TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual

TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual & troubleshooting

TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual  & troubleshooting 1

TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet

TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual  & troubleshooting 2


The product should be placed indoors or used in a similar indoor environment:
It should be placed on the horizontal hard ground or wood floor (the supporting feet should touch the placing surface evenly), not on the carpet, which will affect the sensor precision; When carrying the product without packaging, please do not drag it away on the floor and handle it lightly, otherwise it will damage the weighing sensor; The cat‘s weight should be between 0,7kg (« 2 months old) and 10kg, otherwise the feedback of weight accuracy may be affected. Please pour the cat litter and clear out the collection bucket before starting the machine, otherwise the machine can not initialize the data; When adding cat litter, it should be lower than the marked MAX line to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine. This product is suitable for most granular or small strip-shaped cat litter. It is recommen-ded to buy brand cat litter. There are magnets installed in the front end of this product. If patients with cardiac pace-makers or related want to use this product, you need to consult the doctor; When the sterilization function of ultraviolet lamp (UV) is working, do not look close; Product should be stored or used to prevent infants, children and mental disorders to touch.

Step 1: Download & Registration
Scan the QR Code to download Tesla Smart APP. Or Search Tesla Smart in Apple store or Google Play to install the APP•Open the Tesla Smart App, tap Register to get an account with your phone number or E-mail. Sign in the App.TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual  & troubleshooting 3

Add Device
Open your „ Tesla Sart“ APP, tap „+“ on the top right of the APP• Select Device Type, tap „ confirm indicator rapidly blink“. It will fetch the password of the Wi-Fi network your mobile phone is connected to.Tap „Confirm“ to connect to the device, when it appears „ successfully add 1device“, then the connection is com-pleted and your devices is listed in your APP list.


When te cat enters the clean compartment, it will stop automatically. After the cat leaves the cleaning compartment, it will clean up automatically. Display the current weighing data. When there is no collection bucket, it will remind and stop; It is safer to stop when the cleaning chamber has a certain torque. Lower operating noise; Intelligent overweight protection;  UV lamp sterilization; The collection bucket can be pushed and pulled on both sides, and the product can be placed against the wall; Voice broadcast.


  • host
  • UV lamp sterilization accessories
  • Power adapter
  • Appropriative garbage bag (gift)
  • Instruction
  • Warranty card (attached the instruction)
  • Certificat of qualification (attached the instruction)

Please check the appearance of the carton or other packaging when unpacking and check all accessories. If damaged or missing, please contact the distributor or manufacturer immediately


  • Product name: Tesla Smart Cat Toilet
  • Version: TCL-PC-C101
  • Power adapter: input AC100-240V/O,4A output DC12V/1A
  • Rated power: 6W (without UV lamp sterilization power) UV lamp sterilization power: W5W
  • Standby power: 0,5W
  • Weighing range: 0,5 – 20kg (MAX)
  • Weighing precision: ±0,01kg (static)
  • Cat litter load: 3L
  • Collecting bucket capacity: 3L
  • Running noise: <55dB (A weighting)
  • UV lamp working time: 15 minutes
  • Classification of electrical appliance: II Type equipment
  • Product size: lenght 655mm-width 642mm- height 605mm
  • Net weight: 8±0,3kg
  • Normal working environment: environment temperature 5-4 (FC, Relative humidity «93%, No condensation Storage and transportation environment: environment temperature – 20-60°C, Relative humidity «93%, no condensation


Preparation before starting up
Before connecting to the power adapter, prepare the following (otherwise the machine‘s weight sensor cannot initialize the data):

  1. First load the cat litter to the silica gel cat litter pan (such as the maximal sand adding scale in the product sketch);
  2. Take out the garbage bag and put it back to the position.

Turn on
Connect the packaged power adapter to the machine (INDC12V at the bottom of the back of the machine), the machine will automatically enter the standby state.

Key operation:
When the machine is rotating, press the key lightly and the machine stops working. Tap again to resume rotation.

Working state:
When the green indicator light is flashing, it indicates that the clean capsule is about to rotate. The green light will go on when the cleaning chamber rotates.

Weight display:
When ca tis using, it shows the weight of the cat.

No bucket remind:
After the collection bucket is taken out, it will be displayed and broadcast by voice. The machine will stop working.TESLA 349731 Smart Cat Toilet User Manual  & troubleshooting 4


Clean the shell:
When the shell and other surfaces of the machine need to be cleaned, pull out the power adapter and wipe with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth soaked in detergent to prevent liquid from seeping into the machine.
Note: There is circuit board inside the product. Do not allow liquid to seep in. Clean the cleaning chamber and collecting bucket In order to keep the environment and the machine clean, the cleaning chamber and the collection bucket should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning chamber and the collection bucket are detachable structure, which can be washed separately after disassembly (the fastening screw in the cleaning chamber is made of stainless steel), but they must be dried before being put back into use.

Disassembly steps:

  1. Unplug the power adapter;
  2. Take out the upper shell (refer to the product sketch) ;
  3. Remove the fixed hoop (refer to the product sketch) ;
  4. Take out the cleaning chamber


  1. Make sure whether the layout is balanced or stable, on hard floor or wood floor;
  2. whether the cat litter mat is in contact with the machine; Rearrange the machine.

not work

  1. sensor initialization may be wrong;
  2. fault
    Restart the machine;
    If it still can not run normally, please consult customer service.

UV lamp does not work

  1. Replug the DC plug and readjust the position of sterilization accessory;
  2. Fault
    I fit is still unable to work normally, please consult customer service.

If it still can not operate normally after the above mothod, please stop using the product and call the customer service hotline for consultation in time.

The illustrations in this manual are all schematics. If they are inconsistent with the real object, please refer to the real object. Our company reserves the right to change the technology and appearance of this product. We are sorry for any change without FURTHER notice.

This product is marked with the symbol for separate collection. The product must be disposed of in accordance with the regulations for disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment). Disposal together with regular municipal waste is prohibited. Dispose of all electrical and electronic products in accordance with all local and European regulations at the designated collection points which hold the appropriate authorisation and certification in line with the local and legislative regulations. Correct disposal and recycling help to minimise impacts on the environment and human health. Further information regarding disposal can be obtained from the vendor, authorised service centre or local authorities.

Hereby, Witty Trade s.r.o. declares that the radio equipment type TSL-PC-C101 is in compliance with EU directives. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: teslasmart.com/declaration

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Frequency band: 2.400 – 2.4835 GHz
  • Max. radio-frequency power (EIRP): < 20 dBm

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