinical use.
  • Should you have any questions about using the device, please contact either your retailer or Customer Services.
  • Do not open the device, except to replace the batteries.
  • Clean the device after every use. Cleaning the device 8. Cleaning and maintenance.

1.2 Risks to the device

  • Do not subject the device to mechanical impacts.
  • Do not expose the device to direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose the device to liquids. The device is not waterproof. Avoid all direct contact with water or other liquids.
  • Have the device repaired by authorised service centres only, otherwise its warranty is invalidated.
  • Portable and mobile HF communication systems may interfere with this device. For more details, please contact Customer Services at the address indicated.

1.3 Usage instructions

  • Measure the temperature exclusively at the temple artery between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline.
  • Use the thermometer only on dry, clean skin; wipe away any perspiration with a dry cloth.
  • Keep hair away from the measuring area, and use only on bare skin.
  • Do not use on scars, irritated skin, open wounds or grazes.
  • Do not use if the skin has been warmed or cooled by sunlight, open fi res, the fl ow of air from air-conditioning systems or cold/warm compresses.
  • Wait at least 2 minutes between 2 successive measurements, so that the device can adjust back to room temperature.
  • If the device is stored outside the operating temperature (see Technical data), it must be allowed to adjust to room temperature before the measurement is taken. We therefore recommend storing the device in living spaces to ensure immediate operational readiness.

2. Information about this thermometer
The temperature measurement varies depending on the part of the body where the measurement is taken. In a healthy person, the variance can be between 0.4°F – 1.8°F (0.2 °C – 1 °C) in different parts of the body.

Normal temperature range with various thermometers

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 3


  • Temperatures measured with diff erent thermometers should never be compared with one another.
  • Tell your doctor what type of thermometer you used to take your temperature and in what part of the body. Also bear this in mind if you are diagnosing yourself.

Influences on body temperature

• A person’s individual metabolism
• Age
Body temperature is higher in babies and toddlers than in adults. Greater temperature fl uctuations occur faster and more often in children. Normal body temperature decreases with age.
• Clothing
• Ambient temperature
• Time of day
Body temperature is lower in the morning and increases throughout the day towards evening.
• Activities
Physical and, to a lesser extent, mental activities increase body temperature.

Taking the body temperature provides a current measurement of a person’s temperature. If you are uncertain about interpreting the results or if the values are abnormal (e.g. fever), please consult your doctor. This also applies in the case of slight temperature changes if there are other symptoms of illness such as agitation, severe sweating, fl ushed skin, fast pulse rate, tendency to collapse, etc.

3. Unit description

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 4

1. Measuring sensor
2. Display
3. On/Off button
4. Battery compartment (rear)

4. Measuring temperature

Press the On/Off button. A beep is output. All segments in the display light up.

The result of the previous measurement is shown in the display for approx. 2 seconds.

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 5

Wait until the measured value and the hourglass symbol have disappeared from the display. 2 beeps indicate that the thermometer is ready to take a measurement. Do not begin measuring until both beeps have been output.

Hold the measuring sensor of the thermometer in the centre of the temple between the eyesocket and the hairline. Correct placement and good skin contact are the prerequisites for reliable measuring values!

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 6

The measurement starts automatically as soon as the measuring sensor is placed at the measuring point. A status bar indicates that the measurement is in progress.

To avoid falsifying the measuring result, it is important to remain still during the measurement and not to move the thermometer!

After approx. 6-8 seconds, a long beep is output and the measuring result is shown in the display. After 1 minute, the device switches off automatically. You can also switch off the thermometer manually by pressing the On/Off button.

5. Setting the measurement unit
The thermometer can display the temperature in both degrees Celsius (°C) and degrees Fahrenheit (°F). To switch between these measurement units, proceed as follows with the device switched off :
Press and hold the On/Off button until the device switches from °C to °F or vice versa.

6. Error messages

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 7
Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 8

7. Batteries
The device requires two AAA (LR03) batteries.

  • Open the battery compartment. For this purpose, slide down the battery compartment lid on the back.
  • Take the used batteries out of the battery compartment.
  • Insert new batteries. Make sure that the batteries are inserted the right way round.
  • Close the battery compartment. The battery compartment lid must engage audibly.
Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 9
  • Remove the batteries from the device if you do not intend to use it for longer periods, so that the thermometer cannot be damaged by leaking batteries.

Used batteries should not be disposed of in normal household waste. You are legally required to dispose of the batteries. Dispose of them via your electronics retailer or your local recycling point. Notes: The codes below are printed on batteries containing harmful substances: Pb = Battery contains lead, Cd = Battery contains cadmium, Hg = Battery contains mercury. The batteries in this device do not contain any pollutants.

8. Cleaning and maintenance

Clean the measuring head and the sensor with an alcohol swab (available from pharmacies) or with a cotton cloth soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Make sure that no liquid penetrates into the interior of the thermometer. Clean the housing with a dry cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, thinners or benzene, and never immerse the device in water or other cleaning liquids.
After cleaning, please wait 2 minutes before taking a measurement, so that the thermometer can adjust back to room temperature.

9. Storing the device

The device must not be stored or used at an excessively high or low temperature or humidity (see technical specifi cations), in sunlight, in association with an electrical current or in dusty locations. Otherwise inaccuracies can occur.
If prolonged storage is planned, you should remove the batteries. The device must be tested for accuracy (calibrated) after 3 years. For this, please send the complete device to the retailer’s or the service address.

10. Disposing of the device

Dispose of the device in accordance with EC Directive 2002/96/EC – WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). If you have any questions, please contact the local authorities responsible for waste disposal.

11. Technical data
If the device is used other than in accordance with the specifi cations, perfect functioning cannot be guaranteed! We reserve the right to make technical changes to improve and develop the product.

Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 10
Sanitas SFT 40 Thermometer Instruction Manual  & troubleshooting 11

12. Guidelines

  • This device complies with the EU Directive 93/42 EEC.
  • This device complies with ASTM E 1112.
  • This device complies with European Standard EN60601-1-2 and is subject to particular precautions with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.

13. Included in delivery

  • Thermometer
  • 2 x AAA (LR03) batteries
  • Instructions for use

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