WetProtect PERGO DuraCraft User Guide

WetProtect PERGO DuraCraft User Guide & troubleshooting

WetProtect PERGO DuraCraft User Guide  & troubleshooting 2

WetProtect PERGO DuraCraft User Guide  & troubleshooting 3

Pergo DuraCraft + WetProtect Locking Luxury Vinyl Tile – Care and Maintenance

Care and Cleaning
The place felt floor protectors under the legs of moveable furniture. Chair casters should be rubber — not plastic or metal. Place walk-o! mats at entrances. Dust mop as a primary cleaning method. Occasionally wet mop with water only, using a well wrung-out mop; DO NOT pour liquid directly on floor or use an excessively wet mop that will puddle or leave moisture standing on the floor. If needed, use a solution of 1 cup of vinegar per gallon of water OR 1/3 cup ammonia per gallon of water. DO NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners, soaps, waxes or polishes.
A residential steam mop may be used, provided the steam is applied to a microfiber pad and not applied directly to the floor. Make sure to set the temperature of the steam mop to the lowest setting. Steam mop in the length direction of the planks only. Use correct hard surface vacuum tools. DO NOT use rotating beater bars, floor scrubbers, jet mops, or similar products. Wipe up spills immediately. DO NOT allow topical moisture to remain on the floor longer than the time specified in the product warranty.


  • The products in this carton DO NOT contain asbestos or crystalline silica.
  • DO NOT sand existing resilient tile, sheet flooring, backing or felt linings. These products may contain asbestos fibers that are not readily identifiable. Inhalation of asbestos dust can cause asbestosis or other serious bodily harm. Check with local, state, and federal laws for handling hazardous material before attempting the removal of these floors.

Warranty Conditions

The owner/installer assumes all responsibility for final inspection of product quality. Examine flooring for color, finish, and style prior to installation. If material is unacceptable, contact the seller immediately. Wood is a natural product and contains characteristics such as variations in color, tone, and graining. Flooring is manufactured in accordance with industry standards, which allows the manufacturing and natural deficiency tolerances up to 5% of the total installation. The installer should work from a minimum of 3 cartons at the same time to ensure good color and shade blend. The installer must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut o! piece with deficiencies. DO NOT install undesirable pieces. Flooring warranties DO NOT cover materials with visible defects once they are installed. Installation is the acceptance of product quality.
It is the responsibility of the installer and owner to ensure that Jobsite, environmental, subfloor, and subsurface conditions involved meet or exceed all requirements as outlined in the installation instructions prior to installation. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for product performance or installation failure due to subfloor, substrate, or environmental deficiencies or Jobsite conditions.
For service under the warranty please contact your local Lowe’s store. Describe the problem, and in many cases, they can provide you with a solution.
For installation, maintenance, and technical questions please call 1-800-33-PERGO.
Pergo locking luxury vinyl tile flooring is manufactured by
Unilin Flooring North America LLC
550 Cloniger Drive
Thomasville, NC 27360


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