TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual

TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual

TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual  & troubleshooting 0

SmartWatch WF12096

Welcome to the TicWatch community
The TicWatch series smart watch is a smart wearable product created by Mobye, TicWatch Pro operates on Wear OS by Google.

Components and Appearance
The package contains a TicWatch Pro, charging dock and an instruction manual.

TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual  & troubleshooting 1

TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual  & troubleshooting 2

TicWatch Pro SmartWatch WF12096 Manual  & troubleshooting 3

Setting up the TicWatch Pro
Syncing with Wear OS by Google
• Turn on the watch and click Start’. Scan the QR code of the watch with your mobile phone to download and install Wear OS by Google, then follow the instructions to sync your phone with the watch.

• You can also download Wear OS by Google from the app store. Managing your watch You can download and install the Mobvoi app, then login with your Mobvoi ID to manage your sports and fitness data

• Syncing steps
o Sync the watch with Wear OS by Google.
o Download the Mobvoi app from Google Play or the iOS app store.
o Add a new device on the ‘Device’ page of the Mobvoi app and select the corresponding model of smart watch.

[Note] You need to use a phone with Android version 4.4 and above, or iOS version 9.3 and above. If your watch cannot sync with Wear OS by Google app, please reset the watch, restart the phone, disable Bluetooth, enable Bluetooth, and try syncing again. You need to sync the watch with your phone using Wear OS by Google first. When successful, only then can you use the Mobvoi app to connect your phone with the watch. Or else, you wit not be able to connect with the Mobvoi app.

Official Site
Learn more about TicWat chat Mobvoi’s official site: www.mobvoi.com

Customer Service Line
For any questions about the products or after-sales services, please call the official customer service line of TicWatch on 400-883-8390 (working hours: 09:00-21:00)

HW Parameters and Product Specifications

Screen 1: AMOLED display, 400 x 400 pixels, 287 ppi
Screen 1: Monochrome LCD screen
CPU Snapdragon Wear 2100
Memory 512 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM
Bluetooth 2 4 GHz Bluetooth V4 2 / BLE
WLAN 2 4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
NFC payment Card emulation (please refer to our official website for activated detail information) Sensors Dynamic opti.lheartrate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, e-compass, ambient light sensor Battery capacity 415 mAh OS Wear
OS by Goodie
System requirements Android 4 4 or above,i0S 9 3 or above
Output power BT classic & EDR 9dBm
BLE 6dBm
WLAN 16dBm

Safety Precautions and Disclaimer
Before using this device, please read and observe the following precautions to ensure the best performance of the device and avoid dangerous or illegal situations.

Electronic Devices
– Do not use this device in places where it is expressly forbidden to use electronic devices. The radio waves generated by this device may interfere with other devices and cause accidents or damages.
– Please observe the rules for using such devices during a flight. It may interfere with the flight system. Please comply with the flight regulations.

Medical Safety
– This device is not a medical device. Any data/information provided in relation to this product should not be used as the basis for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

– Please observe the rules and turn of this device in medical areas where it is expressly forbidden to use wireless electronic devices.

– The radio waves general.’ by this device may interfere with the normal operation of medical devices. If this device needs to be used along with a medical device, please consult the manufacturer of the medical device for the conditions.

– When using an implantable medical device such as a pacemaker or cochlear implant, keep this device at a distance of more than 20 cm from the implanted medical device. Use this device on the opposite side of the body to the pacemaker.

Allergic Reaction
If you get an allergic reaction, itchiness, red marks or rashes on the skin after wearing the watch, please do not panic. It depends on the physical conditions of different people. In normal cases, this is caused by hypertunction of the immune system, rather than an issue with the watch itself.

Skin itchiness and rashes caused by wearing the watch can be classified into the following three types:
1. Silicone allergy: If you are allergic to the silicone strap, you need to replace it with another strap of a different material.
2. Allergy to dirt or sweat on the watch: If the watch has not been cleaned for a long time, gently wipe it with a wet towel.
3. Allergy due to the strap being too tight: Loosen the strap to increase ventilation and air permeability.

If the skin irritation persists for a long time, we recommend seeking medical care as soon as possible.

The high-quality stainless steel (316L) used by McWatch belongs to grade 1.4404 and has passed rigorous quality testing according to intemational standards, including the relevant regulations for nickel release in the EN1811:2011 standard. However, if you are allergic to nickel, we recommend that you stop wearing it The leather strap of the ficWatch has also passed the international allergy test certification IS010993-10. If you are allergic to leather products, we recommend that you buy a style with a silicone strap.

Battery and Charging Safety
– Do not replace the battery of this device by yourself. Battery-related operations must be performed by the manufacturer or an authorized maintenance service provider.

– Do not place the battery or device in such high temperature environments as direct sunshine, open flames, heating systems, microwaves, or ovens. To prevent the battery from overheating, avoid short-circuiting the battery or submerging it in water. Overheating of the battery may have dangerous consequences such as explosion or bums.

-The power supply used with this product shall fulfill the requirements for Limited Power Source (LPS) according to IEVEN/UL 60950-1.

– To prevent battery leakage, overheating, fire, and explosion, do not pierce or drop the battery or device. If the battery leaks, prevent your skin or eyes from making contact with the leaking fluid. If the liquid comes into contact with your skin or eyes, rinse the affected part with clean water and seek medical treatment immediately.

– Do not swallow or bite the battery or device. Keep the battery and device out of the reach of children and pets to prevent injury.

– Please use charging accessories approved by the manufacturer for charging. Using incompatible accessories may cause fire, explosion, or bums.

– To prevent an electric shock, do not touch the charger or any exposed metal parts of the charging cable while the charger is plugged in.

– Keep the charger, charging cable, and device in a dry environment while charging. Do not touch the charger, charging cable, or device with wet hands. Prevent the charger, charging cable, and device from exposure to rain or liquids. Wet environments may trigger electric shock or short circuit, which may cause dangerous situations such as fire, explosion, or burns.

– Whenever you feel the device becoming very hot, immediately take the watch off and tum off the power, then contact the after-sales service personnel of the manufacturer for help to prevent bums or battery explosion. If the device is being charged, unplug the charger/charging cable.

Operation Environment
– This device is suitable for operation in environments with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 35°C and storage in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C. If the storage temperature or operation temperature exceeds these ranges, the TicWatch may be damaged and the battery life will be shortened.
– Do not use this device where there is thunder and lightning. A lightning strike may cause personal injury or damage to the device.
– Do not use this device in wet, rainy, dusty, or oily environments, as this may cause failure of the internal circuit. – Do not use or store this device at gas stations or in areas near inflammable or explosive materials.

Water and Dust Prevention
The waterproof and dustproof grades of the TicWatch Pro are in accordance with IP68 (1.5rn water depth, 30 minutes) in standard 60529 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). TicWatch Pro is waterproof, but it is still not advisable to submerge it underwater.

The water resistance is not permanent and may weaken over time. TicWatch Pro cannot be rechecked or resealed for water prevention. The following conditions may have a particular impact on the waterproof performance of TicWatch Pro and should thus be avoided:
– Dropping it, intense vibrations, knocking it against hard surfaces, or violent usage.
– Contact with soapy water when washing hands, doing the dishes, washing clothes, or bathing.
– Contact with salt water, chlorine, perfumes, solvents, detergents, acidic food, insecticides, lotions, sunscreens, oils or hair dyes.
– Contact with water such as water skiing, waves, waterfalls, high-pressure water jets, river torrents, rapid disturbances in pools or sinks, and so on.
– Exposure to high-pressure environments, such as in deep water or high-pressure vessels.
– Operating the buttons underwater. Wearing the watch in a sauna or steam room.
– Operating or storing the TicWatch Pro in environments that exceed the recommended temperature threshold.

TicWatch Pro can make contact with sweat when worn during exercise, and can be wom and operated on rainy days or when washing hands. If there are water droplets on the watch, just wipe it with a piece of soft lint-free cloth.

Minimize the exposure of TicWatch Pro to any of the following: perfumes, soaps, solvents, detergents, acids or acidic food, soapy water, spray insecticides, lotions, sunscreens, oils, or hair dyes. If TicWatch Pro comes into contact with such substances, please follow the section ‘Cleaning and Maintenance’ below.

In addition, Please keep the strap away from contact with liquids other than clean water so as to prevent aging, strange odors, hardening, or breakage of the strap.

Not all straps are suitable for use in wet environments; for example, leather straps are not waterproof and cannot make contact with any liquid, including water.

Liquid entering the MIC port and speaker hole may cause audio malfunction, in which case please put the TicWatch Pro in a dry and ventilated place to dry it.

If the watch screen of the TicWatch Pro is wet, the functions may not work properly. Please wipe it with a piece of soft lint-free cloth.

Please note that failures caused by improper storage or usage of this device are not covered by warranty.

The accessories (chargers, charging cables, and other accessories) do not have IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating.

If the device takes in water, tum it off immediately, stop using it and contact the after-sales service personnel of the manufacturer for help.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Keep the TicWatch Pro clean and dry. After physical training or heavy sweating, clean the TicWatch Pro, the watch strap, and the part of the skin that comes into contact with the TicWatch Pro when you wear it. If the watch is exposed to clean water, thoroughly wipe the TicWatch Pro and watch strap. Clean the TicWatch Pro if it has come into contact with substances that may cause contamination or other damage, such as dust, sand, cosmetics, ink, soaps, detergents, acids, or acidic foods; or with liquids other than clean water, including liquids that may cause skin irritation such as saline, chlorine, sweat, soapy water, pool water, perfumes, spray insecticides, lotions, sunscreen oils, oils, gel removers, hair dyes, or solvents. These may cause the colors of the TicWatch Pro and strap to change or fade over time.

Cleaning the TicWatch Pro:
• Tum off the TicWatch Pro.
• Press the strap release button to remove ihe strap. Please refer to the instructions for removing and replacing the strap.
• Use a piece of soft lint-free cloth to wipe the TicWatch Pro. If necessary, it can also be rinsed with clean water for a short time to remove liquids harmful to the TicWatch Pro.
• Wipe the TicWatch Pro with a piece of soft lint-free cloth.
• Never use hard or pointed objects to clean the device, or rinse it with a high pressure jet.
• Never dry the TicWatch Pro with an external heat source (dryer, blower, or hot air gun) or through freeze-drying.
• Never use ultrasonic equipment such as ultrasonic glass-cleaning equipment to clean the TicWatch Pro.

Certain features of this device and its accessories depend on the limitations of your local network and mobile phone operating system. In case of failure of certain functions of the device, please contact the after-sales service personnel of the manufacturer for help.

Third-party software and applications, whether provided with the product or installed by you personally, are the property of the corresponding third parties. Shanghai Mobvoi Information Technology Co. Ltd. does not own the intellectual property rights of such software and applications, and can neither provide any guarantee nor assume any responsibility for the functions of such software and applications. Such guarantees include the following.

1. Continuous availability of such software and programs throughout the life cycle of the device;

2. Compatibility of such software and programs with the operating system of the device;

3. Sufficient technical support for the performance and service effectiveness of such software and programs.

Please use the dedicated operating system of the device and update the system with the dedicated upgrading process of the device. The modification of the operating system of the device by any other means may prevent you from enjoying any after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.

Privacy Protection:
To find out how we protect your personal information, please visit our privacy policy at
https2/lwww.mobvoi.coanages/privacy-policy .

Service Statement:
Please visit https2/lwww.mobvoi.com/pages/terms-of-service for details.

Shanghai Mobvoi Information Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify any
information herein at any time without prior notice and without assuming any liability.

Waste Recycling Tips
For the better care and protection of the environment, when the service life of the product expires, please comply with the relevant laws and regulations of your country on the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products, and deliver it to local manufacturers with nationally
recognized recycling qualifications for recycling.

Warranty Services
Please read the MOBVOI LIMITED WARRANTY carefully before using the product.


More Information and Services

Importer: Mobvoi Inc.
Please check out our official website to learn more.
Official website: https://www.mobvoi.com/

Please contact us if you experience any problems.
Customer service: [email protected]


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(Shanghai) free trade area

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TicWatch Pro
SmartWatch WF12096
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