VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions

VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions & troubleshooting

VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions  & troubleshooting 12500215

VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions  & troubleshooting 2 IMPORTANT INFORMATION Although the body of your luggage is made of an impact-resistant material, excessive shock or force can result in deformation or damage. If any damage should occur to checked luggage during baggage handling or customs (such as forcibly broken locks), it must be understood that this is not a fault with the product. Inspect your luggage immediately after handling by anyone other than you.
If your luggage is damaged in transit, submit a claim to the airline or transit company at the place of arrival.
The airline/ transit company is insured against damaging your product. Your rights to claim for damage during transit is listed under the Montreal Convention.
Visit the relevant luggage handling counter and request a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to claim. Before your journey, check the airline/transit baggage rules regarding the length of time you have to consult the airline/transit company for luggage damage should you not be able to make an immediate claim.
Damage caused during transit/customs is not covered under your warranty.
INTENDED USE Do not use the luggage set for any purpose other than that for which it was designed. This luggage set should not be used for playing, or as a walking aid, platform, or chair. This luggage set is designed and intended for travel purposes only.
Do not store cash or valuables inside the luggage as the lock is intended to seal the luggage closed during transit and is not a security feature. This luggage set is not a toy. Children should be supervised at all times to ensure they do not play with the product.
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR USE Is careful of unexpected suitcase movement in a moving vehicle or on a slope. Set the suitcase flat or hold the handle at all times. When opening and closing the suitcase, be careful not to catch your fingers, clothing, or other items. Be careful when placing the suitcase in a high place in order to prevent it from falling. If the suitcase falls on a person it could cause serious injury. When carrying the suitcase on an escalator, pay attention to your surroundings, position the suitcase in front or behind and hold it securely to prevent it from falling.
NOTE it is potentially dangerous to carry check-in luggage on escalators. Please observe escalator guidelines at all times.
Do not put your weight on the pull handle since the suitcase can fall over and cause injury.
Do not overload the luggage. If the luggage cannot close securely without the use of extra pressure, remove items from the luggage. Overloaded luggage is more susceptible to damage, fatigue, and malfunction.
Do not overload the luggage with excess weight. This can damage the luggage and may incur extra freight charges from airlines. Always load heavier items at the bottom of the luggage. This will increase stability and help to prevent tip-over. When closing the locks, zips, or extending handles, take care not to allow your fingers, clothing, or hair to be caught in any mechanisms. When opening the luggage, always open the zippers fully. Attempting to forcibly open the luggage with the zipper halfway open can cause zippers to become damaged. Always pay attention to your surroundings when walking with the luggage. It can present a trip hazard or obstruction to you or other people/vehicles if not properly handled. Never forcibly roll the luggage over stairs or uneven surfaces. Improper use of wheels may result in damage to the luggage or cause the user to trip over. Carry the suitcase by the handles provided where necessary. Keep the luggage clear of soft ground or dirt. Dirt, dust, or debris adhered to the wheel shafts can prevent the wheels from turning.
Do not lift the luggage by the telescopic handle. Always use the static body handles provided. Take care not to subject the luggage to sharp knocks, impacts, or drops as this can cause damage to the luggage.
Do not attempt to force the luggage to fit into small compartments. Always check the compartment sizes/luggage allowance prior to travel to ensure suitability.
Do not leave the luggage near sources of heat or ignition such as radiators or open flames.
Do not use any harsh or abrasive detergents to clean the luggage. To clean the outer surface, wipe with a cloth dampened with suitable proprietary household cleaning fluid and dry thoroughly. The inside fabric is spot-clean only.
Do not submerge any part of this product in water or any other liquid for any reason.

VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions  & troubleshooting 3

  • Place the Dials (1) to their original numbers, 0-0-0.
  • Pull the Button (2) outwards and hold it.
  • Set the preferred combination by turning the Dials.
  • Release the button and change the combination, the preferred combination has now been set.
    NOTE Do not release the button when setting the combination.
  • Ensure you remember the combination.

VonHaus 2500215 3pc Navy Luggage Set Instructions  & troubleshooting 4

DISPOSAL INFORMATION Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local authority for recycling advice.
CUSTOMER SERVICE If you are having difficulty using this product and require support, please contact [email protected] (UK/EU) [email protected] (US)

WARRANTY To register your product and find out if you qualify for a free extended warranty please go to www.vonhaus.com/warranty. Please retain a proof of purchase receipt or statement as proof of the purchase date. The warranty only applies if the product is used solely in the manner indicated on the warnings page of this manual, and all other instructions have been followed accurately. Any abuse of the product or the manner in which it is used will invalidate the warranty. Returned goods will not be accepted unless re-packaged in their original packaging and accompanied by a relevant and completed returns form. This does not affect your statutory rights. No rights are given under this warranty to a person acquiring the appliance second-hand or for commercial or communal use.
COPYRIGHT All material in this instruction manual is copyrighted by DOMU Brands. Any unauthorized use may violate worldwide copyright, trademark, and other laws.

Thank you for purchasing your product/appliance.
Should you require further assistance with your purchase, you can contact us at [email protected] (UK/EU) [email protected] (US)
VonHaus is a registered trademark of DOMU Brands Ltd. Made in China for DOMU Brands. M24 2RW.


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