schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide & troubleshooting

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 1

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 2

Before Installation

  1.  We recommend this appliance be installed or repaired by a qualified Schweigen Home Appliances technician.
  2.  Please see our website for recommended installers.
  3.  It is dangerous to modify any part of this appliance. Modification of any kind, will immediately void the warranty.
  4.  The manufacturer declines all responsibility in case of failure to adopt proper safety measures.
  5.  Ensure that the location in which this appliance is installed, has good and permanent ventilation.
  6.  Please consult local laws and regulations and install in accordance.
  7.  Use an electrical connector with earth that is correct for your location.
  8.  Check that the voltage in your area corresponds to the appliance as indicated on the rating label.
  9. This appliance must be connected to an electricity supply with a ground connection.
  10.  Check that the installation and electrical connections are made by a qualified technician and that the indicated instructions and local regulations in force are met, using materials that are compliant with the applicable legislation.
  11.  The company will not be responsible for installations executed by non-qualified staff and installations that fail to heed the applicable legislation on electrical safety (with regard to both modes and materials).
  12.  The electrical technical data can be found inside the rangehood, after removing the grease filters.
  13.  The flexible power cable supplied is already connected internally and emerges from the rangehood near the air outlet tube.
  14. . Before installing the electrical connections, you should: – Verify that the indicated electrical data coincide with the voltage values and frequency of the electrical circuit in the house where the rangehood is to be installed; – Check that the premises has electrical protection against short circuits and electrocution,pursuant to the applicable legislation;– Always switch off the current using the double-pole switch before maintenance and turn the power on again for normal use only when the operation has been completed.

Product Use

This product is designed for household use and should not be used for commercial applications. After use, always ensure that all controls are in the “OFF” position. When frying with a gas flame, take particular care not to allow the oil or grease in the pan to catch fire. (Flambé)
Ducted or Recirculating?
Ducted rangehoods (or extractor range hoods) extract the cooking fumes from the kitchen and expel them from the space via ducting. Good design practice would always see a fire-rated ducting system extend to the house exterior, rather than to the ceiling cavity. When a range hood is ducted only into the ceiling space, the collection of humidity and grease can present very real health issues and fire hazards. Recirculating (or non-ducted or filtered) rangehoods extract cooking fumes and pass them through filters. As the name would suggest, they recirculate this air back into the room. Recirculating range hoods are not as effective as removing fumes from a kitchen space, but they are sometimes the only option due to budgetary or building constraints. You should be made aware of the requirement to change and clean filters on a regular basis for the optimum efficiency of air filtering.
Electrical Cord
Ensure the supply cord is not exposed to heat, chemicals or sharp objects. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer.


  1.  200mm outlet
  2.  P.A. Filter Cover Panel
  3.  Filters
    NOTE: Filter and light quantity may vary from model to model.

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  • Cleaning the Interior
    Clean the interior of the range hood with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent or denatured alcohol. NOTE: Do not use denatured alcohol on the exterior of the rangehood. Do not clean the electric parts or the motor with liquids or solvents
  • Cleaning the Exterior
    We recommended using a soft cloth, water, and liquid soap, rinsing it well, and then drying it thoroughly. For better results, you can use high-quality cleaning and protection products (e.g. Steel Kleen) to clean your rangehood.

For this appliance to function effectively, regular maintenance is a must.

  •  The function of the filter is to absorb the grease particles given off during cooking.
  •  Clogged filters and heavy oil deposits restrict airflow and may cause the motor to overheat and become a fire hazard.
  •  Filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks or after 40 hours of use.
  •  For induction cooktops, please aim to clean them at least every 10 days, depending on use.
  •  The filters can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. – Washing by hand – Immerse the filter in hot water and a suitable detergent and when clean, rinse with plenty of hot water. – Dishwasher – Put the filter in the dishwasher and select a short program at low temperature. NOTE: The color of the metal mesh filters may change after several washes. This is normal and it is not necessary to change the filters.


Rangehood Size vs Cooktop Size
In addition to the size, the height of the rangehood above the cooktop is important to obtain the best performance.

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 4

Mounting Instructions
The height and position of the range hood in relation to the cooktop can greatly affect efficiency and extraction. After extensive testing, Schweigen recommends the following:
Type of Cooktop Minimum Height Optimal Height Maximum Height Electric 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm Gas 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm Heights above 1800mm will reduce the effectiveness of the air extraction rate


NOTE: We recommend using washable paint for the ceiling where the range hood is installed.

  1.  Before installing the range hood, carefully open the doors (D), then remove the filters (E). then remove (C) the fascia.
  2.  On the ceiling, mark the outline of the rangehood cut out, refer to the specifications section on p18 for dimensions.
    Note: It is always best to use the rangehood as a cutting guide, not the cabinet cut out diagram as this is only a guide.
  3.  Fit adjustable brackets (A1) to a solid structure and adjust the (A1) brackets to the correct height.
  4.  Fit the body of the rangehood (B) to the adjustable brackets (A1).
  5.  Fix fascia (C) to the body hood (B) using the screws supplied.
  6.  Fix doors (D) to the holder hinges (C) using the screws supplied.
  7. Close doors (D) to fix the holder magnets.

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 5


schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 6

System Overview

  1.  Isodrive® Motor
  2.  Roof Seal Kit (Dektite) (Not supplied)*
  3.  Support Straps (Not supplied)*
  4.  Attach Flexi Duct to Bell-Mouth Adaptor using ring clamp. Please DO NOT rip the ducting.
  5.  Isodrive® Motor Power Lead (Male Plug). Connects to on/off switch
  6.  Flexi Ducting must be pulled taut. DO NOT crush or kink the ducting.
  7.  Connect flexi ducting to the outlet on rangehood using ring clamp. Please DO NOT rip the ducting.
    NOTE: On / off switch not supplied.


schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 7


1. Crushed or kinked ducting creates sharp corners that create turbulence. This reduces the size and efficiency of the ducting, lowers extraction and may cause excessive noise.
2. Sweeping curves and taut ducting reduce resistance and turbulence. The airflow and extraction will be more efficient and stronger.

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 8


Back Draft Fins (For applicable models)
The supplied ducting has been manufactured with an allowance for the back draft fins to operate without hindrance. It is the smooth extended end of the ducting. When installing Back Draft Fins, please ensure that you insert the Back Draft Fins onto the back draft base, which are attached to the top of the motor outlet before installation. Then place the smooth extended edge of the ducting into the back draft base and fix securely. Should your Back Draft Fins get stuck, this is not a warranty issue.

schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 9

Condensation Information

Cooking with Induction Cooktops Cooking with an induction or similar cooktop, may produce condensation on the rangehood. Unlike basic electric or gas cooking, induction cooktops heat food and liquid instantly, which in turn, produces vapours rapidly. Because of this rapid process, the rangehood filters do not have enough time to warm, which increases the chance of condensation forming. There are many variables that may contribute to condensation forming, some of which include but are not limited to:

  •  Variance in climate – geographical location
  • Position of your home & kitchen – morning/afternoon sun
  • Installation distance from cooktop to the rangehood
  • Speed of food & liquid heating
  • Filter size – larger canopy preferred
  • Quality of pots or cookware you are using – high quality recommended

How to reduce the possibility of condensation forming:

  • Ensure the rangehood is installed by a qualified professional, carefully following the installation guide
  • Turn on the rangehood 5-10 minutes prior to cooking, and leave on for 10-15 minutes after cooking; this helps clear remaining vapours from the flue.
  •  Start the cooking process at a low-to-medium setting and allow time for the rangehood to warm up.
  •  Clean filters regularly.
  •  Ensure constant airflow in the cooking zone; this helps optimise the rate of extraction.
  •  Follow all induction cooktop manufacturer advice.
    For further advice, tips or information regarding cooking with induction, please contact your induction cooktop manufacturer.


Before you contact the technical service department, make sure that the product is plugged in and power is supplied. Do not take any action that will damage the product.

Loud noise from the rangehood Rangehood air exaction is weak Rangehood does not work  
    X Check electric connection. Voltage of the electric network should be between 220 – 240V, motor should be connected to grounded plug and turned on.
    X Check motor switch. Please ensure that there is power to the motor and is switched on.
  X   Check filters. The filters should be washed regularly, see filter cleaning.
  X   Please make sure there is no obstruction in ducting or with the back draft fins.
X X   Check the outlet, make sure it is not blocked and you have the correct diameter ducting installed.
X     Check Isodrive® installation manual, make sure the flexi ducting is installed correctly, eg. Length of ducting used, keep the ducting taut.
  X   Check the ducting has not come off the rangehood outlet or has been eaten through by rodents.

Lodging an Online Service Request
In the event that the failure is not due to the faults mentioned in the Troubleshooting section, you can
lodge an online Service Request. To lodge an online Service Request, visit our website www.schweigen. and click on the link and complete the service request form.
A service request will require the following information

  •  The purchase date
  •  The rangehood model and motor type (eg. Isodrive® 650)
  •  The serial number or batch number (this number is on a sticker inside the rangehood).
  •  A copy of the purchase receipt (without a receipt your service request cannot be processed). Alternatively, you can call Customer Service:


schweigen UM1000-1S Rangehood Installation Guide  & troubleshooting 10



Under our policy of continuous product development, product specifications may change without notice. Prospective purchasers should therefore check with the retailer to ensure this publication correctly describes the products being offered for sale. All information supplied is to be used for general reference purposes only and is on the understanding that Schweigen Home Appliances will not be liable for any loss, liability, or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of any reliance upon such information. All pictures used in the guide are for illustrative purposes only. Although our information and marketing state the term ‘Silent’ for certain models, the following applies to various models that are sold with certain Isodrive® Systems and baffle filters. When a model with the larger motored Isodrive® System is operated at a higher speed/s air movement may be heard. For example, while operating on speeds 4 & 5 (For 5-speed models) the rangehood may be audible due to a large amount of air movement moving through the filter.


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