VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions

VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions & troubleshooting

VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions  & troubleshooting 1

VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches

VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions  & troubleshooting 2


Thank you for choosing a VARILIGHT V-Pro Smart intelligent programmable rotary/WiFi control dimmerswitch. Use only on an electricity supply of 230 volts AC.
IMPORTANT: Read ALL sections below before installing this dimmerswitch.
The V-Pro Smart master dimmer is suitable for 1-way circuits. For 2-way (or multi-way) circuits, use a V-Pro Smart master dimmer with one or more supplementary controllers. V-Pro Smart rotary/WiFi dimmers cannot be used in conjunction with conventional switches in a 2-way circuit. Use only on an electricity supply of 230V~.
This product complies with European Safety Regulations (IEC 669-2-1 or BSEN60669-2-1) when used in lighting circuits containing MCBs (miniature circuit breakers). These can be rated at 6A, 10A or 16A (preferably 6A for lighting circuits). Your guarantee is not affected if you have an older lighting circuit protected by fuse wire links.
Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd, Carylls Lea, Faygate, Horsham, W. Sussex, RH12 4SJ, UK. +44 (01293) 223333
Varilight Europe Kft, 2600 Vác, Althann Mihály Frigyes utca 2, Hungary.

Maximum loads for V-Pro Smart Supla dimmerswitches (please see for latest loading advice); Always observe the recommended maximum load.

Dimmer Series

Lighting Load

V-Pro Smart Supla

Max. Load Per Gang

Dimmable Mains & Low Voltage LEDs 1 to 10 Dimmable LEDs (max. 100W)

Check your LED lamps are suitable for use with dimmers that have a standby mode. A load regulator may be required, e.g. Varilight Glowfix


Most dimmable LEDs


  • Non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes;
  • Wire-wound or toroidal transformers;
  • Electric motors

This dimmerswitch is protected against overload. If an overload occurs it will automatically turn off until the overload is removed and the dimmerswitch is switched off and then switched back on again. However, if the dimmerswitch receives a total short-circuit it may be damaged beyond repair.


  • Use only with quality dimmable electronic transformers. For optimum performance choose VARILIGHT transformers*.
  • To calculate load, add the VA ratings of the transformers (not the wattage of the bulbs). Choose transformers with a maximum rating close to their lamp load (eg. Use a 50VA, 60VA or 70VA
  • transformer to control a 50W low voltage bulb).N.B. Certain transformers may not behave according to their power rating when used with a dimmer. An overload will result in the dimmer turning
  • itself off. If this happens, change your transformer(s) (VARILIGHT transformer(s) recommended); or remove one (or some) transformer(s) from the circuit; or choose a higher rated dimmer
  • instead. If a transformer specifies Triac dimming, use a dimmer from the V-Com series.
  •  If a transformer appears as a highly inductive load, e.g. Wire-wound or toroidal transformers, the dimmer will not work. To protect itself it will turn off within 1 second.

Always turn off the mains power when light bulbs controlled by your V-Pro Smart dimmers are replaced. If you change the type of light bulb then restore factory settings as described under “Programming”. J_SM
Please record the batch number printed on the side of the plastic moulding on the rear of the product. This will assist us in providing any technical support you may require.
Reg. SM004
INSTALLERS – Please leave these instructions with your customer for future reference.


For FAQs, please visit:


In case of any defect, return the dimmer to our service department. Varilight undertakes to repair or replace, at its discretion, goods which have become defective within one year of purchase, solely as a result of faulty materials and workmanship, provided that:-

  •  The unit has been correctly fitted according to the instructions and has not been used with an incompatible load, fluorescent tubes, or overloaded beyond its rating, and has only been used on a 200-250V a.c. power supply.
  •  The dimmer module has not been tampered with or taken apart.
  •  The unit is securely packed and safely returned to either address listed in the overview section above, together with a letter stating the guarantee registration number below, the date and place of purchase, your contact details and return address, the type and wattage of the lighting or other load being controlled and the details of the fault. This guarantee states Varilight’s entire liability, which does not extend to cover consequential loss or damage or installation costs arising from a defective product. The guarantee does not apply to problems arising from any incompatibility between your lamps and the dimmer switch. This guarantee does not in any way affect the statutory rights of the purchaser and is offered so that you may have the benefit of our technical facilities.
    In many cases products don’t need replacing, so for further information and help with troubleshooting, see our FAQ page at, or contact our Customer Services by calling +44 (01293) 223333 or create a support ticket at

Read the instructions below carefully. Incorrect installation may damage the dimmer beyond repair. In case of any doubt or difficulty consult a qualified electrician.

  1.  Switch off at the mains, then remove the existing switch and disconnect the wiring from the switch terminals at the rear, taking note of the present wiring of the switch and the marking on the terminals. Where there are two or more wires together in the old switch, they must be kept together in the dimmerswitch.
  2.  Ensure that any wall box is free of plaster lumps or projecting screw heads. Dimmerswitches on single-sized plates can be fitted to wall boxes having 60.3mm screw fixing centres and those with double-sized plates to wall boxes with 120.6mm fixing centres. Dimmers can be fitted into a box with a minimum depth of 25mm for Classic plated products, or 35mm for Ultraflat and Screwless. A box having 4 fixing lugs cannot be used without modifying it. The top and bottom lugs must be broken off or bent flat.
  3.  To connect the wiring for 1-way or 2-way circuits refer to the wiring diagrams, or the text under the heading “1-Way, 2-Way and Multi-Way Circuits” on the other side of this leaflet. Take care that no bare wires project out of the terminals. Keep wires together in a terminal if they were together in your old switch.
  4.  Dimmerswitches having a metal plate must be earthed by means of the earthing point on the faceplate.
  5.  After connecting the wires screw the dimmerswitch gently into the wall box so that the front plate is not distorted or cracked. Do not trap the wiring between the rear of the dimmer and the back of the wall box.
  6.  Once installation is complete. Switch on the mains supply and switch on the dimmer.
    Important: Disconnect the dimmer before carrying out insulation resistance testing. Failing to do so could damage a dimmer and make the guarantee invalid.


For instructions on connecting this dimmer switch to WiFi, please see the Supla Quick Start guide that came with the product. You will also be able to connect to smart home systems such as Google Home and Alexa once the Supla app has been set up.
If the Quick Start Guide has been misplaced, it can be found at
If you have any issues installing or using the app or creating an account, please contact Supla for advice. Answers to FAQs can be found here: and further help can be found at


Programming is easily performed using the Supla app, with the settings tab. This will allow you to instantly change the programming settings with the press of a button.
The following settings can be changed with the app:

  • Factory Reset
  • Driving Mode
  • Boost function (for lights that don’t illuminate when turned on at minimum brightness)
  • Operating range
  • Status LED

To get to the settings tab, select the dimmer using the Supla app, and tap the cog in the bottom right corner (image 1). Sign in and you will be presented with the settings screen (image 2). You can perform a factory reset with the circular arrow at the top. The section below this allows you to set modes 1, 2, or 3. Below this you can set the Boost on or off. The operating range is edited with the wheel, by moving the dark grey squares around the wheel. The left widget is for editing the minimum brightness, the right for the maximum. The final setting, Status LED, changes the behaviour of the small blue status LED hidden behind the knob on the dimmer after the dimmer is connected to the WiFi. The middle (default) icon sets the LED to turn on when the WiFi connection drops. Alternatively, select the icon on the left to set the LED to stay on at all times or the icon on the right to turn it off completely.VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions  & troubleshooting 3


There are some extra functions of this dimmer that can be used alongside the regular push on/off and rotary dim controls. A sharp turn up will set the dimmers to maximum brightness, with a sharp turn down setting them to minimum brightness. Either of these can be performed from off. Turning the dimmer slowly in either direction from off will bring the dimmers on at minimum brightness, allowing you to ramp up from a very low level.


To select a dimmer to control from the Supla home screen, swipe left to bring the control screen forward. From here, there are 2 control options at the bottom of the screen, wheel (1) or slider (2). You have the same level of control with either, so choose whichever you prefer. Drag the button around the wheel, or up and down the slider to dim, and press the power button to switch on and off. The name of the dimmer can be changed by holding a press on the dimmer tab and changing the ‘channel name’. The name of the assigned location can be changed by holding a press on the location section and changing the ‘location name’.VARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions  & troubleshooting 4
For extra Supla control options, including scheduling and channel groups, please visit


In 1-way lighting circuits the light(s) are controlled by one switch. This dimmer should replace that switch. The live wire must be connected to the terminal marked “LIVE” and the “load” wire to the terminal marked “LOAD”. To fit 2, 3 or 4-gang dimmers treat each group of terminals at the back of the unit as a separate dimmer. You may also need a short length of wire to connect together the “LIVE” terminals if only one live wire is present. For 2-way or Multi-way circuits (where the light(s) are controlled by more than one switch) use this dimmer and any number of V-Pro Smart supplementary controllers (total cable length from the master to the last supplementary controller should be no more than 50m) following the wiring diagrams below. It is not possible to use a conventional switch in combination with this type of dimmer. Follow the same wiring as for 1-way circuits with three (or two) wires linking each supplementary controller using the “LOAD” terminal, “S-LINK” terminal and “LIVE” terminal. For more information please refer to the wiring diagrams below.

WIRING DIAGRAMSVARILIGHT SM004 V-Pro Smart Supla Dimmer Switches Instructions  & troubleshooting 5


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