SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions

SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions & troubleshooting

SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions  & troubleshooting 1


SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions  & troubleshooting 2

Instructions for use of Solight WM57 LED strip

Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them to serve you safely and to your full satisfaction. This will prevent misuse or damage. Avoid unprofessional handling of this product and always observe the electrical appliance usage guidelines. Keep the instruction manual carefully. The light source of this luminaire is non-replaceable, at the end of its service life the entire luminaire must be replaced and disposed of in a designated place.

Power: AC 230V / DC 12V, 2000mA


  1. First, unpack the lighting from the box and fully unwrap it. Do not turn on the lighting unless the coil is fully unwound.
  2.  This lighting heats up during use. Therefore, do not place it near other heat sources or cover it with anything.
  3. Do not use the lighting if it is damaged in any way, including cable insulation, if it has been subjected to a short circuit or a high voltage pulse.
  4. Use only the supplied power adapter. Never plug the light or its parts directly into the mains or try to connect it to another product.
  5. The product meets IP65 protection class and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  6. For maintenance, use a damp cloth and always clean when unplugged. Allow the lighting to dry thoroughly before use.
  7. Do not interfere with the wiring. Improper intervention may result in short circuit, fire or personal injury.
  8. Disconnect the lighting from the mains when not in use.
  9. Protect the environment. Dispose of unusable product in designated collection facilities. Do not dispose of in normal household waste.


  1. Clean and dry the surface to which you intend to stick the tape.
  2.  Remove the adhesive tape from the back and stick the LED strip in the desired location.
  3.  When positioning the LED strip, do not press directly on the LED.

The LED strip can be shortened as required at the marked points. To ensure uniformity of illumination, do not connect more than 5m of length LED strip per power adapter.
SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions  & troubleshooting 3


  1. Plug the white connector from the LED strip into the WIFI module. The small arrow on the connector must be plugged into the place marked with the + symbol.
  2. Plug the WIFI module into the power adapter and the power adapter into the mains.

SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions  & troubleshooting 4

The LED strip can be controlled by infrared remote control or via the Smart Life app. The remote must be pointed at the receiver sensor, which is part of the WIFI module. The sensor must be directly visible from the remote control.

Description of the controller buttons

  1.  Changing the light intensity in white light mode (2) (CW and WW)
  2.  Color temperature change
  3. Changing the intensity of the light in other modes except for the mode see point 1
  4. Switching on / off
  5. Change to preset light colours
    R: Red
    G: Green
    B: Blue
    W: White
  6.  Change the light colour according to the button colours
  7.  Flashing in different colours
  8.  Stroboscope
  9.  Smooth colour change
  10. Smooth colour and intensity change

SOLIGHT WM57 LED strip Instructions  & troubleshooting 5

Smart Life app

STEP 1 Search Google Play or the App Store for and install the Smart Life apps. 

STEP 2 Register a new account using your email or phone number and log in to the app

STEP 3 Switch to pairing mode
In order to pair the LED strip with the Smart Life app, it needs to be put into pairing mode. This is indicated by the LED strip flashing and is activated by plugging and unplugging the LED strip 4 times in succession. After the fourth plugging, you need to wait a few seconds and the strip will flash.

STEP 4 Add a device

Launch the Smartlife app and tap the “+” button in the top right corner -> Lighting -> Lights (Wi-Fi). Then enter the login details of the wifi network your phone is currently connected to and tap “Next”. On the next screen, confirm by tapping “Confirm the light is blinking rapidly;” that the button on the power adapter is blinking rapidly and then tap “Next”. The pairing process takes a while. After successful pairing, the device will appear in the overview on the main screen of the app.
STEP 4 Tap the device to control it.

Video tutorial here: (Youtube) or scan the QR code
Note: The lights can only be connected to 2.4GHz WIFI.
The product is covered by a declaration of conformity in accordance with the applicable regulations. On request from the manufacturer: [email protected], or downloadable from
Producer: Solight Holding, s.r.o., Na Brně 1972, Hradec Králové 500 06, Czech Republic


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