TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual

TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual & troubleshooting

TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 1TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater
User ManualTESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 2CN03 YYZ MIS F
230V~ 50Hz

This product is only suitable for well-insulated spaces or occasional use.


TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 3 WARNING!

  • Please read this manual before operating the appliance and keep it at a safe place for future reference. In case the appliance is obtained by a new owner, it should be transferred together with its manual.
  • CAUTION: Children under 3 years of age should be kept away from the appliance unless they are under constant supervision. Children from 3 to 8 years of age are allowed to operate the on/off button ONLY, provided that the appliance is installed and ready for operation and such children have been supervised and instructed in safe operation of the appliance and they understand all related risks. Children from 3 to 8 years of age MUST NOT: connect the plug to power sockets, make adjustments, clean it or carry out user maintenance operations. This appliance can be used by children older than 8 years of age and by people with reduced physical, sensor and mental capabilities, as well as by people with insufficient experience and knowledge provided they are supervised or instructed in the safe operation of the appliance and understand the related risks. Children should not be allowed to play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance operations must not be carried out by children without supervision.
  • CAUTION: Some of the appliance parts may get very hot during operation and thus cause burns to users. In case there are children and vulnerable people in the room, special attention should be paid.
  • TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 4 WARNING: Do not cover the appliance in order to prevent overheating!
  • The appliance must not be placed right under a socket box!
  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Before connecting the appliance to the mains, check if the voltage indicated on its technical plate corresponds to the voltage of the electricity, supplied to your house.
  • This appliance shall be used only for the purpose it has been designed and intended for, i.e. heating of domestic premises. The appliance is not intended for commercial/industrial applications. Every other use is to be considered improper, and therefore dangerous. The manufacturer doesn’t bear responsibility for damages arising from improper and irrational use. Non-adherence to these instructions would render the warranty invalid!
  • Do not leave your home while the heater is operating: make sure that the power switch is in the OFF position (panel heaters with mechanical control).
  • Keep inflammable objects, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, paper, clothes, curtains, etc. at a safe distance of at least 100 cm away from the panel heater.
  • Do not operate the appliance in areas of use or storage of combustible substances. Do not operate the appliance in areas of combustible media (for example in close proximity to inflammable gases or aerosols) – there is a great risk of explosion and fire!
  • Do not insert and do not allow foreign objects to enter the ventilation openings (inlet and outlet) because this will cause electric shock, fire or will damage the appliance.
  • The appliance is not suitable for animal breeding. The panel heater is intended for domestic/indoor operation only.
  • When positioning the appliance, do not cover the safety grilles; do not hamper the incoming and outgoing airflow. All objects must be at a safe distance of at least 1 meter away from the appliance front and sides.
  • The most common reason for overheating is dust and fluff deposits in the appliance. Clean the ventilation openings on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner, but before that, it is very important to disconnect the heater from the mains.
  • Never touch the appliance with wet or moist hands – there is a risk to your life!
  • The power socket should be accessible all the time in order to disconnect the power plug when needed as fast as possible! Never pull the power cord or the appliance itself in order to disconnect it from the mains.
  • PAY ATTENTION! Outgoing air gets heated during appliance operation (up to more than 100°С).
  • If you decide to stop using an appliance of this kind, it is recommended to make it unusable by cutting its power cord after you have disconnected it from the mains. It is advisable for all possible risks related to the appliance to be secured, especially in relation to children that may play with out-of-use appliances.
  • Warning: Do not use this appliance with a programmer, counter or any other mechanism which could automatically turn on the heater – if the appliance is covered or positioned incorrectly there is a risk of fire.
  • Position the power cord in such a way that it does not obstruct the free movement of people and cannot be stepped on! Use only approved extension cords, which are suitable for this appliance, i.e. they have a compliance sign!
  • Never move the appliance by pulling its power cord; do not use the power cord for carrying other objects!
  • Do not bend the power cord and do not pull it against sharp edges; do not place the power cord on hot surfaces or open fire! PACKING
  • After unpacking the appliance, check if its contents are intact and if it has not been damaged during transportation! In case damage or incomplete delivery is found, contact your authorized retailer!
  • Do not dispose of the original packing box! It could be used for storage and transportation purposes in order to avoid damages during transportation!
  • Disposal of packing material should be done in the appropriate way! Children must be prevented from playing with polyethylene bags!


  • This panel heater is designed to be used indoors.
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 5In accordance with Regulation EU 2015/1188 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC, this electric heating appliance is not intended for wall installation!
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 6 Important: In premises bigger than 45 m3, it is recommended to use a combination of 2 or more panel heaters.
  • Do not position the panel heater under a power socket or electricity connection box.
  • DO NOT install/operate the panel heater: 1. in places where a draught is present, which could influence the control settings; 2. right under a power socket; 3. in “Volume 1” for bathrooms; 4. in “Volume 2” if the control board can be reached by a person who is in a shower or in a bathtub;
  • Before starting the set installation check if the panel heater is disconnected from the power socket!
  • The feet are to be installed at the air inlets – it is correct for them to be installed at the two sides ends of the panel heater in a symmetrical manner – at the same distance from the sides ends of the panel heater. For installation purposes – all panel heaters have got two 2×2 openings.
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 7
  • Mount the first foot – by inserting first the higher part of the foot into the panel heater (you should stand opposite of the face of the panel heater) – the part is lower than the front metal panel. Then you should take a Phillips screwdriver (not included in the product set) and screw in the two 3.5×9,5mm securing screws. The screw goes through the plastic foot and gets screwed into place in the metal body of the panel heater. You should repeat the same operation for the second foot.
  • The joint is secure in case the panel heater stands horizontally on the floor after its feet installation has been completed. Do not use the power cord as a pulling rope in order to move the panel heater; any movement of the panel heater should be done when it is cold.
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 8
  • Position the panel heater with installed feet on the floor and before connecting it to the power socket check if all instructions from the very beginning of this manual have been followed correctly (Important instructions and safety measures). The correct position is – the control panel should be at the top of the appliance and the feet – on the floor!


  • The panel heater must be installed in accordance with the normal trade practices and in compliance with the national legislation (EU electricity directives and regulations concerning special installations and places of operation including bathrooms, shower cabins HD60364-7-701(IEC 603647-701:2006)).
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 9
  • In case this panel heater is to be used in a bathroom or other similar room, the following installation requirements must be observed: the panel heater is with IP24 protection (water drops protection). Hence it can be installed in “Volume 2” (see the diagram below) in order to avoid the risk of the control board (power switch and thermoregulator) being reached by a person who is in a shower or a bathtub. The minimum distance between the appliance and a water source should be not less than 1 meter! If you do not feel sure about the installation of this panel heater in a bathroom, we recommend you consult a professional electrician.
    TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 10 Note: If the above-mentioned instructions cannot be implemented, it is recommended to install the appliance in “VOLUME 3”.
  • In wet premises, the power source must be installed at a height of at least 25 cm above the floor (bathrooms and kitchens).
  • The installation must be equipped with a safety fuse, and the distance between the fuse contacts in disconnected condition should be at least 3 mm. Thank you for choosing the CN03 panel heater. This is a product that provides heating in winter depending on the consumers’ needs for comfortable room temperature. If operated and taken care of properly in accordance with these instructions, the appliance will provide you with many years of useful operation.

Operation modes TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 11

Turn the panel heater on by pushing the switch in position “I” (turned-on), then turn the regulator to the desired level (1 to 6) as you take into account the following relation between the power levels:
* – anti-freezing mode/ enabled when the room temperature falls below 5°C
1 / 2 – economy mode/ it maintains low room temperature/ this mode is recommended to be used at night and when there are no people present in the room. This model permits the maintenance of the set room temperature while saving energy.
3 / 4 / 5 – comfort mode/ it maintains moderate room temperature/ this mode is recommended to be used to maintain relatively high comfortable room temperature during the day
6 – maximum power mode / it maintains HIGH room temperature/ this mode is recommended to be used when you need maximum high room temperature
TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 12 Important: Thermo Regulator digits do not correspond to certain room temperature levels, but they can be used by users to memorize the relation between room temperature and the thermoregulator settings. When the room temperature is lower than the temperature that you have set by the thermoregulator, the panel heater starts its operation and will operate until the room temperature reaches the set temperature level of the unit. When the room temperature is higher than the adjusted temperature of the appliance, the panel heater will automatically go into “Stand by” mode.


  • The appliance is equipped with a safety thermal turn-off device, which automatically turns the heater off in cases of the extreme temperature of the panel heater /i.e. overheating of the appliance/.
  • The safety thermal turn-off device will automatically restore the heater operation when the temperature of the appliance falls below the permissible ultimate values.


This heater is protected with a safety switch that turns off the appliance automatically when the heater falls over, or is at an excessive angle from the horizontal. This helps prevent accidents, and the heater will back to the last set mode when it is put back upright.


  • It is compulsory first to turn off the appliance through its power switch and to disconnect it from the power socket. Before starting the cleaning session you should wait until the panel heater cools down in a disconnected state.
  • Clean the heater body with a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or brush.
  • Never immerse the appliance into the water – there is a danger for your life from electric shock!
  • Never use gasoline, thinner or hard abrasive products to clean the appliance, because they will damage the appliance coating.


  • Before putting the panel heater away let it cool down after you have disconnected it from the power socket
  • Use the appliance’s original packing to store it, if the panel heater will not be in use for a long period of time. By storing the product in its original packing you protect it from excessive dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Never put a hot panel heater in its packing!
  • It is necessary the product be stored in a dry and dark place, protected from direct sunlight.
  • It is explicitly forbidden to store the panel heater in damp and wet premises.


  • In case of appliance malfunction, please contact the authorized service center closest to your location. /service centers are indicated in appliance warranty documents/.
  • Important: In case of a claim and/or violation of your consumer rights, please contact the supplier of this appliance at the indicated locations or via the Internet page of the company: www.tesy.com


Model Heated volume Heated area
CN 03 050 MIS F – 500W 10*- 15 m3 4* – 6 teri2
CN 03 100 MIS F – 1000W 20* – 30 m3 8* – 12 m2
CN 03 150 MIS F – 1500W 30* – 45 m3 12*-18m2
CN 03 200 MIS F – 2000W 40* – 60 m3 16* – 24 teri2
CN 03 250 MIS F – 2500W 50* – 70 m3 20* – 28 rn2
CN 03 300 MIS F – 3000W 60* – 80 m3 24* – 32 teri2

* Minimum guaranteed heated volume (area) for heating at an average capacity of heat transmission factor λ=0.5 W/(m2K) for a heated room. Higher values of heated volume (area) can be achieved at an average value of λ=0.35 W/ (m2K). Standard height of heated rooms – 2.5 meters.

TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 13

Environment protection instructions
TESY CN03 YYZ MIS F Electric Panel Heater User Manual  & troubleshooting 14Obsolete electric appliances contain valuable materials and consequently, they should not be treated as domestic waste! We ask for your cooperation and your active contribution to protecting the resources and the environment. Please submit your out-of-use appliances to the organized buy-back stations (if there are such).
Model identifier(s): 1.CN03 050 MIS F 2. CN03 100 MIS F 3. CN03 150 MIS F 4. CN03 200 MIS F 5. CN03 250 MIS F 6. CN03 300 MIS F 230V~ 50Hz

Item Symbol Value 1 Value 2 Value 3 Value 4 Value 5 Value 6. Unit
Heat output
Nominal heat output Phnom 00.5 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 kW
Minimum heat output (indicative) Pmin 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 kW
Maximum continuous heat output(indicative) Pmax, C 0.50 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 kW
Auxiliary electricity consumption
At nominal heat output elmax 0.44 0.91 1.42 1.89 2.41 2.87 kW
At minimum heat output elmin 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 kW
In standby mode el SB 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 kW

Type of heat input for electric storage local space heaters only (select one)

Manual heat charge control, with integrated thermostat [no]
Manual heat charge control, with room and/or outdoor temperature feedback [no]
Electric heat charge control, with room and/or outdoor temperature feedback heat charge control, with integrated thermostat [no]
Fan assisted heat output [no]

Type of heat output/room temperature control (select one)

Single-stage heat output and no room temperature control [no]
Two or more manual stages, no room temperature control [no]
With mechanic thermostat room temperature control [yes]
With electronic room temperature control [no]
With electronic room temperature control plus a day timer [no]
With electronic room temperature control plus a week timer [no]

Other control options (multiple selections possible)

Room temperature control, with presence detection [no]
Room temperature control, with open window detection [no]
With the distance control option [no]
With adaptive start control [no]
With working time limitation [no]
With a black bulb sensor [no]

48 Madara Blvd, Shumen, 9700, Bulgaria


Prior to contacting the Customer Service Center, please check the items in the table below.

The appliance doesn’t work No power supply from the grid.
Be sure that the product is plugged in and that the electrical outlet is working.
Plug into the power outlet and check the position of the ON/OFF switch.
The room does not get warm enough although the appliance is hot Appliance overheating. High limit safety cut-out limits heating output. Eliminate the cause (cover, dirt or obstructions at the air inlet or outlet). Observe minimum clearances according to mounting instructions.
The heat demand of the room is higher than the appliance output. Remove heat losses (Close windows and doors. Avoid constant venting.)
Check if the power of your device is adapted to the size of your
Recommended an average of 100 W/m2 for a ceiling height of 2,50m or 30W/m3
Dirty marks appear on the wall around the device The dirty marks come as a result of air contamination. Make sure that some fresh air enters the room regularly. especially if it is used for smoking.
Sounds/Noises Emitting faint noises during the heating process and shortly after the set temperature is reached, is not something unusual. Such effect is the result of the natural materials expansions during the rapid temperature increase and following cooling of the metals used for the product manufacturing.
Yellowish stains on the grid Such stains could be in result of covering the product with wet clothes. Do not cover the product! Such actions are not allowed, because they block the air convection and will damage the product irreparably, leading to serious risk for your health and properties.

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1166 Sofia, Sofia Park,
Building 16V, 2nd Floor
PHONE: +359 2 902 6666,
FAX: +359 2 902 6660,
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